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Greatest Level of Selfishness (R-18)

Revised (by author, also Rune’s side and *R-18* at the end)

“Rune, don’t cry”

He rubbed my back

While clinging onto Shin-sama, we can’t be separated

Since I have divine protection, I should be fine even if attacked

However, scary things are scary

It’s the first time I knew knights could use magic

I felt envious before when Shin-sama and Dea went out just the two of them, and couldn’t hold back mentioning my loneliness

Because of that, today I am being taken to town

Shin-sama said we were at castle town, but it’s quite a bustling town

It’s bigger than all the towns I’ve been to until now

Expensive looking stores line the street

Shin-sama went shopping and bought everyone presents

Although you can say that castle town has a lot of good things, consequently the price is high

Everything cost a staggering amount of gold coins

Since we had the opportunity to get food too in town, we bought quite a bit

The number of people in the castle excluding Shin-sama is 25

He’s sending the food off each time he buys more, but it’s probably quite a bit

Rona’s probably quite surprised

This time he’s also bought quite a few books

Since elves have a wealth of knowledge, they certainly like to study…….

Seeing Shin-sama buy things for Dea, I was jealous

“Rune, is there anything you want?”

Even though he asked, there was nothing that I wanted

I shook my head, and―

“Rune’s got no greed, huh”

He pat my head

What I want, is to spend time together with Shin-sama

Spending some time, just the two of us

Rau is there, and lately Dea is there……

Whenever that happens I am jealous, and Shin-sama seemed to realize that

Even though I’m not jealous when he’s together with Rau, when he’s together with Dea I can’t help being jealous

Since today it’s just the two of us, I’m happy, but it’s just for now

I can’t say I want to be together

Since it is my selfishness

When I say I’m hungry, we go into an expensive looking store

The food sent out are all super extravagant things, either way they’re delicious

Sitting on top of Shin-sama’s lap, he feeds me like he does with Rau

At that time the knights came in

Moreover, three of them

Knights are scary

Shin-sama was not especially impatient and spoke in his usual way

When they attacked with a sword, when they attacked with magic, Shin-sama easily defended

I couldn’t move due to fear, but once Shin-sama became angry and killed the knight I finally managed to call out Shin-sama’s name

Hugging me close and patting my head, Shin-sama is gentle just like usual

While tightly clinging onto him, we returned to the castle

Scary, so scary……

My tears won’t stop

Without being able to bear separating from Shin-sama, I desperately clung onto him the whole time

Shin-sama gently called out to such a me and pat my head

“We’re in my room, that scary guy is no longer around”

The entire time he was saying that, he gently pat my back and head

After a while I calmed down a bit and could separate from him

The moment we parted I felt fear and clung to him again

“I understand, today we’ll be together, I’ll tell everyone so, though no one even knows we’re back yet”

Since we directly teleported to the room, we haven’t met with anyone

Though if we continued like this everyone would surely worry


“Don’t want-! Don’t go”

I clung on to him more and more strongly

“Don’t go to Dea’s place”

The words I didn’t intend to say came out

Since I’ve already said it there’s nothing I can do, even though I’ve continued to endure it up to now

However, I don’t want him to go near Dea, especially for today

Although it’s just my selfishness, I want him to not go at least for today

A few days ago, Shin-sama embraced Dea (TN: they did it)

Therefore, all I could think of was him together with Dea and was jealous

……even though Shin-sama is not my thing

Even though he’s not even my lover

“……I’m just going to inform them”

I shook my head while crying

The me of right now is speaking extremely selfishly

However, I can’t stop

I can’t release this hand

“Separating, from Shin-sama, that…..don’t want-!”

My words mingle with sobs, moreover while clinging to him, like that he continues to hold me

“Then, come together with me”

It seems we teleported with magic

Since my face is pressed into his shoulder I’m only guessing

However, it seems I’m not mistaken

Since I could hear Dea’s voice

“Master? You’ve returned. What’s happened to Rune?”

He voiced his concern for me

Even though I’m jealous of him, since Dea is kind, my heart hurts

“Since knights came and attacked, he’s frightened. For today he’ll stay beside me. Rune, what will you do for meals?”

What we were eating was lunch

However in order to eat a meal I’d have to separate from Shin-sama

I shook my head

Separating from Shin-sama is scary

“It’s fine not to prepare meals for Rune today, tell Rona for me”


“Later, I’ll send the presents to their own room, tell Rau and Rona for me”


“To my room”

After he simply finishes the conversation, we once again return to his room

“Change into pajamas”

The moment he says so, Shin-sama’s clothes became simple dark blue clothes

“Rune, change into pajamas”

He changed my clothes as well

Yellow clothes like what Shin-sama usually wears as pajamas appear

“Rune, stop crying, we’re in my room, are you scared even if it’s just the two of us?”

I shook my head

When we’re together it’s not scary

Since I’m beside someone it’s not scary

Separating from Shin-sama is scary though

“Rune, I’m here, so it’s fine not to cling to me so desperately”

It seems I unconsciously put in quite a bit of strength

Slightly releasing some of the force, Shin-sama’s fingers brushed away my tears

“Don’t cry anymore, your eyes will become swollen”

However, no matter how much he wiped, my tears wouldn’t stop

“What scared you? Knights? Me killing knights? Dying?”

“…….kni,ghts, however……. now, ‘s, different”

Since I’m crying, my sobs cut into my words

“What are you scared of?”

“….from Shin-sama, separating, is, scary”

“…..aren’t I right here?”

Certainly, right now I’m inside Shin-sama’s arms

However, that’s just for now

While grasping onto Shin-sama’s clothes he calmingly pat the head of me who would not part from him

I don’t want him to treat me like a child like this

However, it seems I’m only saying childish things

“Don’t come to like anyone either”

There’s no way I’d think I could receive his love

I understand that he’s not a person within my reach

Even so, that being the case I don’t want him to like anyone else either

I don’t want to see Shin-sama become lovers with someone else

“…..why did you bring that up?”

For Shin-sama, the talk must seem to be jumping around quite a bit

Even for me it’s not something I can understand, I feel like our talk is slightly out of sync

“…..were you confused by too many things? Relax, the one I like the most is Rune”

He pat my head

‘The one I like the most’

Those words bring a bit of relief

When I look up at Shin-sama, I see his usual gentle expression

“Were you jealous of Dea, as I thought, Rune is cute, huh”

He kissed me like he was pillaging my mouth

When I was kissed like that, power immediately left my body

When I leaned against Shin-sama (like I was entrusting my body to him), he laid me onto the bed

(Will he embrace me?)

Lately I can’t help having that expectation

Since when it’s just the two of us here we do so

Since Shin-sama only looks at me

He licked the tears by my eyes

After that he brushed back my hair

Since Shin-sama’s hair fell down on top of my body I could smell a nice scent coming from it

Shin-sama uses magic to cleanup, due to not entering the bath very often

Giving a deep kiss, power left my body and I became hot

Shin-sama took off my clothes and removed his gloves, each time his hand slid over my body my voice leaked out

When Shin-sama embraces me, he’s always gentle

I only ever feel a slight pain, it’s almost all pleasurable feelings

It feels so good it’s scary

Although I’m not in pain when embraced once, when he continuously keeps on embracing me it’s a bit painful

Like when he continues to move even when I can’t stand anymore for example

Or like when he doesn’t finish even though I’ve already fainted

I’m happy when I’m together with Shin-sama, if I ever felt like I want to be embraced I feel like he wouldn’t refuse

“Rune, today, is it fine to do it till morning?”

(Even though now is still afternoon……)

Although I think that, I can only nod

Tomorrow I probably won’t be able to get up, but I willingly reach for it under his sweet pressure


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