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Read Illicit Relationship 365 Don’t Repeat The Same Mistake And Take Good Care Of Your Mother

Illicit Relationship is a web novel completed by Shooting_Star.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Illicit Relationship 365 Don’t Repeat The Same Mistake And Take Good Care Of Your Mother

Somewhere at home.

A beautiful lady was sitting on the chair with tears falling down her cheeks. In front of her was an old lady lying on the bed. The old lady was closing her eyes as if she was sleeping. Those people were Su Ruyan and her mother.

As Su Ruyan looked at her mother, she wiped off the tears with her sleeve. “Mother, I’m sorry. I can’t bring you to the hospital.”

Not long ago, her father pa.s.sed away, and since then her mother began to sick. Her mother began to rarely eat and only looked at the sky.

And because of this, her body became weak and she started to get sick. Su Ruyan had taken her mother to the hospital but her mother was still often ill.

Because of that, she no longer had money to take her mother to the hospital. Her mother was her only family so she didn’t want to lose her mother.

She tried to borrow money from others but none of them wanted to lend their money because they were sure Su Ruyan would not be able to return the money later.

“Mother…” a sorrowful voice escaped from Su Ruyan’s mouth.

She had no idea what she should do to take her mother to the hospital. She knew that if she didn’t bring her mother to the hospital, she could lose her mother forever and she didn’t want that.

She didn’t want to be alone. Her father had pa.s.sed away, so her mother was the only person she could call family.

‘I’m still virgin…I know how to get money quickly.’

Because there was no other choice, Su Ruyan had no choice but to offer her virginity to rich people. With that, she was sure that she could get money to bring her mother to the hospital.

Actually, she saved her virginity for her first night with her future husband. However, because she really needed money for her mother, she had to forget her wish.

*Weeu Weeeu..

When Su Ruyan was looking at her mother, she heard the sound of ambulance sirens. This made Su Ruyan rise to her feet and walk toward the guest room because from the sound, the ambulance was heading toward her house.

And what she had guessed was right when she saw an ambulance stop in front of her house. Su Ruyan immediately opened the door.


Su Ruyan was surprised when she saw a doctor coming out of an ambulance. Usually, there were only paramedics in an ambulance. That was why Su Ruyan was surprised.

However, what surprised her most was the ambulance stopped in front of her house. She remembered that she didn’t call the ambulance.

When Su Ruyan was thinking why did the ambulance stop in front of her house, the doctor said, “Is this Miss Su Ruyan’s house.”

Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Su Ruyan came to her senses and immediately replied, “Yes. I’m Su Ruyan. Doctor, why did an ambulance stop in front of my house? I didn’t call an ambulance.”

“Someone asked us to come to your house. That person said there is someone who is sick and needs treatment.” The doctor replied immediately. “Where is that person?”


Su Ruyan wanted to know who sent the ambulance to her.

Because Su Ruyan still hadn’t answered him, the doctor thought she had to pay the medical expenses later. “Miss, you don’t need to worry. That person had paid for medical expenses.”

With this, the doctor hoped Su Ruyan would tell him quickly where the patient was because they wanted to treat the patient quickly.

“That person is my mother. Follow me.” Su Ruyan brought the doctor to her mother’s room.

After the doctor checked the condition of Su Ruyan’s mother, he immediately said, “We have to bring your mother to the hospital. We can’t treat her with limited medical equipment.”

“All right.” Su Ruyan nodded her head.

Then the paramedics put Su Ruyan’s mother into an ambulance.

As they were on the way to the hospital, Su Ruyan looked at the doctor and said, “Doctor, can you tell me who is the person who helped me?”

“That person didn’t say his name but he has a message to you.” the doctor had no idea why that person didn’t want to tell them his ident.i.ty. However, because that person had paid for the medical expenses, they didn’t care.

“What is it?” Su Ruyan inquired

“Don’t repeat the same mistake and take good care of your mother. Don’t let your mother be disappointed with you.” Actually, the doctor was curious about it. However, he didn’t ask it because it was none of his business.

‘Young boss’

Even though Xiao Tian didn’t tell the doctor his ident.i.ty, Su Ruyan knew the person who helped her was none other than Xiao Tian.

She suddenly regretted her actions very much. She had betrayed him and he still helped her. She didn’t expect the person, who she thought was cruel, was the person who helped her.

Sudden memories of her talking to Xiao Tian emerged in her head. Xiao Tian had never treated his employees badly; instead, he always treated them nicely.

She really regretted it. She regretted betraying Xiao Tian when he was having many big problems. If she could turn back time, she would not betray him.

‘Thank you, young boss.’

Suddenly tears fell down her soft cheeks. With this, she made up her mind to meet Xiao Tian and apologize to him tomorrow.

“What is wrong?” the doctor was dumbfounded when he saw tears falling down her cheeks. That was why he immediately asked her about it.

“Hmmm. Nothing.” Su Ruyan wiped off the tears with her sleeve.

Because Su Ruyan didn’t want to tell him, the doctor didn’t ask about it anymore.

Su Ruyan’s smartphone suddenly rang. When she saw the person who called her, she immediately said, “Miss Lan Ruoxi, what is wrong?”

After Lan Ruoxi sent her to the hospital a few days ago, they exchanged phone numbers. That was why Lan Ruoxi knew her phone number.

“Where are you right now?” Lan Ruoxi asked. “I’m on my way to your house. Let’s take your mother to the hospital.”

Because Lan Ruoxi went out of town, she didn’t have time to bring Su Ruyan’s mother to the hospital. That was why she immediately called Su Ruyan after she returned to Shanghai.

“I’m on the way to the hospital.” Su Ruyan didn’t expect that Lan Ruoxi wanted to help her too.

Lan Ruoxi was already like an angel to her. Lan Ruoxi had helped her when she needed help the most. Not only that, but Lan Ruoxi was also Xiao Tian’s friend.

Su Ruyan didn’t know that she was blind at this time. Everyone around her was nice, but she hurt them instead.

“Oh!” Lan Ruoxi was surprised after hearing Su Ruyan’s words. she knew Su Ruyan had no money to bring her mother to the hospital, but because it was not the right time to ask her, she didn’t ask about it. “Send me the location later.”

“All right.” Su Ruyan answered instantly.

After the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Su Ruyan immediately sent the hospital location to Lan Ruoxi so that Lan Ruoxi could come to visit her mother.

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