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Sheng Da was structured in such a way that there would first be a week of cla.s.s to familiarize the students with one another before they would be sent for military training.

Just hearing the words ‘military training’ was enough for a mourning sound to roll through the cla.s.sroom.

On Friday of the first week, Xia Rou bid her roommates goodbye in the afternoon and carried her bags and military uniform to leave happily under their jealous gazes. When she got to the school gates, she saw the black limited-edition Hummer by the road.

“Big brother!” She ran joyfully to the car. “Why did you come, aren’t you busy on Fridays?”

She was wearing ripped jeans, white shoes, and a three-quarter sleeve t-shirt. Her long hair was tied into two braids to hang loosely over her shoulders. She already had the distinct charm of a woman and radiated the strength of an invincible youth.

As she ran over, it attracted the attention of quite a few boys.

Looking at her smiling so hard that her eyes curved into crescents, Cao Yang felt the low spirit he had all week disperse.

“Looks like you’ve gained weight!” He teased. “Is the food in the cafeteria so good?”

“Don’t say that!” Xia Rou glared at him. Translated by The Novelst

Of course the food in the cafeteria couldn’t be compared to the food cooked at home. It was just that the atmosphere at school was quite good.

Her roommates Zhuang Xiao, Xie Yun and Li Jingwen were all quite gentle and bright. They were easy to get along with. After the initial week together, everyone was already quite familiar with one another.

They went to cla.s.s and ate together every day. When the atmosphere was so harmonious, her appet.i.te would increase. So within just a week, Xia Rou’s cheeks had indeed plumped up.

“Did I really gain weight? Truly?” On the road, Xia Rou kept touching her own face and lower jaws, turning the mirror from the driver’s seat around to look at herself.

Cao Yang face palmed.

Girls were truly troublesome. Just saying that she gained weight was enough to cause depression for an entire day.

“No, I was just joking.” All he could do was quickly try and make up for it.

Xia Rou let out a hmmph, disbelieving.

Cao Yang: “…”

Next time he wouldn’t say something about gaining weight so carelessly.

Xia Rou had never thought that everyone could gather on a Friday. Most of the time, they would all have a variety of social events to attend.

But even Cao Xiong had returned early that day.

The kitchen had cooked up a feast. Everyone seemed to have a good appet.i.te, but Xia Rou didn’t eat much.

“Why did you eat so little?” Cao Xiong furrowed his brows. Was she not doing well in school?

“Big brother said I gained weight…” Xia Rou poked at the rice in her bowl.

Cao Yang had no choice but to bear the heavy condemnation in the gaze of his father. He was sweating slightly. d.a.m.n that little girl, he had been joking!

Cao Bin asked after the situation in school. Hearing she was getting along with her cla.s.smates, he was relieved. But looking around, he found it weird that his father and all his brothers had such good appet.i.tes that day.

It was because Cao Xing and Cao Bin weren’t usually at home, so they hadn’t felt how chilly the atmosphere in the house had turned once Xia Rou left to live on campus.

Cao Xiong, Cao Yang, and Cao An had been used to seeing Xia Rou every single day and night. In the past week they had truly experienced the taste of a father and brother sending away a daughter and sister.

Now, seeing her doing well, it seemed as though she had been living better than at home. They couldn’t help but feel uneven – this little girl had no conscience!

“Next week I’m going for military training,” Xia Rou reported. “I’ll come back in two weeks.”

“Are you afraid?”

How could she not be afraid. Xia Rou’s face was full of bitterness.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Cao Xiong. “Just bring your sunscreen and that’s enough.”

Xia Rou: “…”

How long had it been since their father had shown off his sense of humor? Everyone almost laughed until they died.

“Don’t worry,” Cao Xing rea.s.sured her. “Don’t be afraid.”

Xia Rou finally understood what Cao Xing meant that second week.

The military training tradition at Sheng Da was to send their students to an army base in the capital that specialized in training university students. The base was located in the county and was nearby the army force station.

That station was where Cao Xing was at.

Just as Xia Rou was being serious as she followed the commands: attention, at ease, march forward, the girls started a commotion.

“Hurry and look!”

“So handsome!”

“That body is so s.e.xy!” Translated by The Novelst

“Look at those muscles! He looks so man!”

“He’s so tall! He must be 1.86 meters? Or 1.87?”

Xia Rou followed their gazes and saw… a tall, muscular, handsome officer wearing a short-sleeved black uniform t-shirt slowly walking to them in powerful steps.

The uniform conformed tightly to his body so that even the outlines of his chest were clearly defined.

His gaze was sharp, giving out an imposing feeling. He walked to the front of the group of girls that Xia Rou was in. He stopped before them as his gaze coldly scanned through the audience like a sheathed dagger being drawn out; sharp and unmatched.

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