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Read If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die Chapter Ch91 – Main Story Completed

If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die is a web novel created by 龙柒, Long Qi.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die Chapter Ch91 – Main Story Completed

Chapter Ch91 – Main Story Completed

T/N: Implied slight NSFW at a part, please proceed carefully!

Editor: Amaris

I’ll do whatever Chen Chen says. That was how willful Movie King Ren was after having a ‘wife’.

Ye Chen earnestly asked for Ren Jing’s advice on how to act out these scenes.

Ren Jing also explained to him seriously. He even suggested, “Let’s practice for a bit?”

Ye Chen nodded repeatedly. “Okay!”

Ye Chen adjusted his feelings. He performed the first half of the scene very well. The happiness was shown clearly in his words and manner, bringing a tiny bit of the feeling as if his unrequited love was being reciprocated, which was very charming.

Ren Jing said his first line, “Why did you come again?”

Ye Chen looked at his eyes and suddenly felt a chill in his heart. He was unexpectedly brought into Zhan Chen’s emotions.

Ren Jing’s acting was pretty contagious. His acting which sometimes made people unable to tell real from fake was truly frightful, because you absolutely had no idea if he was acting or not. You would take his acting to be true if you let your imagination run wild even just for a bit.

Ye Chen suddenly found a ‘shortcut’. If he wanted to perform well in this section, the focus must be on Ren Jing instead of him.

As long as Ren Jing took control of the atmosphere and was seriously engrossed in the acting, Ye Chen would definitely get dragged in.


Whenever Ye Chen showed a tiny bit of sadness, Ren Jing would promptly disengage from the performance. Even though he was saying his lines out, his eyes showed that he was distressed.

Seeing Ren Jing like this, Ye Chen also got disengaged from the performance shortly after.

Ye Chen shook his head and smiled as he said, “Ren Jing, there’s another reason why I wanted to shoot this movie well.”

Ren Jing hummed, “Hm?”

Ye Chen really wasn’t trying to talk nonsense, his words were his true feelings. Even though they sounded quite childish, these were what he truly felt.

He said slowly, “Everything has always been going smoothly throughout my life… I have a family who loves me dearly, friends who care for me, and even more fortunately for me, I am able to meet you. I’ve gotten so much and I feel truly happy. Yet, I’m a little worried. I’m worried that I’ve gotten too much. Someday, when Heaven can’t put up with it any longer and would take everything back, what should I do then?”

Ren Jing knitted his eyebrows. “That won’t happen!”

Ye Chen appeased him, “I know it won’t, but I just want to make sure.”

He blinked, then said with a slightly playful voice, “Let’s deceive him, okay?”

Ren Jing was dumbfounded, still had yet to reply.

Ye Chen said, “You see, Zhan Chen’s life and mine are complete opposites. He had been unfortunate since he was young until he was an adult. He was also hurt after falling in love with Yan Han. It was only at the end that the hard times were finally over and the good times began for him.”

Ren Jing still couldn’t quite catch what he meant.

Ye Chen felt quite embarra.s.sed when he said, “I’m acting as Zhan Chen and you’re acting as Yan Han. We’ve suffered all kinds of torment in the movie and deceived G.o.d. With that, maybe He would not subject us with any more suffering in the future?”

Ren Jing finally understood his words.

Ye Chen scratched his head, then said bashfully, “Please don’t laugh at me. I know this is very childish, but…but…” he said under his breath, “I truly want to be happy together forever with you.”

After letting the torments pa.s.s by in the movie, there would only be sweetness left for them in reality.

This seemed to be ‘the law of conservation of energy’.

How could there be such a nice Ye Chen? Ren Jing softly heaved a sigh of relief, then held Ye Chen in his arms as he whispered, “I understand.”

Ye Chen also hugged him back. Then he enthusiastically rubbed himself against Ren Jing as he said, “Ren Jingk2026;we have to always be together.”

Ren Jing’s heart had completely turned sweet. He planted a kiss on Ye Chen’s lips and said, “I’ll never leave you.”

It was true that Ye Chen was truly happy, but this happiness was actually a very common thing.

Parents, close friends, a lover… A lot of people had them, but most didn’t consider them as happiness, thus they didn’t cherish them.

After all, happiness was what one gave to oneself.

The next day, everyone had a whole new level of respect for Ye Chen after seeing his performance.

As expected, as long as Ren Jing got serious, Ye Chen would automatically be affected. He need not to deliberately ponder over the feelings. The moment he got immersed in the emotion, everything would go naturally.

Director Li felt so happy he might go insane soon. He persistently said to everyone around him, “Look, look! A Chen’s acting is so good! It’s simply amazing! Ren Jing is pretty good too, of course. They’re very suitable for each other. My eyes are truly too vicious!”

Vicious… Everyone wore the same expression in response to Director Li’s words: Emmm!

It couldn’t be helped, Director Li was blind and his brain was damaged, but fortune kept on favoring him completely!

In the first half of the movie, it focused on Ye Chen’s performance as he created the perfect atmosphere; in the latter half of the movie, it focused on Ren Jing’s performance as he created a heart-wrenching atmosphere, so heart-wrenching unlike one had seen before or since. Countless people on the shooting site were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears as they saw him act.

Oh, to put it simply, the heart-wrenching part of the latter half of the movie wasn’t on Zhan Chen, but on Yan Han instead.

After sweeping through several scenes for an hour, the climax was Zhan Chen’s return from abroad. The two main leads met again. The discouraged Zhan Chen took his current boyfriend back, making Yan Han so distressed he was torn to pieces.

There wasn’t any difficulty in this part for Ye Chen. It was just a bit awkward to act as a lover with Old Yu.

Fortunately, they were fake lovers in the movie, so the awkwardness was very well done. The awkward feeling made their acting become more real than ever!

Old Yu had become addicted to this ‘play’. He felt that he could be considered to have been a ‘lover’ with Ye Chen in his life. He felt content and didn’t have any other demands.

It was just…uh…Was SUN really not going to come back anymore? QAQ

The highlight of this part was on Ren Jing. His monodrama was so flawless it deserved full marks.

Ye Chen who watched from the side felt his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, feeling deeply moved.

Director Li said to him, “Ren Jing’s acting is very good, but you’re the best actor in my heart.”

Wake up, Director Li. No one wants to be comforted by you!

Hearing Director Li’s words, Ye Chen immediately denied. “I feel that Ren Jing is the best!”

Director Li, “No need to be modest, you’re really good.”

No one is being modest, Director Li. You’re speaking badly of someone’s husband…he’s troubled, of course!

The onlookers on the shooting site had become full after eating lots of melons. Not only had they been stuffed with Movie King Ren and Ye Chen’s melons, they had also eaten enough melons from Director Li’s non-functioning brain and blindness.

Ye Chen was living a very happy and comfortable life. Before he knew it, it was already the end of the film shoot.

At the closing banquet, Director Li was dead drunk, a total mess. He took Ye Chen’s hand as if he was his own son and kept on singing praises of him. Furthermore, he asked Ye Chen’s schedule because he still wanted to work together with him on his next movie.

Ye Chen said straightforwardly, “I might be leaving the s…o…b..z for a while. My father has grown old, I have to go back and lend him a hand.”

Director Li’s eyes widened. “You’re retiring??” Why must such a flawless gem quit his acting career so soon!!

Ye Chen said, “Thank you so much for taking care of me this whole time, Director Li.”

The news came like a bolt from the blue for Director Li. The people around him took advantage of his shock to fill a few more cups of liquor for him and he almost became immortal in the end.

Ye Chen and Ren Jing slipped away first since they only drank a bit. In the last half a month, in order to catch up with the schedule, they had been very busy and didn’t have time to be intimate properly.

Now that they were finally free, Ye Chen immediately received a random mission.

Death System laughed mischievously. “Random mission: Have x.x.x with Ren Jing. The rewards will be given according to the total time. Thirty minutes for one life point. The maximum limit is ten life points.”

Ye Chen, “!!!”

Death System said cheaply, “Chen Chen~~ It’s time for you to show your love for Ren Jing!”

There wasn’t anything wrong with its words. This is ten life points we’re talking about, it’s such a huge amount! But did that mean he had to endure for five hours??? Fair enough, Ren Jing would live and he would die.

Death System added, “I didn’t say that you have to continuously do it for five hours straight, you have 24 hours in a day anyway. Now, become the embodiment of a seductive man!”

We wouldn’t pry into people’s private affairs. In any case, Brother Chen earned six life points in the end, that was already the limit. Even though it was a pity, in keeping with the absolute principle of sustainable development, earning this much was already considerable.

After the two stuck together closely for a few days, Ye Chen received a question—which had been repeatedly asked 188 times before—from his mother, “Isn’t this the right time? Chen Chen, can we meet Little Jing now?”

It was still far from half a year, but Father Ye and Mother Ye had obviously been enduring too much that they reached the end of their patience!

Ye Chen pondered over it for a bit. He felt that…the time seemed to be just about right?

He told Queen Mother, “I’ll tell him that you want to meet him. But you have to promise me that you’ll be indifferent, serious, and expressionless when you meet him.”

Mother Ye replied very quickly. “Definitely, definitely! Mom is originally a cold, serious, and poker-faced person!”

Ye Chen: Mom, that’s not true at all!

Ye Chen clutched his cellphone tightly. When Ren Jing returned, he seized the opportunity to talk, “Um…”

Ren Jing had bought some snacks for him. He asked, “It had just been baked. Have a try?”

Hence, Brother Chen ate the snacks. He felt a bit thirsty after eating, so he drank water. After drinking water, he felt very sweet inside his heart, thus he kissed Ren Jing.

The two men being intimate like this had unintentionally lit a big fire from a single spark. They kissed each other inside out for a few while.

Afterwards, Ye Chen who was panting for breath leaned on Ren Jing’s arms as he said, “My parents want to meet you.”

His hands which were gently caressing Ye Chen’s back suddenly paused. Ren Jing’s muscles were clearly tensed up.

Ye Chen said, “Don’t worry… They won’t make things difficult for you.”

Ren Jing’s voice trembled when he said, “Are they willing to meet me?”

Ye Chen was in a daze for a while before finally responding. His heart felt sour yet sweet, but he still pretended. “They…won’t be able to change my mind.”

Ren Jing paused for a moment before saying, “Chen Chen, I don’t want to make things troublesome for you.”

Ye Chen felt distressed yet sweet. He really wanted to say: “My parents have been wanting to meet you so much they’re going crazy soon. You’ve become the son of my family, I’m just an adopted son.”

However, he couldn’t say them out… He had to keep pretending, so he said instead, “We have to face this sooner or later anyway. Don’t worry, they’ll definitely accept you.”

Ren Jing grunted softly, “Mn.”

Ren Jing didn’t get a blink of sleep that night.

He wasn’t nervous or scared, he was worried.

He was worried that Ye Chen would be sandwiched between him and his parents and be in a dilemma.

The next day, Ye Chen went together with Ren Jing after agreeing to meet at a certain place with his parents.

Throughout the journey, Ye Chen restlessly consoled Ren Jing. “Don’t worry, since my parents want to meet you, they must’ve accepted us!”

“Even if they don’t, I’ll persist until they accept us!”

“Rest a.s.sured, they’re in good shape, their health would not be affected even if they were angry.”

After comforting Ren Jing, he sent a message to his parents. [Be cold! You have to be cold!]

Father Ye and Mother Ye: [Alright, alright, alright!]

[Don’t be too affectionate, you can’t be too affectionate!]

[Yes, yes, yes!]

[Don’t ask about too many things. You must be reserved, reserved!]

[Sure, sure, sure!]

After sending a pile of messages randomly to his parents, Ye Chen felt that it should be enough to calm them down.

Who would have imagined that Queen Mother would actually send a picture and asked: [Chen Chen, do you think these clothes look good on Mom? Will Ren Jing like it?]

Ye Chen, “…”

Queen Mother said again: [Cough, cough, what Mom meant is… Do these clothes look cold enough?]

Ye Chen: [Where is it even cold? Mom, are you dressing up for a wedding or what?]

Queen Mother’s words implied something when she replied: [How can it be? The clothes I’ll wear at your wedding will not be ready until next year.] It would be a completely dazzling, 100% handmade, haute couture dress.

Ye Chen, “………………”

Sensing something unusual from Ye Chen, Ren Jing thought that he was nervous, and he became somewhat nervous too as a result.

Hence, he held Ye Chen’s hand.

Ye Chen suddenly sensed the warmth from his palm.

Ren Jing…was so nervous that his palm was sweating all over!

Ye Chen’s heart softened so much that it became a total mess. He looked at Ren Jing and said tenderly, “No need to think too much, I’m sure you’ll be able to get along with them.”

Ren Jing tightened the grip on his hand.

Ye Chen chuckled. “You guys are the people I love, and all of you love me. So rest a.s.sured, it would be fine.”

Everything would be fine.

His future with Ren Jing would simply be filled with sweetness and happiness.

Main story (main text) completed.

The author has something to say:

All good things must come to an end.

This would be a story that will never end.

Brother Chen and Ren Jing’s life would forever be filled with sweetness. I hope that the little angels who have read this story could cherish the happiness before their eyes and be able to live a happy and sweet life.

The main story is completed, but there would still be side stories after this.

Those who are interested to read it might need to wait. I’ll write it after taking some circ.u.mstances into account!

T/N: Hihi! This chapter marks the end of the main story. So, in a sense, the story is completed~ For those who liked the side characters just like me, there would still be 10+ more chs for the side charas (the word count makes them worth more than 13 chapters, but let’s just pretend it’s how it is (?)), so I hope you’ll look forward to them! I’d also like to apologize in advance because I’ll be taking a break for three weeks to one month at most before continuing with the side stories. Exams are around the corner, so I’d like to focus on that first. Hope you could understand!

Lastly, I know the haters won’t make it until this far, but remember: if you don’t like, don’t read! It’s that simple. No need to spread hate just because you don’t like something. Everyone has their preferences, of course, but if you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean the whole world had to hate it too and vice versa. Personally speaking, this novel isn’t something for people to judge based on only 20 chs because things started getting serious after ch. 50, but who am I to judge lol~ Yeahhh in any case, please smell some gra.s.s instead of spreading hate, have a nice day ted talk

Note: This might be gloomy at some parts, please don’t read if you’re not comfortable with these.

hi. sorry i haven’t said anything or replied to comments at all. to put it simply, well, i’m just…tired, i guess. so many things happened that they’d be too long to be told. in any case, this chapter marks the end of the main story, so i ought to write a thing or two i think. more like a ted talk, but oh well.

in my opinion, the story ended pretty well. it might not be the perfect ending for some, but i think it’s the best for everyone. this is a happy ending yes, but author left it for us to decide how the couple lives on. i won’t say much because my opinion doesn’t matter anyway, but again, let’s respect what the author writes, especially how she has decided to end this story. please remember that this story was completed in 2017, which was like three (or four?) years ago. the way she writes might have been different, and i’m sure she has improved a lot. i honestly like her simple approach in writing this story, because the story focuses on Ye Chen’s daily life. hey, i like complex writing/stories too, but reading such a light-hearted story is also great in my opinion. not everything has to be “complex” to be “good”. and hey, who doesn’t like a happy ending? ?

starting from this paragraph forward would be more about me. anyhow… i started playing Yakuza~ it’s primarily consisted (?) of beat ’em up, but there are a lot more array of genres inside the game too, mostly in the mini-games. long story short, i got very, very invested (?) with the plot… really, it’s a lot more than just “beating people up”. myf.u.c.kingG.o.d thIS CHARA IS DED!? wounded charas? tragic backstories?? hUH MORE PUNCHES??? PLS STAPH–

coughs iiiiiiin any case, i kin Kiryu Kazuma so very much. pls. he’s another baby who deserves pats and love and everything?? istg i’d take a f.u.c.king bullet for him,,, pls im so sed over all the charas, ded or alive,,, can’t believe i’d get so engrossed in a “Yakuza crime drama” game………

alright, back to the story… there would still be thirteen side stories for this novel; six for Gu Xi and seven for Yu Xingzhe. i like them as much as the main stories because d.a.m.n, i’m a sucker for side characters lol. i hope you’ll look forward to them soon! i’ll also re-translate chapter 1-18 for completion’s sake after i’m done with side stories. though, i think i’ll take a short break before resuming. it won’t be long i promise. you see, i need to clean up my mess haha. soooo yeah. i guess i’ll be back when i’m done with them.

this turned out to be so long… but in any case, that’s them for now. thank you for staying with me in this journey, i appreciate it. i don’t know if i still want to keep on translating because’ve felt enough inferiority complex and i’m tired uh coughi mean translating is hard, i hope i could still carry on after this… also you might want to find me on some scan groups while you wait in the meantime, i do typesetting and translating sometimes. uwu


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