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Chapter 2389: Paramount Battle

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the center of the boundless Realm of Stars.

A colossal black hole suddenly appeared.

Immediately afterward, a devastating power suddenly erupted within the black hole. An engulfing power that was countless times more terrifying than that of black holes contorted everything in the surroundings.

A woman who was shrouded in light was spat out from the black hole like trash. Moreover, it was as if the engulfing and ejection abilities of the black hole were equal, with the woman being spat out with as much power as other things were being sucked in.

This woman was none other than the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess.

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was ejected hundreds of millions of kilometers into the distance.

A man in white dashed out from the black hole and followed closely behind her. The Myriad Dimension Explosion in his palm had yet to cease, and it continued to push the woman further into s.p.a.ce.

An Lin’s attack was extremely crude, and he was focusing all of his power on pus.h.i.+ng the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess as far as he could.

Before they knew it, they had already pa.s.sed countless different galaxies.

After reaching an abandoned stellar system, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess finally unleashed a radiance that was countless times more powerful than the surrounding stars. She was finally able to resist the power of An Lin’s Myriad Dimension Explosion.

“Eternal Light, Leader of All Matter!” the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess roared in fury. She then made a grabbing motion at the void, causing thirteen colossal planets to break free from their stellar system. Like divine cannonb.a.l.l.s, these planets then ruthlessly surged toward An Lin!

In fact, An Lin could even see the snaking mountain ranges and magnificent seas of these planets. To humans, these planets were unfathomably large. Equally so, they would be unfathomably terrifying when used as weapons.

However, An Lin simply threw a punch at the approaching planets.


A vast power shattered the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The colossal planet was instantly penetrated by the overwhelming power of the punch. Even its core was shattered, and it crumbled into countless streaks of scorching hot currents as it exploded apart. However, its remains were then immediately crushed into ashes by the formidable shockwave of the punch.

Just like that, An Lin threw thirteen punches in quick succession, with each punch annihilating a colossal planet. In the blink of an eye, thirteen colossal planets had already been reduced into ashes.


A scorching energy suddenly surged over.

With a wave of her hand, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess had already tossed a star toward An Lin. This star possessed a violent destructive power as it crashed over, and its seemingly infinite energy was incinerating everything in its surroundings. In fact, it possessed the power of countless tens of thousands of nuclear warheads exploding in unison.

Not only that, but this star was even enveloped in a sheen of Grand Primordium Light, causing its radiance to become even more harrowing. The drifting ashes in the surrounding s.p.a.ce were all incinerated until they became the most primal of light, upon which they vanished without a trace.

“Divine Technique of Light, Exploding Star!” the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess shouted as she tossed the star toward An Lin at an incredible speed. The colossal star left An Lin with no path of retreat.

However, An Lin was completely unfazed by this explosive attack. He simply replied with another punch. However, this punch was fused with his destructive power of darkness, and a soundless collision ensued as his profound and pitch-black fist collided with the blazing star.

At this instant, it was as if the boundless heat and light of the colossal star had suddenly vanished. It was as if it had comprehensively descended into pitch-black nothingness.

When An Lin retracted his fist, the boundless Realm of Stars was already one star lesser than before.

The area before An Lin became an expanse of nothingness. Not only had all energy and matter vanished, but even s.p.a.ce and nomological laws had vanished. This was an area of absolute nothingness.

With a stride, he leaped before the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess at an unfathomable speed. At the same time, a darkness that was capable of blotting out tens of thousands of stars burst forth from his fist. “Heavenly Light G.o.ddess, if this is all you’ve got, then I’ll comprehensively obliterate you with this strike!”

A colossal black lotus materialized beneath their feet.

This black lotus measured millions upon millions of kilometers in radius, and it was so overwhelming that it caused the surrounding tens of thousands of stars to lose their l.u.s.ter. From the distance, one could see a lotus-shaped void in the universe.

When An Lin’s fist landed, one could more so see countless black streaks racing across s.p.a.ce, erasing all of the planets and stars in its path.

The G.o.d of Creation Stage divine beings were all roused by this commotion.

The eyes of Heavenly Monarch Bei Luo, the Ultimate Dao Demonic Lion, the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Xuan Wu, and many others all pierced through the commotion to directly observe the source of this sudden change. They all discovered that the s.p.a.ce near the Tai Chu Continent was generating waves of devastating energy. In fact, these waves of energy were even engulfing entire swathes of s.p.a.ce.

This sudden commotion caused a huge stir among the paramount divine beings of the Realm of Stars.

Numerous powerful beings turned their gaze toward An Lin’s location.

At this moment, the power of the dark lotus had already fully gathered onto An Lin’s fist.

“Extreme Darkness, Eternal Lotus of Destruction!”

He swung his fist at the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess’ face. In fact, the speed of his fist was so quick that it transcended the notion of dimensions. At the instant that he threw his fist, it had already arrived before the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess. However, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was also extremely quick, and she relied on her Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao, which was imbued with the Grand Primordium Light, to transcend the limits of dimensions. Her sword swung down and slashed into An Lin’s earth-shattering fist.


The purest of Grand Primordium Light perfectly fused together with the Fragments of the Heavenly Dao from the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, forming a unique essential cycle of reincarnation and unleas.h.i.+ng a petrifying power. The intensity of this light even surpa.s.sed that of the Realm of Stars, and the power that it possessed was tens of thousands of times more supreme than that of the explosion of the largest star in existence. The surrounding stars were all bathed in this incredible sea of light.

In fact, the nearby stars were directly a.s.similated into countless particles of light, releasing their utmost radiance as they transformed. This was the result of the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess extracting their power for her own use. She was planning to deliver a fatal blow to An Lin.

In the next moment, however, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess along with her power were all engulfed by the lotus on An Lin’s fist. The surroundings transformed into a boundless realm of black lotuses.

With his Eternal Lotus of Destruction, An Lin could create a new realm and drag his enemy into a world of lotuses. He could then use his power of darkness to destroy this realm, thereby achieving the aim of annihilating the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess!

He had indeed succeeded in dragging the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess into his world of lotuses. However, he discovered that his darkness was unable to comprehensively suppress the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess’ attack. For this first time, the power that he obtained from sacrificing his life force was unable to be wielded as he pleased. Instead, it was facing formidable resistance.

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was resisting with great ferocity…

An Lin wanted to annihilate the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess along with the world of black lotuses.

However, a ray of light was able to escape and shred the petals of the black lotuses.

“Explode!” An Lin roared. His fist trembled, and the world of lotuses exploded apart. A paramount darkness engulfed the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess who was trying to break free. In fact, the dark shockwaves even engulfed and annihilated the dozens of surrounding stellar systems.

A streak of light shot out from amid the exploding darkness, appearing as disheveled as could be.

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess reappeared, and her clothes had already become broken and tattered. Even her flawless divine body was now filled with numerous pitch-black deformities, among which darkness was wantonly wreaking havoc.

She breathed heavily, and her eyes were filled with apprehension as she looked at An Lin. The darkness on her body was purified by the boundless light within her, and they transformed into the purest of light particles before vanis.h.i.+ng without a trace.

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess instantly recovered from her wounds. However, she showed no signs of smugness. She had never imagined that after activating her True Form of Dao, she would still be suppressed by the man before her.

In fact, An Lin was even more astonished than her. Right now, he felt as if he were an invincible and omnipotent G.o.d of War. This wasn’t an exaggeration. There were only things that he couldn’t imagine, but there wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do. Indeed, he had already become all-knowing and all-capable, a trait of true divine beings. If a G.o.d of Creation Stage divine being stood before him, he could easily kill them with a single slap.

However, it was in such a state that he was still unable to severely wound the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess, even after attacking her with his full power…

An Lin didn’t hesitate before charging toward her again!

There was no point thinking about this now. All he needed to do was battle!

Brandis.h.i.+ng her Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess also charged toward An Lin without so much as a word.

A devastating battle with no precedent comprehensively erupted in the boundless Realm of Stars!


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