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Chapter 340 Treating Qu Xiaomeng In The Middle Of The Night!

Noticing Qing Zhu’s confusion, Su Yang asked, “Is there a prompt?”

Qing Zhu forced a smile. “There is-“

Su Yang asked, “Did the notification say that the ability can take effect here?”

Qing Zhu nodded.

Su Yang replied, “Select me as the target to turn invisible.”

Qing Zhu pondered for a while. After a while, she pointed her finger and Su Yang suddenly felt his body become extremely cool. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head. He knew that his ability had taken effect!

Sure enough, he slowly disappeared into the backyard…

The little monster beans were all yawning as they looked at Qing Zhu. There was a faint red glow on their bodies. It looked like they were about to explode.

All of a sudden, a little monster bean turned around and was shocked when it saw Su Yang disappear. It patted the little monster bean beside it and pointed at Su Yang while calling out, “Little Bean!”

The other three little monster beans also turned around in surprise. Then they looked around and started to shout, “Beans! Beans! Beans!”

They were happy, but because there was no one “watching”, their invisibility ability was rendered useless. Su Yang, who was moving stealthily towards Qing Zhu, suddenly appeared in the air.

Su Yang was speechless.

He came to the little monster bean’s side, grabbed a few little monster beans, and scolded, “I told you to look at her, look at her, why are you still distracted!”

“Beans… Beans…” The four little monster beans lowered their heads after being scolded by Su Yang. However, it was because of them that they could only continue to experiment.

After spending so many days with the little monster beans, Su Yang had a rough understanding of their thoughts.

Even though they were +4 monsters, their thinking was simpler because they were simple-minded. As long as they were given a goal and thought that they were doing housework, they would not explode so easily, and they would work harder.

After all… housekeeping was their life.

That was why Su Yang brainwashed them, telling them that this was a new kind of housework and that they would only be happy if they were good. As expected, the little monster beans became much more serious. They stared at Qing Zhu with their big eyes, and Su Yang turned invisible again.

At that moment, Qing Zhu was still silently wearing a Han Chinese raincoat and holding an umbrella in the rain…

Su Yang made two laps around the villa. When he found that there was no problem with his invisibility, he muttered ‘exit’ and exited the virtual s.p.a.ce. After all, the virtual s.p.a.ce and reality were two different worlds, so no one knew if it would work if he and Qing Zhu were in two different worlds.

Fortunately, the ability was still effective. Su Yang went downstairs and took a stroll around the building. The feeling of being able to hide and be free was amazing!

Su Yang wandered around the neighborhood for a while. Perhaps it was because there was no one around at night, Su Yang started to feel bored.

Just as he was about to go home to rest, he suddenly realized that he had reached Qu Xiaomeng’s house. Standing below Qu Xiaomeng’s building, Su Yang hesitated for a moment. He suddenly recalled Qu Xiaomeng’s painful voice that night. ‘She seems to be sick, and it looked serious. She should be fine, right?’

‘Although a cold won’t kill a person, if there are any complications, it’ll be very troublesome…’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, a voice rang in his head.

[Beep. New random mission.]

‘Eh, a mission? Could it be related to Qu Xiaomeng?’

Su Yang called out the system. As expected, the random quest stated. (Treat Qu Xiaomeng.)

Those five words were concise. Su Yang felt that… he had a legitimate reason to go to Qu Xiaomeng’s house.

Su Yang went upstairs to Qu Xiaomeng’s house. Through the door, he could still hear Qu Xiaomeng coughing. It sounded a little scary.

Su Yang remembered that when he called Qu Xiaomeng that night, she only had a blocked nose and did not cough. ‘Why did her cold become worse in the past few hours?’

At the thought of this, Su Yang did not waste any more time. Instead, he took out the Shape-s.h.i.+fting Vellum. Then, he used the paper key and used its omnipotent lock-picking powers to open the door silently.

Entering Qu Xiaomeng’s house in the middle of the night was really exciting!

As the saying goes, you’re a stranger when you first meet but you’re no longer strangers on the second meet. With the previous experience, Su Yang did not panic. Furthermore, he was hiding.

Su Yang sneaked into the bedroom and saw Qu Xiaomeng sleeping on the bed in her pajamas.

When he got closer, Su Yang noticed that Qu Xiaomeng’s face was sickly red. She kept mumbling as though she was talking nonsense.

Su Yang placed his hand on her forehead. “Tsk, it’s a little hot.’

Su Yang was afraid that the temperature of his hand was not accurate, so he placed his forehead against it. It was still hot.

From the looks of it, Qu Xiaomeng was having a fever.

Just as Su Yang was making his judgment, Qu Xiaomeng started coughing again. ‘Looks like she’s really quite sick. Should I buy some medicine for her?’

Su Yang pondered for a moment. Since the mission required him to treat Qu Xiaomeng, the sooner the better. ‘The effects of medicine was too slow!

‘Yesterday, Sanque shaved a bunch of his beard and hair. He has a lot of ginseng roots on hand. Can I give some to Teacher Qu?

‘After all, even without this mission, Qu Xiaomeng still treated me quite well.’

Su Yang was not someone who did not know how to differentiate between good and bad. Qu Xiaomeng had been pestering him to learn and even wanted to tutor him. This was actually for his own good.

‘I should repay kindness with kindness.’

At the thought of this, Su Yang brought Sanque out from the virtual s.p.a.ce.

Usually, Sanque was in the ginseng state and stayed in the flower pot. This time was no exception.

However, perhaps because it was too late, it had already fallen asleep. Therefore, after it was taken out, Sanque sat in the pot with his eyes closed, not saying a word. His bald head looked very comical.

Su Yang whispered, “Sanque, take a look at her illness. Can it be treated? How many ginseng roots do you need?”

Because Sanque was a living being, even if Su Yang held him, he could not turn invisible. Therefore, Su Yang could clearly see him slowly opening his eyes and looking at Qu Xiaomeng. After a while, it said, “Fever, flu, mild bronchitis. She needs a 2cm ginseng root.”

Then, it slowly closed its eyes.

After closing its eyes, it said coldly, “Put me back.”

‘Yes, big boss! ‘All doctors seem to act like bigwigs!’

Su Yang quickly placed Sanque back and poured a gla.s.s of water from the virtual s.p.a.ce. He placed two 1cm ginseng roots and shook them. The ginseng roots melted when they entered the water. In a moment, they turned into a gla.s.s of clear yellow water.

Su Yang carefully helped Qu Xiaomeng up from the bed so that she could lean on his shoulder. Then, he pinched her nose with one hand to make her open her mouth while he poured ginseng water into Qu Xiaomeng’s mouth with the other.

He was not afraid that Qu Xiaomeng would wake up. Anyway, he had the Forgetfulness Soup on his side..

Luckily, Qu Xiaomeng was the embodiment of forgetfulness. The last time Su Yang came to her house, she did not even notice Su Yang. This time, after drinking a cup of ginseng water, she merely coughed and did not even react.

After the ginseng water was fed, Su Yang placed Qu Xiaomeng’s soft body back onto the bed.

It had to be said that the ginseng water was indeed effective. The sickly redness on Qu Xiaomeng’s face faded and her breathing calmed down. She even started snoring.

‘Hmm… kind of cute.’

Su Yang smiled as he adjusted her sleeping posture. He covered her with a thin blanket and went downstairs.

As Su Yang walked down the stairs, a beep sounded in his head. (Mission completed.]

‘Wonderful, I just randomly picked a random spot!

Su Yang felt that he should go out more often. ‘If I can complete the mission and obtain random points, why would I buy them?]

The next day, Su Yang received Qu Xiaomeng’s call the moment he woke up.

Over the phone, Qu Xiaomeng’s voice returned to normal. She said to Su Yang mysteriously, “Su Yang, let me tell you. I dreamed of you last night.”

Su Yang was shocked. ‘Did she dream of me? Was she awake last night?

‘That’s not right! I was invisible!’

In the end, Qu Xiaomeng said, “Actually, I didn’t dream about you. I dreamed about your voice. Last night, I dreamed about an old grandpa. His whole body was s.h.i.+ning, and he let a little angel treat my illness.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Isn’t that Sanque?

‘Could it be that she wasn’t asleep at that time, but was dazed from the fever? Was she still conscious?’

Su Yang replied, “Oh, is that so? What does that have to do with me?”

Qu Xiaomeng said softly, “But that little angel’s voice is exactly the same as yours. She calls me Teacher Qu and even says things like ‘let me open your mouth’ and ‘drink’.”

“Then, I woke up this morning and recovered!”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Rubbis.h.!.+ You recovered because I fed you ginseng water, okay?! What a fool.’

However, Su Yang would not admit it at such a time. Hence, he said unhappily, “Teacher Qu, it’s too boring for you to tell me about your dream.”

Unexpectedly, Qu Xiaomeng said excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes! This tone, this voice! It’s this’ Teacher Qu’. It’s exactly the same as in my dream! Really!”

Su Yang was speechless and hung up.

Even though Su Yang had hung up on her, Qu Xiaomeng was still excited. After the ‘dream’ she had last night, she woke up today and realized that she had completely recovered. She even suspected that she had a fortuitous encounter!

She felt that she must have met something divine. Otherwise, how could she recover so fast?

She took out her phone and excitedly posted on her WeChat Moments, sharing her amazing news…

Ignoring Qu Xiaomeng, who was letting herself loose, Su Yang knew that she was not in the right state of mind.

He went to the company as planned and continued the post-production of ‘Fighting the Buddha’ with the team.

After all, this movie was related to his Silver Points and the artificial intelligence laboratory! It was also related to the future development of New Arts Culture! He had to take it seriously!

Thankfully, with his various abilities and talent, all the post-production editing and special effects had been completed that Wednesday afternoon after a week of overtime!

This also meant that this movie could finally get onto the internet and truly be tested by the market!

Su Yang felt that… success or failure depended on this!


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