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Chapter 282: Xiao Ai

Han Li looked at the strange creature dancing in front of her.

It was only two inches tall at most, but its tiny body was almost flawless.

Its slender wings were like a colorful gauze that hung gently from its shoulders.

Its small and tender body flew slowly.

It was very shy, but also very curious.

It always hid in the flowers or behind the leaves.

Its pair of sparkling eyes were curious and excited.

Obviously, it was not an abyss creature.

Its body and soul did not have the smell of the abyss.

On the contrary, it made Han Li feel very comfortable.

Han Li looked at it, and it also carefully observed Han Li.

“Who are you?” Han Li asked.

“I’m Xiao Ai…” the little guy said crisply in a different tongue. It was not any language that Han Li was familiar with, and it was not the language of the abyss.

It was a language that was as light as music and carried a blissful melody.

Moreover, Han Li could understand it.

After coming to the Abyss, the mysterious demon lord gave her a blessing.

As long as she was in the Abyss, all language and communication would not be an obstacle to her.

The little guy hid behind a leaf, its small body gently floating. “Who are you?”

“Human? Succubus?”

Obviously, it was a little confused.

In this terrifying world, there was actually a succubus that was not controlled by the Abyss and the River Styx!


It wasn’t like the Succubus Paladin had never appeared before.

But the problem was that this creature with obvious succubus characteristics and aura was a human in nature, especially in terms of its soul.

Xiao Ai had a talent.

It was an innate talent.

It could sense the good and evil of all creatures, and even directly see the nature of souls.

Without a doubt, what Xiao Ai saw was a brave and kind soul.

Thus, it was confused.

A succubus that had broken the shackles of the abyss, although rare, was not unheard of.

However, a succubus that was not controlled by the Abyss or the River Styx already possessed the potential of a succubus overlord, yet it could still walk on the land of the Abyss. A succubus that still has a human’s body and soul!

Xiao Ai had never encountered such a thing before.

In its memories, such a thing didn’t exist either.

“Xiao Ai…” Han Li looked at the magical little fellow and replied, “I’m a human!”

“Human?” Xiao Ai was even more confused.

This was the most dangerous place in the abyss. There was no other place like it!

For countless years, holy creatures from the heavenly realm had fought and fought with the nightmares of the Abyss on this land.

The divine Qilin and the powerful feathered serpent had continuously descended from the heavenly realm.

And those detestable demons were also closing in on them step by step!

All the battles revolved around it and its brothers and sisters.

The little angel from the star court.

That was a long, long time ago.

The Heavenly Army had descended into the Abyss and launched the Holy Expedition.

The Heavenly Thorn Tribe of the Star Court was also involved.

This great sacred expedition had completely knocked off the crown of those terrifying Obelian Demons in the abyss.

It was the war that had shaped the current situation of the abyss.

But in the war, they were trapped here.

An entire generation of the Star Court’s cubs had been dragged into the abyss from the heavenly realm due to a terrifying conspiracy. It became one of the prices paid by the heavenly realm in that war.

Xiao Ai could no longer remember the events from long ago.

However, it knew that other than the heavenly realm creatures and Abyss Demons, no other creatures had come to this land for a long time.

Therefore, it could not help but ask, “Why are you here?”

“My world has been eroded by the Abyss…”

“In order to defeat the invaders, I came here…” Han Li did not hide her purpose.

The erosion of the abyss triggered a great aporkalypse!

The world fell into the despair of Doomsday.

For more than twenty years, monsters and evil spirit wreaked havoc on the world.

Countless people died, and countless people failed.


Han Li came!

She was going to take revenge!

To the Abyss, and also to the Styx!

Blood debts needed to be paid in blood!

Xiao Ai was shocked when she heard it.

“In order to defeat the invaders, you went to the home of the invaders to find a way?”

This logic made its thoughts confused.

But no matter what, the enemies of the Abyss were its allies.

But the problem was..

This was Andromeda!

The lair of that terrifying Obelian Demon Lord!

It was also the territory of the main culprit that caused them to be trapped here!

Thus, Xiao Ai couldn’t help but remind, “Then, human, you must be careful!”

“This is the lair of the most treacherous, most terrifying, most cruel, and most cunning demon in all the worlds…”

“Many people have been deceived and deceived by him, becoming the hotbed of his tools and schemes…”

“Thank you!” Han Li looked at the little guy and thanked him, “I know!”

Of course, Han Li knew.

That mysterious demon lord was not a good person.

In this terrifying world, there were no good people.


Since Mr. Yamul had asked her to come here, he must have had a plan.

In front of Mr. Yamul, all schemes and tricks could not be hidden.

She raised her head and looked at the top of her head.

The graceful figure wearing the gauze slowly appeared above her head.

Powerful psionic power surrounded her.

The figure under the gauze was like an ink painting, faintly discernible.

“Speaking ill of others behind their backs is not something that heavenly creatures should do…” he chuckled and walked over on the wind.

Xiao Ai immediately screamed when she saw him, wanting to escape.

Because countless of its compatriots had died at the hands of this terrifying demon lord’s minions.

Their holy souls were completely torn apart, and their joyful smiles were forever dragged into the abyss of torture.

“Little one, don’t be afraid!” The figure under the veil waved its hand gently, and Xiao Ai was immediately controlled.

It struggled with all its might.

But the surrounding air was like a solid wall, and it was indestructible!

Ever since it fell into this layer of abyss, more than half of its soul strength had been devoured by the evil and madness in the Abyss!

“Sir…” Han Li said, “It’s fine! Don’t make things difficult for it!”

Han Li understood that this mysterious demon lord had specially come to see her.

“Hehe…” the figure under the gauze pulled Xiao Ai in front of her gently.

He stretched out a porcelain-like hand from under the gauze.

The hand gently touched Xiao Ai’s frightened head.

Then, he threw Xiao Ai to Han Li.

“Since you asked for mercy…” he smiled. “I’ll give this little guy to you!”

Andromeda was his territory.

The nest of the great mother of demons.

Naturally, everything here was under his control!

Even the Styx was not allowed to interfere.

This was decided based on strength.

Xiao Ai was thrown into Han Li’s hands, and it immediately hid in Han Li’s clothes.

Its small body trembled.

That was the fear of its natural enemy!

It knew that the obilis demon was a more cruel and crazy demon than the current Demon.

And this one, even when the Obilis clan was strong, was also an expert that could not be underestimated.

Han Li could not help but stroke the little fellow’s head. Speaking of which, it was strange. The moment Han Li’s hand touched Xiao Ai’s body, the little fellow immediately quieted down.

It hid in Han Li’s clothes and looked at the terrifying demon lord with fear and curiosity.

It had been the nightmare of the Asura clan for countless years.

“Come with me!” Xiao Ai heard the voice of the terrifying demon.

It gently opened the door and opened a portal.

This was the portal to its lair, the infamous bone fort, one of the most dangerous places in the multiverse!

“Don’t go!” Xiao Ai shouted in fear.


This human, this strange human, stepped into it without hesitation.

Xiao Ai was so scared that she almost fainted.

Every one of her compatriots knew what the Bone Fort was?

It was the lair of that terrifying demon lord for countless years.

It was also his crazy laboratory.

Countless monsters were created from there and then thrown into various worlds, bringing endless disasters.

Even the Queen of Stars regarded stepping into the bone fort as taboos!

This human actually dared to step into it!

He didn’t want to live anymore!

It was over… It was over… everything was over!

However, Han Li comforted the little guy in her arms and resolutely followed him.

The Abyss was terrifying and terrifying.

However, there was an even more powerful existence standing behind Han Li.

Thus, her figure stepped into the teleportation door.

A flash of light and everything disappeared.

After a long time, a few kirins finally found this place after smelling the scent.

“Xiao Ai’s scent disappeared from here…” they frowned.

There were no traces of battle here.

But there were many scents.

Xiao Ai’s..

There was another human?


The air was filled with the most primitive and crazy distorted scent.

It was the scent of the demon lord of obilis.

The kirins were terrified.

At first, there were thousands of young of the sky clan that fell here.

But now, there were less than a hundred.

Each one was precious and treasured.

They were the favored children of the sky clan, the embodiment of holiness and kindness.

Each death was an unacceptable loss for the sky clan.

Because it meant the failure of the order side.

This was a battlefield.

The legacy of the ancient battlefield.

Was the force field of order and chaos.

Just like the eternal b.l.o.o.d.y battle in the Ten Thousand Abyss Plains, the b.l.o.o.d.y battle itself was not important, what was important was the symbol of victory and defeat.

Was it the East Wind that overpowered the west wind, or the west wind that overpowered the east wind in the arena.

And here, the core was the children of the Sky clan.

These kind creatures trapped in the abyss.

Their existence was a victory for the order side.

It meant that kindness would exist even in the Abyss!

On the contrary, it would be a great calamity for the heavenly realm.

The failure here would definitely shake the faith and perseverance of the heavenly realm creatures.

It would lead to a terrifying storm of faith.

It would even lead to the degeneration of a large number of sacred creatures!

Thus, countless heavenly creatures came one after another over countless years to protect the thorn cubs.

The demons also came in an unending stream.

Both sides had a tacit understanding.

No matter how many troops you sent, I would also send more. The balance of power was maintained and there was always an equal balance.

On this irreconcilable battlefield, the Divine War continued for centuries after centuries.

Moreover, the end could not be seen from afar.

But now..

It had been several centuries, and the holy creature that had not lost the love Thorn Cub had suddenly lost a superior cub with a n.o.ble bloodline.

Xiao Ai was a holy existence with the bloodline of the Queen of Stars.

If it had not fallen here, it might have even become the queen of this generation and become the new queen of the Star Royal Court!

“What should we do?”

The kirins became anxious. “Should we inform the royal husband?”

The person who was fully responsible for protecting the Cubs here was the royal husband of the Star Court, Filière.

The Holy Archangel had spent most of its energy on this level of the abyss.

However, countless years had formed a tacit unspoken rule.

If the demon lord of the Abyss didn’t make a move, then the archangel of the heavenly realm wouldn’t make a move either.

On this gambling table, everything had rules.

The rules weren’t like the abyss, but the nine instead.

Now, the Abyss had broken the rules, and the demon mother had made a move.

Naturally, the principle of reciprocity, w.a.n.g Fu and even the Queen of Stars should also make a move to return the favor.


A qilin closed its eyes.

It relied on the alliance agreement to sense its mistress’soul.

She was still safe, and her n.o.ble soul was still intact.

Furthermore, she was not under the control of the demons or the restrictions of force.


What exactly happened?

The qilin flew towards the gift of Alberton.

They needed instructions!

Xiao Ai looked at the terrifying castle in front of her in fear.

Countless bones were piled up at the foot of the mountain.

Endless evil and blasphemous strength lingered in the castle.

The terrifying demon lord walked in front.

One by one, his evil creations roared and roared at the foot of the Bone Mountain.

This was the bone fort!

In the entire multiverse, there were few places that were crazier and more blasphemous than this!

Legend had it that a long, long time ago, in an era where history was already blurred, there was an unimaginably powerful existence that had once established a laboratory here.

He had conducted countless crazy and evil experiments here.

It was said that the G.o.d of conspiracy, Cyric, knew some inside information.

Therefore, he wrote some inside information on a book called the book of Cyric.

Then, he read the book he wrote himself. Then, he went crazy.


Xiao Ai found that the human woman, who claimed to be a strange woman from a world eroded by the Abyss, walked fearlessly in this terrible place.

She didn’t seem to be afraid at all!

The anxious Xiao Ai couldn’t help but shout loudly from her lapels, “Human, be careful…”

“Don’t worry!” The human woman smiled and comforted it, “Little fellow, don’t be afraid, no one can hurt us!”

The murmurs beside Han Li’s ears rustled.

This place had changed its appearance.

No strength could hurt her here.

This place was absolutely safe for Han Li.


There was still a trace of Mr. Amur’s strength left here.

She could clearly feel that trace of strength.

And in the end, Han Li also knew that she would complete the refinement of the freedom potion here!


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