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Read I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 559 – The Uncontrollable Master Pei

I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses is a web novel made by Su Xianning, 苏闲佞.
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Chapter 559: The Uncontrollable Master Pei

“Including the money I spent on fixing computers for the internet cafe, it seems to be 5,000 yuan.”

[d.a.m.n, Master Pei is so ruthless!!!]

[I thought she had a gaming addiction. I didn’t expect her to go and earn money.]

[No wonder I saw her carrying a pile of things to repair in the afternoon. She actually made money to return Hua Xun.]

[Isn’t this sister too alpha?! I want to marry her.]

“I thought about it. There are little kids watching. We can’t be bad people.”

Pei Yunge smirked and turned to leave.

Hua Xun caught up with her. His att.i.tude was clearly much more approachable than before.

“Master Pei, are you that good at gaming?”

Seeing how obedient Hua Xun was, everyone in the live-stream wanted to laugh.

Why didn’t this silly child bear any grudges?

He had forgotten that he had been robbed.

What everyone did not expect was a big part of what made ‘They Are Traveling’ so popular was Pei Yunge.

A portion of viewers became fans of Pei Yunge.

However, there were also some people who started to say strange things.

[Eh, you got so much from fixing your computer and playing games? Qin Youjiao has played the piano for a day and she doesn’t even get so much.]

[There are really many news about Pei Yunge. Did the Qin family buy headlines at a high price?]

[Making headlines through playing games and fixing computers. I laughed.]

[Seriously delete the posts you made for Qin Youjiao before you slander Pei Yunge, okay?]

[My eSports fans are the first to be unhappy. Are you looking down on a proper profession?]

The words of Qin Youjiao’s fans spread to the eSports scene and it was heatedly scrutinized.

On the other hand, the technical blogger of the eSports scene found out the frequency of Pei Yunge’s typing speed.

She was probably much faster than Qin Lang…

This shocked the entire eSports scene.

Did the Qin family’s genes give all of them gaming abilities??

In the afternoon.

When everyone realized that ‘They Are Travelling’ was not live streaming, they were all @ing their official accounts.

Even words like # They Are Traveling Stopped Broadcasting # became trending.

[???? How do I watch handsome guys when you stop airing? @ They Are Traveling.]

[d.a.m.n, you’re going to stop broadcasting at this time? I order you to arrange a broadcast immediately! @ They Are Traveling.]

[@ They Are Traveling??? I just became a fan of the human bug. What are you doing??]


The official account replied.

[They Are Traveling: Everyone has waited for a long time ~ Because of some unforeseeable reasons, we’re changing the map. I hope everyone can continue to support us. We’ll continue streaming tomorrow [pitiful] [pitiful]]]

However, when they saw this message, everyone was mocking them.

[Hahahaha, isn’t the unforeseeable reason the human bug, Pei Yunge?]

[Couldn’t they just change the name? ‘The Uncontrollable Master Pei’ (dog head)]

[How pitiful. The production team has created so many plots, but they have to change the map in the end, hahahaha]

Over here.

Pei Yunge, who had been suddenly informed of the change in the map, raised an eyebrow unconsciously.

“Did something happen?” she asked.

The production team was speechless. Didn’t you know??

The next day.

After a night of driving, everyone arrived at a place.

It was a training ground.

All the guests were speechless.

Why did they say something different?

At this moment, the livestream had already started.

[Hahaha what the heck? Did the production team send them into a war zone??]

[How ruthless. Master Pei is so pitiful.]

Beside her, Qin Youjiao glanced at Pei Yunge with dark eyes.

She never thought that Pei Yunge’s popularity would soar in the past two days.

There were actually so many people who liked her…

“Jiaojiao, calm down,” Yun Nuo reminded from the side.

Hearing this, Qin Youjiao took a deep breath and remained calm.


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