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Read I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 796 – Xin-Malaysia Joint Excercise

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Chapter 796: Xin-Malaysia Joint Excercise

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Drones are the future.

Whether in the commerical application or in military application.

In a bay in New Guinea, the raging waves slammed against the hull of the s.h.i.+p. Zhang Feng held tightly on the edge of the landing craft and played with the little toy in his hands.

“Don’t break it” His comrade who sat beside him groaned jokingly.

“It’s not that easy to break it—” Zhang Feng was about to say something and a wave crashed into the landing craft, causing him to press the Hummingbird drone against his chest.

“Cough- This is so salty!” The man who sat across him spat out the water in his mouth and wiped his mouth fiercely.

“Focus! It’s an exercise, but for us it’s a war! Stare at your target, fire your trigger, and give me all you got! You hear me?!”


Together with his comrades on the boat, Zhang Feng shouted at the top of his lung and then pulled the Hummingbird drone to the front of his chest. In theory, this thing should be waterproof, but if water entered the engine, the fail rate would be very high.

The exercise was a.s.sociated to the bonus for next month and the month after. He didn’t want to drop the ball at the most critical moment.

In the air, two Aurora-20s whistled past and black smoke suddenly exploded on the beach!

Zhang Feng skillfully opened the holographic screen on his arm, looked at the long string of dense red spots on the map, and then watched most of the red dots under the cover of two MXJ-11 cl.u.s.ter bombs instantly extinguish.

An orange-colored beam pierced above the landing craft and wiped away a concrete bunker on the beach. The landing craft finally approached the sh.o.r.e. Zhang Feng’s heart was pounding and he put one of his arms in front of his chest.

The captain in the front of the landing craft had pressed the rifle on the side of the landing craft.

“Two hundred meters!”

“One hundred meters!”

“Fifty meters! Open the safety! Release the drone!”

The soldiers on the landing craft tapped their arm against their chest. A dozen Hummingbird drones popped out of their chest slots, and uniformly flew toward the beach.

Looking from below, the white trails on the ocean were like sharp knives that pierced the line of defense of the imaginary enemy.

The signal light turned from red to green, and the captain’s roar came immediately from the bow of the landing craft!

“Move! Go! Go! Go!”

As soon as the landing craft broke through to the shallow end, Zhang Feng released the nylon buckle that was tied to his body and rolled into the sea from the side of the landing craft.

The tactical helmet marked the heat source information of the enemy units on the screen. The drone was the first to attack the beach, the soldiers followed tighted behind. At the same time, the dense tracer bullets formed an orange-colored bullet net into the heavy smoke of the imaginary enemy’s position!

Zhang Feng’s feet finally touched the beach, he then took a deep breath. The kinetic skeleton’s output power was adjusted to its maximum, and he lowered his body to begin accelerating.

They had practiced countless times in the virtual reality training system.

The setting of the kinetic skeleton was to defend against ten rounds of tracer bullets. Ten hits would mean disqualification. Casualty report, time, and the number of kills would all be converted into points of the team’s strength according to a formula.

President of Celestial Trade said at the mobilization meeting prior to the exercise that for the top three performing teams in each division, in addition to a special medal, they would be granted a bonus of more than 100,000 US Dollar as an award!

With this thought in mind, Zhang Feng licked his mouth, and the rifle locked on the red spot behind the smoke.

In this exercise, Team C must win!

At this moment, in the command centre in the far away New Moon Island.

The meeting was headed by Jiang Chen, Ivan and the others as they surrounded a holographic sand table, overlooking the three-dimensional situation of the entire battlefield.

Infantries and armored vehicles marked with green dots were Celestial Trade’s Marines. At the first minute of landing on the beach, the drone cl.u.s.ter had already broken through the enemy front and “turned off” the machine gun points. At the same time, the speed of the infantries was no less than the armored vehicles. With the help of the kinetic skeleton, they immediately took over the first line of defense.

“From deploying the landing craft to breaking the line of defense, their landing time was five minutes! The Marines conducted a successful landing exercise,” Ivan turned around and reported to Jiang Chen.

From Ivan’s expression, he was proud of the achievements from the soldiers he trained.

Jiang Chen looked at the image on the hologram and nodded with a smile.

Accurately speaking, it was four minutes and forty-nine seconds.

Looking around the world, the Marines’ performance was absolutely top notch.

At this time, the communication soldier reported.

“Malaysian Prime Minister sent a brief, he congratulated us on the success of the exercise. At the same time, the Malaysian Prime Minister asked us what the Hummingbird drone was and how much it would cost if they were for sale.”

Laughter rang in the command post.

The Hummingbird drone was one of the most powerful weapons of the Celestial Trade army and was not for sell. Even the dependent nation Moro was not sold a single Hummingbird drone.

“Respond to the Malaysian Prime Minister. Thank them for their congratulatory words. In addition, tell him that the Hummingbird drone is not for sale. Future Military directly equipped the army after production and will not be put them on store shelves,” Jiang Chen said with a sly tone.

“Yes!” The soldier saluted and left the command post.

Translating the response from the President into English and diplomatic rhetoric, Celestial Trade replied the Malaysian Prime Minister.

After the landing exercise was over, the next exercise was battles in urban, mountain and jungle setting.

Although this exercise was nominally a counter-terrorism exercise, the contents of the exercise included landing exercises, tank attacks, and infantry anti-armor exercises. In terms of scale, the equipment invested far exceeded the level of anti-terrorism.

At the beginning, the Malaysian side rejected the joint military exercise proposed by Celestial Trade. Although the relations.h.i.+p between the two was good, a military exercise was not a joke. They must be responsible for the stability of the region!

However, Jiang Chen quickly used the green Franklin to persuade the Malaysian Prime Minister and parliament to carry out this joint military exercise.

Visible benefits were much more convincing than verbal promises.

Compared to the last civil war in MLL Island, Celestial Trade’s exercise had much better performance compared to last time.

The frigate offered fire coverage; infantry with the drone cl.u.s.ter attacked the beach, armored units then landed. The entire exercise was executed smoothly and displayed Celestial Trade Marine’s dual strength in penetration and annihilation.

Who was the imaginary target of this military exercise is self-evident from the simulated topography!


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