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I’ll Add Points To All Things is a web novel made by Eternal Era.
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Chapter 491: Fusing Special Items, Birth of Ability Combo

After returning to his room, Su Yang left a door for the Little Monster Beans. After instructing Little Deeny to bring them into the virtual s.p.a.ce, he entered the virtual s.p.a.ce himself and continued to study the system.

Sure enough, when he opened the system’s main interface, he found a new function labeled with the glimmering word, [NEW] on the list.

Su Yang clicked his tongue in wonder. ‘This system interface is really becoming more and more like a locally-produced game with paywalls. The last time the system became +2, it was not as exaggerated as this.’

Su Yang clicked into [Fusion And Decomposition] and checked the description of the function. ‘It’s… More or less what I imagined.

[Fusion: Fusing 2 items together so that their abilities would be superimposed to give birth to a new ability. If both abilities are similar, it’s very likely for it to give birth to an Ability Combo…]

‘[Ability Combo]? I’ve never heard of this before.

‘Could it be something similar to [Skill Combo]?

‘But… How would they form a combo?

‘Could I be using the [Booth Of Exchanging Secrets] while cooking with the [Gra.s.s-Eating Iron Pot]?’

Su Yang shook his head to get rid of those weird thoughts and continued reading [Decomposition].

‘The [Decomposition] function is more complicated because it has 2 functions.

‘The first function is to break down the abilities of special items or monsters, then decompose them to the [Random Points].

‘The second function is to disa.s.semble items with multiple special abilities into 2 special items, or 1 special item and 1 [Ability Core].

‘[Ability Core] is a core that contains special abilities. It can be fused with any item to produce new special items.

‘Hmm… This looks like I’m conducting experiments…’

After reading the introduction of the functions, Su Yang went to look for information related to the [Platinum Point], but… To no avail.

‘Looks like I’ll have to trigger it to find out.’

However, after studying all the changes in the system, Su Yang had a rough understanding of the situation for the System +3.

He felt that there had been a huge change. The interface of the system had become prettier, and its functions had become more practical. Furthermore, there were new functions added.

Su Yang could not help but want to try out those new functions.

He took out his 33 special items one by one. [Lucky Disfiguring Brick], [Ace 2B Pencil], [Lethe’s Porcelain Bowl (False)], [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie], [Unorthodox Soap], [Sealing Lipstick], and so on.

Other than [Master Sommelier Water Tap] which was being used by Pool, Su Yang had found everything else.

There were a few special items that Su Yang had not used ever since he added points, the [Sealing Lipstick] for example. There were also some items that Su Yang had never used after using it once, such as the [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie].

‘It seems like the [Fusion And Decomposition] function does have its uses after all! At least I’ll be able use some special items that I don’t use often!

‘So, Which should I use first?’

Su Yang looked at the 33 special items on the floor and hesitated.

After a while, his eyes lit up. ‘Let’s start with [Lethe’s Porcelain Bowl].

‘This item can make people forget their memories for half an hour, but I already have the [Memory Labyrinth’s Hourgla.s.s ] and the [Memory Master] which came along with it after it achieved +3, so this special item has turned dispensable.

‘Therefore, I wouldn’t feel anything if I used this item as a fusion material!

‘Now, what do I fuse it with…’ Su Yang thought about it and felt that all the other items were useful. However, some items were rather complex, such as… [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie].

‘I still have 6 cookies left. Although it has a special effect, keeping 5 of them as a spare would be enough. With that said, I could very well use this to try and fuse them together.’

With that thought, Su Yang turned on the [Fusion] system.

After the [Fusion] system was turned on, a virtual interface appeared before him. On the interface were three compartments in a straight line. In the middle of the first and second compartments was the [+] symbol and a [=] symbol In the middle of the second and third compartments.

Combined together, it would be B = C, simple and direct.

Su Yang placed the [Lethe’s Porcelain Bowl] into the first slot and then placed a [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie] into the second slot. Then, he clicked [Start].

A notification popped up in front of him.

[Are you sure you want to fuse these two items? Once the item is fused, it is irreversible. According to the quality of the items, there is a chance for it to fail. The success rate of fusing these 2 items is 95%.]

‘There’s actually a chance for it to fail. However, 95% is more or less close to success.’ At that thought, Su Yang clicked [Confirm] without any concern.

Instantly, another option popped up in front of him. [Are you sure you want to pay 300 coins for the fusion?]

‘You still want money for it?!

‘What a stingy system!

‘However, I can’t possibly back out now, not when I’m already at this stage.

‘After all, I still need to experiment with it regardless of whether it succeeds or not!’

With that thought, he clicked [Confirm] again.

After Su Yang confirmed his choice, the system before him flashed and the fusion was completed.

3 notifications popped up in front of Su Yang.

[Fusion Complete]

[Received a new random item]

[Tea Bowl +2: Obtained fusion ability.]

‘What? It went from +1 to+2!’

Su Yang was stunned for a moment. However, he thought about it and felt that it was understandable. ‘After all, it’s a combination of 2 +1 items.

‘In that case, if I fused 2 +2 items, would it become a +4 item?’

Su Yang was shocked by his own thoughts. ‘In that case, would I be able to bypa.s.s the system’s restrictions?’

As he was daydreaming, Su Yang looked at the item that appeared on the third panel. He examined the item carefully and realized that the small bowl was no different from [Lethe’s Porcelain Bowl], they both looked like a small bowl for soup.

The only difference was… This bowl actually had a bunch of patterns with [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookies] on it.

‘This… Looks so childis.h.!.+ This looks like something children of Tang Xiaomi’s age would like…

‘However, regardless of whether its appearance is childish or not, let’s have a look at its abilities first.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang clicked on the ability of the [Tea Bowl].

[A small bowl specially used for calcium milk cookies]

Ability: After pouring milk into this bowl, it will have a mysterious effect that can affect one’s memory.

If you drink the milk directly, you will have an enhanced ability of learning for 1 minute.

If you dip a calcium biscuit in it, you will receive 2 minutes of enhanced memory and learning capabilities.

If you dip it in [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie] and eat it, the effects of [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie] will double.

Restriction: This bowl can only be used 3 times a day.

Note: You definitely need to dip a calcium milk cookie in milk for breakfast.

Su Yang was speechless for a long time after reading the new ability.

‘What the h*ck is this!

‘Why does it feel like it’s turned from a useless ability into an even more useless ability!

‘It’s so disgusting! Its effects only last for 1 to 2 minutes!

‘Even [Lethe’s Porcelain Bowl] could be used infinitely!

‘However, it isn’t to the extent that it doesn’t have any advantages. Although I sacrificed a piece of memory biscuit, it seems that because of this special item, the effects of the memory biscuit can be doubled. When I think about it like this, I seem to have gained something.

‘Hang on?’

Su Yang was stunned. ‘Could this be an [Ability Combo]?’

He had just read the system’s instructions that the abilities between special items could not be superimposed. But now, it seemed that the abilities of [Memory Master’s Special Wasabi Cookie] and [Special Small Bowl For Calcium Milk Cookies] were superimposed.

‘This is different from the basic rules of the system.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang clicked on the help system and used it to confirm the capability of the [Special Small Bowl For Calcium Milk Cookies]. ‘As expected, it does say [Ability Combo].

‘So it really is so.

‘Even though these 2 special items aren’t very powerful and their abilities aren’t superimposed, I now have an insight of the future of [Ability Combo]!’

Su Yang had a lot more expectations for the [Fusion And Decomposition] all of a sudden!

Su Yang looked at the time and realized that it was already 9pm. Tang Jing should be back by that time. Hence, Su Yang packed all the special items and left the virtual s.p.a.ce.

When he arrived downstairs, Tang Jing had indeed returned. She sat on the sofa in the living room while Tang Xiaomi comforted her softly.

‘Huh? What’s going on?’

As Su Yang walked down the stairs, he asked curiously, “Sister Tang, what happened to you?”

When she heard Su Yang’s voice, Tang Jing turned to look at him with an awkward expression on her face. She quickly said, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I just ran into something unpleasant.”

“Oh?” Su Yang asked curiously. “What’s gotten you so angry?”

In Su Yang’s heart, Tang Jing had always been the epitome of gentleness. She exuded the strong motherly aura of a mature woman, making people feel that perhaps a young mother should be like this.

Furthermore, ever since he got to know Tang Jing, no matter how many things he encountered or how Tang Xiaomi angered Tang Jing, Su Yang had never seen her angry. At most, she would be silently sad.

In Su Yang’s heart, she was the epitome of gentleness. Hence, Su Yang felt that something that could make her so angry must have been something very serious.

Tang Jing hesitated for a moment. She opened her mouth several times to try and say something, but she ended up holding herself back. In the end, she forced a helpless smile. “I’m really fine. Don’t worry, Xiaoyang.”

However, just because she did not say it did not mean that Tang Xiaomi didn’t.

When she saw her mother keeping everything to herself, Tang Xiaomi said to Su Yang angrily, “Mommy said that she was bullied by that bad woman again!”

“Bad woman?” Su Yang was not stupid. He knew who it was immediately. He looked at Tang Jing. “Your stepmother?”

Tang Jing nodded weakly.

Su Yang walked over and sat down. “What’s wrong?”

Tang Jing lowered her head and said, “Recently, I’ve been driving your car to and from work. I don’t know how she found out. She waited for me to get off work today and purposely blocked me in the parking lot. She said some nasty things, so I felt a little uncomfortable.”

Without waiting for Su Yang to ask, Tang Jing said, “Actually, what she said wasn’t wrong, but it was very unpleasant. She said that I only know how to rely on men. If I don’t rely on my father, I’ll rely on other men. With my 8 to 9,000 yuan monthly salary, I’m more tired than anyone else. Will I really be unable to survive if I don’t rely on a man? She said that my father is such an outstanding man, but how did he give birth to a daughter like me? She said that I ruined my family’s reputation…”

When she said this, Tang Jing was a little angry. “I can’t really support myself, and I do rely on you, but! Isn’t she also relying on my father? What’s so great about her?! That b*tch!”

Tang Jing realized that she had misspoken and quickly shut her mouth. She stole a glance at Su Yang and heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that he did not mind. She did not want to ruin her image in Su Yang’s heart.

Su Yang activated the upgraded [s.p.a.ce Traversing Eyes], so he could clearly see Tang Jing’s emotions, which was grief and anger!

‘She’s being insulted by her stepmother for not being independent?

‘Why does that feel like… It doesn’t seem like the usual script of being a stepmother.

‘Why does this sound like she’s her real mother who is really disappointed that her daughter isn’t successful?

‘However, no matter what, I’m definitely on Tang Jing’s side. Since she was bullied, I’ve got to support her.’

At that thought, Su Yang said, “Is she just complaining that you can’t earn money? In that case… Why don’t you earn some money and show it to her?”


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