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Chapter 355 A Stronger Kiss Against The Wall!

Seeing that Su Yang was continuing with his fortune-telling, Lin Jiali could no longer be bothered about the ambiguous relations.h.i.+p between them. She got closer to Su Yang and lowered her head to observe his movements.

‘Don’t think he’s serious… He must be pretending.’

As she came back to her senses and regretted her impulsive action, not really expecting herself to kiss Su Yang just now.

She could not help but think to herself, ‘Lin Jiali, Lin Jiali, are you crazy? Why did you kiss him out of impulse?’

‘No! I can’t let him off easy! I must expose this big liar and then “humiliate” him! Otherwise, how can I face myself for that… kiss!’

At the thought of the kiss, Lin Jiali blushed again… Actually, Su Yang was a little distracted. He was a decent man, but… he was also a normal man.

When a great beauty suddenly kissed him, he would also feel moved, shy, and… reminisce about his past. He could not help but recall that it was his first kiss.

Since he was young, he had never been close to a girl before. Suddenly, his first kiss was stolen by a girl, and for a moment, he was caught in a daze. ‘Just now… it seemed soft? And a little sweet?

‘Are all girls like this?

‘Or did Lin Jiali eat candy?’

Perhaps it was his imagination, but Su Yang’s hand that was fiddling with the tea leaves slowed down.

Lin Jiali poked his waist. “What are you doing? Can you be more careful? Are you trying to weasel your way out of ‘work’ after receiving the ‘money’?!’ ‘Money?’ Su Yang couldn’t help but look at the ‘money’ that Lin Jiali had just paid him. That ‘money’ was pink and moist. It made him want to ‘collect’ it again.

Sensing Su Yang’s ‘malicious’ gaze, Lin Jiali’s face turned red again. She glared at Su Yang. “What are you looking at?”

Su Yang coughed to hide his awkwardness before casually saying, “Actually… that was my first kiss.”

Lin Jiali’s face turned even redder. She felt like a steam train, and her ears were emitting steam.

She did not need to touch it to know that her face was burning.

However, this silly female celebrity had a strange way of thinking as well. She poked Su Yang again. “What’s wrong? Do I have to give you a red packet for your first kiss?”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Forget it, forget it. I can’t afford to offend him.’

He was completely convinced by Lin Jiali’s weird logic. This woman seemed to have some kind of magic. No matter what others said or did, she would be able to escape. However, after her interruption, Su Yang felt much calmer and could focus on his fortune-telling

He fiddled with the tea leaves again, and after staring at it for a few seconds, he said, “I figured it out again. In five minutes, a woman will scream outside the office.”

“Scream loudly?” Lin Jiali looked at Su Yang suspiciously.

Pan Zhaodi, who had witnessed everything from the side, also stopped being nosy and looked curiously at the office area outside.

Obviously, both of them were suspicious of Su Yang’s fortune.

Su Yang wiped his hands with a wet towel and stood up from his chair. Then, he opened the office door and said, “You guys don’t believe me, right? Just listen to it later.”

Lin Jiali was not stupid. She walked to the door and looked outside. She looked at Su Yang. “Did you get a vision of the person who screamed?”

Su Yang shrugged. “How can it be so accurate?”

Lin Jiali thought he was a liar

Su Yang gritted his teeth. This joker! Does she think I’m a sick cat if I don’t show my might?’

He casually pointed at a girl. “Her.”

Lin Jiali followed Su Yang’s finger and saw an ordinary-looking female employee.

Lin Jiali was confused. “Why her?”

Su Yang looked at her like she was an idiot. “How would I know? I foresaw it.”

“Oh…” Lin Jiali nodded sceptically.

Then she sneaked up to the worker and stole glances at her to see why she was screaming. Mrs. Zhao also came to the office door, and her eyes were focused there.

Su Yang, on the other hand, stood by the side with confidence and watched nonchalantly.

Time ticked by. Five minutes later, the female employee screamed, “Ah!” She stood up and shouted,” Mouse! Mouse!”

Lin Jiali rushed over. “Where is the rat?”

The other workers in the work area were also excited. They stood up to look for the rat.

But after searching for a long time, they found nothing…

The work area had always been empty, and the bottom was always empty. If there were rats, they could be seen at a glance. The female employee hid behind Lin Jiali and looked at her feet in fear.

Lin Jiali asked softly, “Did you really see a mouse just now?”

The female employee shook her head.

Lin Jiali was puzzled.

She asked, “Then why did you say there were rats?”

The female employee said, “Just now, I suddenly felt something alive under my feet. It quickly rubbed against my feet. That thing was still warm and scary. It must be a rat.”

Lin Jiali was speechless.

‘Something warm? Something alive?

‘Was it really a rat?

‘But everyone had searched together earlier, so there were definitely no mice… ‘However, regardless of whether it was a rat or not, Su Yang’s prediction had succeeded.’

Lin Jiali comforted the female employee and returned to her office.

Su Yang and Pan Zhaodi were chatting at the door.

Pan Zhaodi witnessed everything that had happened earlier. Even with her sharp eyes, she did not notice anything unusual. She even suspected that the female employee had been mistaken.

Hence, she could not hide her curiosity and asked Su Yang, “Director Su, how did you do


Su Yang looked at the office area and smiled. “Just like that.”

Pan Zhaodi stopped asking…

When they returned to the office, Lin Jiali grabbed Su Yang’s hand and pulled him into the room. Before Pan Zhaodi could react, she slammed the door shut and pushed Su Yang to the door before kissing him.

Su Yang’s eyes widened as he looked at Lin Jiali’s blus.h.i.+ng face. Her long eyelashes were trembling and her makeup was exquisite. Feeling the sweet taste of her mouth, Su Yang opened his mouth…

Sensing that she was being invaded, Lin Jiali opened her eyes and pushed Su Yang away. She covered her mouth and looked at Su Yang in disbelief. “What are you doing?”

Su Yang did not know what had happened to her just now. Other men would want to do something at this time.

He coughed twice to cover it up. “I’m used to it, I’m used to it.”

Su Yang wanted to give himself a tight slap as soon as he said that. ‘What do you mean by ‘used to it’? What is this? How am I used to it? I just couldn’t help myself!’

Lin Jiali was also embarra.s.sed. The atmosphere between the two became much colder.

After a while, the color on Lin Jiali’s face faded. She looked at Su Yang. “One more time.”

Su Yang looked at her mouth. “Huh?”

Lin Jiali immediately covered her mouth and glared at Su Yang. “I’m saying! Count it again! I’ve already given you ‘compensation’!” Lin Jiali was a little anxious when she said the last sentence. It sounded like she was pouting coquettishly. Su Yang’s heart skipped a beat.

Su Yang nodded and opened the door. Then, he said, “Okay, I’ll do it again.”

Then, he returned to his desk and started to fiddle with the tea leaves on the paper.

When Lin Jiali saw Su Yang’s actions, she suddenly had an idea and said, “Just now, you said that you can do whatever you want. This time, I’ll choose what you should prophesize.”

How could Su Yang know how to read fortunes? He was just lying. Hence, he wanted to reject it.

However, he heard Lin Jiali say, “I won’t make things difficult for you. If you can foretell when this phone will ring, I’ll believe you completely.”

Lin Jiali was pointing to a series of telephones on her desk. The phones were dedicated to the General Manager of New Arts Culture. Normally, the phones would only ring if an external number was added or an administrative transfer was made.

Therefore, not many people knew its number, and it would not normally ring.

However, Su Yang’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth. He looked at Lin Jiali and asked, “Are you sure?” Lin Jiali nodded seriously. “Yes!”

Su Yang continued asking, “Last time?”

Lin Jiali nodded. “Yes! One last time!”

Su Yang was relieved. He was really afraid that the fortune-telling would never end. He liked to tease Lin Jiali, but he did not want to continue like this.

Therefore, he said, “Alright, I’ll count it as five minutes later.”

Lin Jiali’s voice was filled with disbelief. “Another five minutes?! Do you only have five minutes in your life?”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why did it feel like a personal attack?’

Su Yang replied, “I still have two hours left in my life.”

Obviously, Lin Jiali did not understand what Su Yang was talking about. She was confused.

Su Yang coughed and explained, “I often run for two hours.”

Lin Jiali was speechless.

“Who asked you to run in the morning? I’m asking you to predict when this phone will ring! Are you sure this internal phone will ring within five minutes?”

Su Yang nodded. “Yes!”

Lin Jiali was speechless.

At the same time, Pan Zhaodi pushed the door open and walked in. She overheard their conversation.

She glanced at the desk phone.

‘The general manager’s phone will ring in five minutes?’ It felt impossible… However, Su Yang had predicted the subsequent events correctly, twice. Pan Zhaodi had no choice but to believe that Su Yang was really capable…

‘Could this phone really ring within five minutes?’

Pan Zhaodi was filled with curiosity Lin Jiali knew more about the call. As New Arts Culture did not have much business, and Chu Hong knew how to handle most things, Tan Mei was relatively free.

This was why the phone in her office would not ring for days.

Therefore, the phone that would not ring once every few days would ring within five minutes?

Lin Jiali really didn’t believe that things would be so coincidental!

Su Yang sat back on his chair calmly. To avoid arousing suspicion, he told Lin Jiali, “You can pick up this call yourself.” “Five minutes. It must ring within five minutes.”

Lin Jiali looked at him sceptically. She picked up the chair that Luo Yi had thrown, went to the telephone, set it down, and sat down. Then, she looked at the telephone and waited patiently.

A minute pa.s.sed, but the phone did not ring. Two minutes pa.s.sed, but the phone still did not ring.

Three minutes, four minutes…

As time pa.s.sed, Lin Jiali looked at Su Yang suspiciously. She felt that… Su Yang might fail this time.

But that was normal.

In her eyes, fortune-telling did not exist in this world.

She guessed that Su Yang must have arranged some traps and spies in advance for his two successive fortune-telling sessions. That was why he was able to predict what would happen.

However, he was smart! He had given him the ‘proposition’, but he did not have the time to arrange it, so it failed.

Lin Jiali felt that this made sense.

Just as she was thinking, five minutes pa.s.sed…


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