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Read I Have Countless Legendary Swords! Chapter 252 – Jihuang Demon Lord’s Fury

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Chapter 252: Chapter 252 Jihuang Demon Lord’s Fury

Facing Zhou Xuanji’s blame, Xian Xianghua was silent and had nothing to rebut.

Her injuries this time caused her to calm down.

Times had changed.

She was no longer the top cultivator in the world. Even if her cultivation grew, she could not even handle the second most powerful cultivator.

She sighed, “I’m at fault. Wait until I settle the Tanhua Sect, I will return with you and stop vying to become the world’s top cultivator. You help me do it in the future.”

As she said this, she looked at Zhou Xuanji with burning pa.s.sion in her eyes.

She planned to nurture Zhou Xuanji well.

She wanted to nurture a top cultivator that could indeed reign as the sovereign in the world!

Yang Di was ranked top in the world for three consecutive times but was not considered prominent. He was still young.

If Zhou Xuanji were to be ranked top in the world for five or ten times consecutively, what will people in the future think of him?

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became.

“Settle what? Just stay by my side. From now onwards, shun evil and do good. Wait until I create a sect and the world knows where you are; those demonic cultivators who follow you will come to look for you naturally. When have you seen any Sect Lord searching for her own disciples?”

Zhou Xuanji threw her a stare and declared domineeringly.

Xian Xianghua did not object but nodded with a smile. She looked at him, mesmerized.

After that, Zhou Xuanji inquired about the battle between Xian Xianghua and Jihuang Demon Lord so that he could know his opponent more.

Skyfall was located amid the demons, and Jihuang Demon Lord had already stretched his influence over to Skyfall.

For long term development, he must deal with Jihuang Demon Lord.

Once the demons were defeated, the Demon Lord would have no resources to mess with him.

Meanwhile, humans need time to recuperate too.

A while later.

Jiang Xue came back. She was in a good mood and purchased a ton of stuff.

But when she saw Xian Xianghua, her smile froze.

“Since you are back, we should get going,” Zhou Xuanji got up and said.

Xian Xianghua stood up, smiling. She walked to Jiang Xue, propped her chin up, and asked, smiling, “My little sister, are you jealous?”


Jiang Xue snorted coldly and avoided her hand.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head in a smile and dragged Jiang Xue out. Xian Xianghua giggled and followed behind them.

An hour later, they gathered everyone and walked toward the city gate.

Xu Yang was exhilarated and blabbered unstoppably beside Xiao Jinghong.

“Grand-teacher’s reputation swept across the world again. Now, every empire and city is talking about this.”

“Many feel that our Grand-teacher is the savior of mankind.”

The other second-generation disciples also discussed amongst themselves.

When they came to the city gate, Nan Ruoyun, Zhang Lanya, and Xu Xianxuan appeared in front of them.

“Senior Zhou, are you leaving already?”

Nan Ruoyun asked, pretending to be worried that she has not shown her hospitality.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “We have matters to attend to. It’s time for us to leave. For every minute I spend here, more people die.”

His words made Nan Ruoyun not sure what to say.

An idea came to her, and she said, “Senior, our saintess here has revered you for a long time. Why don’t you bring her along and let her serve you?”

Having heard that, Xu Xianxuan immediately felt shy.

Jiang Xue and Xian Xianghua squinted her eyes, while others looked ambiguous.

“I don’t need people to serve me,” Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said.

After that, he walked past Nan Ruoyun.

Xu Xianxuan felt like she was struck by lightning. Her mind went blank instantly.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji’s voice came to her ears.

“Cultivate well. You are a woman who wants to stand on her own and does not want to be an object possessed by another man. I look forward to seeing the more powerful and independent version of you.”

She heard him and smiled instantly.

She found her original heart.

Back then, when she had first met Zhou Xuanji, she still wanted to escape her wedding agreement with the Little Evil Lord.

How could she lose herself because of Zhou Xuanji now?

Grat.i.tude welled up in her heart.

Zhou Xuanji became more and more important in her heart.

Nan Ruoyun sighed and did not rage.

To loop Zhou Xuanji in with women seemed to be impossible.

Or else, she would look down on Zhou Xuanji in her heart.

And so, Zhou Xuanji and his companions left the ma.s.sive city and continued their journey.

In a vast wilderness.

Countless demons gathered together, and the smell of blood pervaded the entire place. Amongst them, numerous wooden and stone huts were built.

In one of the stone palaces, Jihuang Demon Lord gathered dozens of demons that were Eighth and Ninth Rank.

He sat on the head seat, and a gigantic tiger head was hanging behind the chair.

Even while sitting, he was fifteen meters tall. He wore a deep violet armor, and his face was sinister. His crimson eyes, the crimson patterns carved onto his face, and a sharp-horned black crown made him look like the lord of devils. His presence made the palace feel extremely pressurizing.

All the demons did not even dare to breathe. All of them looked down and dared not to look at the Demon Lord.

“Zhou Xuanji, Sword G.o.d Zhou,” Jihuang Demon Lord said slowly. An absolute sense of domination could be heard from his magnetic voice that contained a murderous aura within itself.

Losing Shihou Demon Sovereign and Potian Demon Monarch was like losing an arm of the demon race. However, it was the shame that made him more furious.

“Lord, Zhou Xuanji’s talent is beyond understanding. Could he be the legendary Ten Thousand Year Prince?”

An old demon with white hair said very carefully, in case he might taste the wrath of Jihuang Demon Lord.

Ten Thousand Year Prince!

All the demons were shocked.

They had all heard the legends about the Ten Thousand Year Prince and found that it was the only thing that could explain Zhou Xuanji.

Who would believe that Zhou Xuanji would get into the top fifty of the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred before being thirty years old?

“It doesn’t matter if he is or not, I will kill him, and I will give him a painful death.”

Jihuang Demon Lord said coldly, which chilled the entire palace.

“Send my orders down, track down Zhou Xuanji!”

“If anyone encounters Zhou Xuanji, retreat immediately. I will deal with him personally!”

Hearing his orders, no demons dared to object.

Jihuang Demon Lord turned and asked, “Any news on Yang Di’s side?”

Ever since Huangquan Drake King was willing to help him, he was paying a lot of attention to Yang Di.

As long as Yang Di did not interfere, the world belonged to him!

Xian Xianghua was already injured, and Jiang Wudi was a coward who did not dare to involve himself in wars.

In the current world, only Yang Di could threaten his ambitious plan.

“No, he should still be fully concentrated on cultivation,” a demon replied. For an ascetic cultivator like him, locking himself up for a hundred years was the norm.

Other than the World Millennium Duel, nothing else would ignite Yang Di’s interest.

“Continue to keep a lookout on him. If you learn of any movements, inform me immediately,” Jihuang Demon Lord nodded and said. After that, he asked for a few other things.

After he arranged the battle formations, he dismissed the demons.

He got up slowly and disappeared in an instant.

When he appeared again, he was in a dim dungeon.

Someone was locked up in the cell in front of him.

It was Xuanhe Divine Monk!

At this moment, the Divine Monk’s limbs were chained up. He was covered in blood and looked incredibly pathetic.

The Divine Monk sat on the floor and chanted softly.

“Have you divined it?”

Jihuang Demon Lord walked to the cell gate and asked gravely.

“If I divined it, I will tell you,” Xuanhe Divine Monk said without opening his eyes.


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