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Chapter 35

Ignoring the sharp tearing pain between her thighs, she knelt down slowly and picked up the dead goose carefully before moving towards XuanYuan LianCheng’s direction.

“Here’s your goose,” She extended her hands, she wondered if it was a good idea to start an interaction with this man, but still, it would’ve been impolite to ignore the prey, which had landed next to her.

XuanYuan LianCheng landed his gaze silently on her face before sniffing in disgust, “You’ve touched it, filthy.” He answered coldly before turning his back on her.

Mu QianQian stared at his leaving figure as tears of unjust began streaming into her eyes.

She had made sure to clean herself up as much as possible, filthy? He was probably talking about my body and my heart, huh?

Fine, it was all her fault for giving him an arrogant and proud character, this is pure karma, and she deserved it.

She moved slowly towards the pond, intending to wash the blood off her hands, when a shrilled cry sounded out behind her, “Mu QianQian, you poisonous woman, I’ll kill you!”

She moved her head quickly towards the direction, only to see a young lady rus.h.i.+ng towards her with a knife in her hands. Her feet tripped as she took a panicked step backward and in a loud splash, she fell back-first into the pond.

To make things worst, Mu QianQian was a pure-blooded dry duck. She had visited many pools in her previous world, not to swim, but to ogle at muscular handsome men. It was obvious but she CAN’T SWIM.(TNote: in chinese we call people who can’t swim a dry duck ;w;)

“Help! Someone! Uhh…”

Before her conscious faded, she saw XuanYuan LianCheng rus.h.i.+ng back to the pond and s.n.a.t.c.hing the knife from the hand-maiden’s hands before holding her down roughly, but he had turned his head towards her without any intentions of saving her.

She could even see the strong disgust and hatred that flashed within his eyes.

“H…Help…” She choked weakly as the pond water entered her nose and her conscious left her entirely.

That man, wanted her to die…

“Princess, please drink this since you’re already awake.” A soothing voice sounded nearby, calming her frightened heart down.

Such warmth…

Mu QianQian rubbed her blurry eyes softly before widening her eyes. Her entire body felt tired and limp, and the spot between her thighs felt swollen and numb.

Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes focused on the man standing beside her bed. He was dressed fully in white, while his long dark hair streamed beautifully behind his back. His face was gentle, but with a tint of coldness.

Her breathing intensified slightly as she recovered quickly from her daze.

Even though the man had not spoken another word after she had awakened, she knew immediately who this man was. He was the owner of the World’s First Bank, and the famous doctor who was referred to as the “Dark Genius”.

He was her husband, and the only one who was a friend to the seventh princess, HeLian ZiJin.

“Where is this?” She rasped weakly as she tried to get up from the bed, before realizing that there wasn’t a single spot on her body that didn’t feel swollen and painful, it was like her entire body was run over by a car.

An unknown light flashed through HeLian ZiJin’s eyes as he stared at her in silence, before turning his head towards the side quickly, “Princess, you’re naked.”

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