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Read I Really Am Not The Lord Of Demon Chapter 215 – Situ He’s Realization

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Chapter 215: Situ He’s Realization

He held a flashlight as he walked through the thick fog.

Situ He could clearly feel that tonight’s fog was different from the past.

However, in this thick fog, all of his psionic sense and inspiration were firmly restricted by some kind of strength.

He was no different from an ordinary person.

Therefore, he could only feel that this thick fog seemed to have some kind of change.

However, he did not know which aspect the change was from?

He walked carefully.

He did not know how long he had walked in the fog.

Finally, he saw a light in front of him.

Hence, he immediately walked over quickly.

Ling Pingan looked at the figure walking slowly towards him from the distance.

He was holding a flashlight and walking a little fast.

When the person approached him, Ling Pingan immediately smiled. It was an acquaintance!

The Republican gentleman who kept his promise and brought business to the bookstore!

So, he immediately went up to him. “Customer, long time no see!”

Situ he looked at the owner of the bookstore who was walking towards him.

The fog was still lingering around his head.

Two faint streams of fire quietly settled in the place that seemed to be the eye sockets.

He was still wearing very simple and ordinary casual clothes.

However, the temperament of his entire body had already turned the world upside down.

If in the past, the owner of the bookstore only had the head in the fog, it would have been terrifying.

Then now, his entire body was beginning to emit a kind of intimidating smell.

This was a very strange feeling.

It reminded Situ He of when he was young, when he faced the strict Dean of Education in school.

Even though the dean of education did not have any malicious intent.

But he did not dare to look at him!

It was also a bit like the female major of the Blackguard whom he had just met at work.

The valiant and fierce female major was full of charisma.

When the young Situ He first saw her, he felt as if he was facing a summer sun.

The light was so bright that he couldn’t open his eyes.

He didn’t dare to look her in the eye!

And the owner of the bookstore gave him a similar feeling.

It was as if the sun was high in the sky, and the stellaris were clear, and a thought of worship and awe came from the depths of his soul.

It was more like a person who was facing a superior, who held the power of life and death.

A single thought could make a person’s head and body disappear.

Therefore, the thoughts of fear and fear arose spontaneously!

“Has his status and strength improved?” Situ He thought.

That was the only explanation.

He was gradually recovering?


If that was the case, then it meant that he was now the same as the other G.o.ds who had recovered?

And not the complete body that he had guessed before! ?

But if that was the case, the now partially revived him could kill G.o.ds and ghosts as easily as killing an insect.

How terrifying would his complete body be?

The ending of a sci-fi movie that Situ He had watched flashed through his mind.

A huge, weird creature held a sphere and played with it in the playground.

The camera zoomed in and the b.a.l.l.s slowly enlarged.

One galaxy after another began to appear!

Then the camera zoomed in and the monster picked up the b.a.l.l.s one by one and put them into its pocket.

The galaxies and the universe were all put into its pocket!

Situ He gulped. “It shouldn’t be like this, right?”

Thinking of this, he quickly smiled embarra.s.sedly. “Sir, yes, it’s been a long time…”

He stuck his head out and looked at the bookstore.

Through the gla.s.s, he saw the abyss in the depths of the bookstore.

A feeling of silence, terror, and oppression immediately came from the depths of his soul!

It made his whole body stiffen, and his soul was frozen!

Fortunately, at this time, the voice of the owner of the bookstore came into his ears. “Customer, do you want to come into the store and have a seat?”

Situ He’s soul instantly loosened up, and his stiff limbs became soft again.

He immediately smiled as if he had been granted amnesty, “I’ll do as you say!”

Therefore, the owner of the bookstore opened the gla.s.s door and invited him with the traditional etiquette of the Federal Empire, “Please!”

Situ He immediately cupped his hands in return, “I dare not!”

Then, he walked in.

As soon as he stepped into the bookstore, situ he felt layers of pressure and impact coming from all directions.

It seemed that countless wills were looking at him through time and s.p.a.ce.

There were faint murmurs in his ears, like termites quietly gnawing on wood.

However, it was countless times more terrifying!

For a moment, he didn’t dare to move!

Ling Pingan looked at this old Republican. After he walked into the bookstore, he stared at his bookstore in a daze.

He immediately became proud.

Thus, he walked forward and said, “How is it, customer? How are my furnishings?”

Upon hearing this, Situ He forcefully swallowed his saliva.

His spirit sense frantically spread a warning.

His soul was restless!

Because, at the moment the owner of the bookstore asked a question.

He sensed that on the walls on both sides of the bookstore.

On the wallpaper and posters.

Pairs of terrifying evil eyes were sizing him up with malicious intent!

A vast and horrifying pressure was coming from all directions!

If he dared to say no.

Even with just a thought, Situ He suspected that he would be torn to pieces by this terrifying pressure on the spot!

He could only smile and say, “Very good! Very good!”

Situ he carefully turned his head and looked at the wallpaper on the side.

The vast galaxy seemed to be real as the huge nebula gathered into a cl.u.s.ter.

Starlight bloomed from it bit by bit.

That was the light of a newborn star!

It could also be the eyes of a newborn evil G.o.d!

The posters slowly distorted in his eyes.

An evil and terrifying scene appeared in front of his eyes.

Crack crack crack..

Crack crack..

Wu Wu Wu..

A Weird Starry Whisper came from the wallpaper.

Situ he quickly turned around and didn’t dare to look at it again.

However, when he turned around, he saw the wallpaper on the other side.

The ethereal immortal palace was faintly discernible in the clouds.

The Lost Immortal Palaces Rose and fell in the sea of clouds.

In the Jade Palace, divine blood was flowing.

In the Immortal Palace, immortal corpses were everywhere.

On the posters, pairs of emotionless eyes were looking at him.

Vaguely, there was a voice in the immortal palace.

“I’ve heard that people don’t seek knowledge with diligence, but those who know seek it with diligence…”

“But I know its fallacy. Those who know don’t seek it, but chase it out…”

“The person who is deep and ruthless is like an eagle and a dog chasing a rabbit!”

This voice was ethereal and seemed to come from the wallpaper.

It also seemed to be the words of the G.o.ds, demons, and Buddhas that were gradually distorting and transforming on the posters.

What was even stranger was..

One second ago, Situ He was hearing those very clearly.

But in the next second, he forgot about these voices.

And a new voice sounded in his ears.

“I often hear that the diligent doesn’t seek knowledge, but the knowledgeable seeks other’s help diligently…”

Strange, terrifying, and grotesque.

Every word drilled into his body, revealing a terrifying scene to him!

Situ He listened to this voice and felt everything, falling into a state of confusion and ignorance.

He felt like an ant that had lost its way and had accidentally crawled into a university cla.s.sroom in the Federal Empire.

The teacher on the podium was explaining the most advanced scientific research of the Federal Empire to the students.

And he, this lowly ant, heard the teacher’s explanation.

But he didn’t know what it meant.

But the teacher started to play the slides.

The magnificent and mysterious Hall of science appeared in front of his eyes.

And his poor and thin brain was nothing more than understanding.

And so his future was almost doomed!

All possibilities were collapsing.

In the end, there was only one crazy person left!


At this moment, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

He, who was already destined to be crazy, was pulled out of that terrifying nightmare.

Situ He’s collapsed future returned to normal.

The murmurs in the wallpaper and poster disappeared without a trace.

The wallpaper in front of him had returned to normal.

It was just a very ordinary wallpaper.

The poster on the wallpaper was ordinary and mundane. It was just some pictures downloaded from games or movies that had been edited and printed.

“Customer, do you like my brand-new design and layout?” The owner of the bookstore’s soft laughter rang in his ears.

Did he dare not like it?

Of course, he could only like it!

“Your design is superb!” Situ He said sincerely, “I have never seen such an appropriate and appropriate design and layout like yours…”

In fact, he wanted to say: this is the world’s greatest, most wonderful, most mysterious..

If possible, situ he was even prepared to spend 3,000 words to praise all of this.

However, he thought about it and gave up this idea.


The reminder from the commander-in-chief was still in his ears: he was arrogant!

Arrogant people would always think highly of themselves.

They liked to be praised, but they hated praise that was too explicit!

Because they thought that naked flattery was an insult to them!

Just like Emperor Taizu, the proudest thing in his life was nothing more than banishing the Tartars and restoring the central plains.

However, if the courtiers were to boast that he was ‘The Three Kings of Demai, who were more meritorious than the Five Emperors’,.

Then this Emperor Taizu would immediately change his face!


Because the proud Emperor Taizu thought that he was being slandered.

Therefore, at the beginning of the founding of the country, many people accidentally flattered wrongly, so they could only roll up their packages and go home to be a teacher!

As expected, the owner of the bookstore immediately laughed.

His laughter even penetrated the head of the fog and echoed in the bookstore.

The pressure exerted on situ he inside and outside the bookstore also disappeared without a trace along with the laughter.

Obviously, Situ He knew that he had pa.s.sed the test!

This owner of the bookstore was indeed as a.n.a.lyzed as the think tank and commander-in-chief!


Moreover, Tsundere was a little too much!

“Customer, you’re too awesome…” The owner of the bookstore said with a smile, “I’m actually just messing around…”

Then, he stretched out his hand and said to Situ He, “Customer, please sit…”

He walked to the water dispenser, took out a cup, and brewed a cup of golden tea that Situ He had been waiting for a long time.

Then, he handed it to Situ He. “Customer, please!”


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