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Read I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 717 – The End of Kurofune

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Chapter 717: The End of Kurofune

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

After injecting an anesthetic every 12 hours, Tanaka would always remain in a coma and was sent to the underground facility of New Moon Island. There, he will wear his hat, lie in the virtual reality training cabin, be imprisoned forever in the absurd virtual world, and accept spiritual torture.

He’ll never be able to die, never be able to take off his hat, and never be able to get in touch with the Kurofune until his death.

Perhaps this was more miserable than death itself.

At the same time, Celestial Trade contacted the President of Kenya and reported details of the military operations in the Mandela region to the Kenyan authorities. At the outset, the expression of Kenya’s President’s after knowing the incident was outrage because the soldiers of Celestial trade not only landed in Kenya without authorization, but also took out 214 Sabab militants.

Even if the target of the attack was terrorists, who gave them the power to enforce the law? It was a direct slap in the face to the Kenyan government if the event was made public.

Fortunately there were no civilian casualties.

However, when the Celestial Trade battle footage and evidence of the destruction of 1.7 tons of virus stock and 50 tons of virus raw material were placed on the Kenyan President’s desk, not a peep came out of the Kenyan President.

1.7 tons of TT virus, if spread throughout Kenya, would be enough to turn Kenya into an uninhabitable zone.

The President of Kenya and Jiang Chen talked on the phone. After a short five-minute exchange, the whole incident became like this…

“Yesterday, under the authority of the Kenyan government, the Celestial Trade Marines launched an operation in Kenya’s Mandela city near the Somali border. After a total of 12 Marine Corps soldiers parachuted the area, under the cooperation of the Kenyan military police, a total of 214 Sabab armed militants were killed, and the terrorist organization based in Mandela was completely eliminated.”

“In the Sabab base, the Celestial Trade soldiers destroyed a total of 1.7 tons of TT virus stock and 50 tons of raw materials for the production of the virus. During this large-scale drug war campaign, Tanaka, the culprit of the Yoto virus incident, was killed on the spot. Celestial Trade declined to disclose the name of the hero who killed Tanaka.”

“A Capital spokesman said that the discovery of Celestial Trade in the Sabab stronghold confirms the necessity and rationality of NATO’s military operations in Somalia. And he reiterated that terrorist organizations must not be allowed to obtain the T virus… ”

Tanaka is dead, at least in name. The fewer people that know he is alive the better. If other countries knew that Tanaka was not actually dead, but was merely detained by Jiang Chen in the underground facilities of New Moon Island, the situation may get pleasant.

Of course, they will never know.

In the morning, Jiang Chen sat in the dining room and watched the news on the TV.

The breakfast on the table was simple.

A gla.s.s of milk and a bowl of fried rice.

Qian Xia was not at the mansion last night, and Ayesha rushed to Xin to smuggle Tanaka overnight. Jiang Chen was not interested in eating the meals prepared by the six men outside, so he could cook himself.

It was his first time cooking in a long time. He prepared himself a bowl of fried rice and also creatively added some exotic products from the apocalypse. Such as delicious mud crab sauce, edible lizard meat. However, the reality was cruel. Deliciousness was simply “1+1=2”. Although the fried rice was not inedible, it was not the best either.

Recalling the period of working in w.a.n.ghai three years ago, Jiang Chen could not help but sigh.

It was a waste of his “good cooking.”

When he was reminiscent, he completely forgot his only good dish was “tomato fried eggs”.

After finis.h.i.+ng breakfast, Jiang Chen rested for a moment on the sofa and looked at the beautiful decorations in the room.

Did the Kurofune just collapse like that?

To be honest, there was a kind of relief in his heart.

The Kurofune was like a tumor on the back of civilization. The T virus it produced was corrupting the civilization. It makes all the order shaky. He didn’t want the world to become an apocalypse too, even if none of the country gave him a welcoming feeling.

Fortunately, before the situation got worse, he ended it all…

Someone knocked on the door and Jiang Chen got up to open it.

There were two policemen at the door; a man and a woman. No matter from their expressions or movements, they were very restrained. This may be because they knew Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty, or perhaps because of the muscular bodyguards on the side…

The older-looking police officer opened his mouth and asked in non-standard English.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Jiang, I’m the police officer of the Yoto Police Department. Please cooperate with us…”

“Do I need to go to the police station with you?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“No, no, we just want to learn a few things from you. Did you find a suspicious person near the mansion yesterday?” The old policeman asked.

“You can ask my bodyguards. They may be more concerned with what happened outside than I am.” Jiang Chen shrugged and smiled.

Tanaka had said that he obtained the “raw material” of the zombies from the village near the outskirts of Yoto. The entire village was missing, not to mention traces of the T virus in the village. It was impossible not to alarm the local police.

However, Jiang Chen cleaned the road spotless. All the bodies were thrown into the apocalypse, and blood dissolver was poured on the highway. Even if Detective Conan arrived, he would not be able to find the direct link between the villager’s disappearance and Tanaka, and the indirect connection with Jiang Chen.

Including the Yoto Police Department, they did not list Jiang Chen as a suspect at all.

Someone like Jiang Chen, with his level of entrepreneurs.h.i.+p, if he really wanted to engage in this kind of detrimental activity, did he need to personally go to Yoto for this?

“I see, I’m really sorry to bother you!” The old policeman bowed and was ready to leave.

However, at that time, the policewoman stepped forward a half-step, glanced into the entrance suspiciously, and then looked at Jiang Chen.

“Is there anyone else in the mansion?”

Compared to the old police officer, the policewoman’s English was much more fluent. She was obviously well-educated.

“There is also a maid. Miss Policewoman, is there a problem?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“Where is she?”

“She rents an apartment by herself.”

“Does she go back to the apartment every day? Or is it only today?” The woman pursued aggressively.

[Huh? This chick is pretty clever.]

Jiang Chen took a moment to process and looked at the policewoman intriguingly.

“What is your name?”

“Kwai, Mr. Jiang, please don’t avoid my question.” Kwai reported her name, watched Jiang Chen’s eyes, and said word by word.

“Very good, Miss Kwai, I noticed that you are using an interrogative tone. What you mean is that a criminal case occurred on your side and I am the subject of your suspicion?” Jiang Chen retorted.

Jiang Chen was very cautious with his diction, he used “criminal case” instead of the “T virus incident.” If he became Tanaka’s scapegoat, it would be comical.

To be honest, this female policeman was quite beautiful. Her nose is very delicate, and her forehead was very high, she just had a proud temperament. However, with this police uniform, it felt like a uniform tease.

Kwai did not hear holes in Jiang Chen’s words, her face carried a hint of disappointment.

The old policeman pulled the sleeves of Miss. Kwai and dragged her behind his back. The he bowed to Jiang Chen.

“I’m really sorry, we absolutely do not suspect you.”

After this, the old police officer forcefully dragged her out of the mansion, disregarding the dissatisfaction on her face.

After the police left, the bodyguards walked next to Jiang Chen.

“What are the arrangements for today?”


Jiang Chen looked up and gazed at the pristine sky, and the marshmallow-like white clouds. He smiled.

Such good weather. It would be simply too wasteful not to enjoy it.

Since coming to Nippon, he didn’t even get a chance to be corrupt yet.


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