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I’m Actually A Cultivation Bigshot is a web novel created by Kinoshita Nakui, Rugao Under The Bridge, 木下雉水.
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Chapter 214: Cruel Flames

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


More golden flames started to pour out. It seemed that they had heard Payne’s pleas.

It was powerful enough to burn everything in sight!

Payne stared at the painting scroll that was still slowly being unscrolled. His eyes were wide and his jaw dropped. He was too shocked to speak.

He saw the Golden Crow in the painting…move!

The Golden Crow…was alive?!

His skin was starting to char, but he felt a piercing cold instead. His skin crawled and he almost screamed.

He almost fainted from fear.

The Golden Crow!

That was the ancient Golden Crow!

Did someone paint it alive?

How powerful was the expert to be able to achieve that?



The flames started to spread to the main hall!

The terrifying heat even changed the color of the sky as the golden flames started to devour the entire back hall. The scene was too shocking. The disciples of the Azure Ville Sect were stunned.

Instantly, countless disciples sprinted over.

They tried to rush into the back hall while the people in the back hall were trying to escape.

Some kind-hearted disciples warned loudly, “Don’t go in there, something bad’s happening there!”

“Senior, what’s going on inside?” asked some disciples. They were careful, curious, and afraid.

A senior said fearfully, “Not sure what’s going on but the back hall suddenly burst with golden flames. The Sect Master and the three elders brought the defense spell to its max, but it still couldn’t suppress flames. It’s terrifyingly hot in there, almost as if the fire can annihilate anything. If it explodes, I think the entire Azure Ville Sect will be gone. Hurry up and run for your life!”

Everyone said in disbelief, “The Sect Master and the three elders couldn’t handle it?”

“They couldn’t!” The senior shook his head continuously. “I tried to go near it and my clothes were burned off instantly! If I get any closer, I’m afraid I’ll fade into thin air. So scary!”

Everyone then realized that the senior was running for his life with only a thin bed sheet on.

It was not just him. Other disciples that ran out from the back hall were covered in all sorts of things. Some of them had covered their private parts with cloud spells—very imaginative.

Suddenly, a frantic conversation could be heard coming from the back hall. It pulled on their heartstrings.

“Sisters, don’t go in there. It’s dangerous!”

“I’m a cultivator, I can go anywhere I want. Stop running, everyone! Hurry up and cast the rain spell. Let’s put out this fire.”

“No, don’t, sister…”

Then, they heard a canary-like squeal. “Ah— Our clothes—”

The Azure Ville Sect went temporarily quiet. Then, they were all hyped.

A disciple said with a straight face, “Senior, I’m grateful for the sect and I’m willing to risk my life to save it. Farewell!”

Then, he flew in.

Countless disciples flew to the back hall with him.

“The sisters are right. We can go anywhere as cultivators. I’m willing to fight alongside the sisters!”

“Slow down, everyone! Bring me with you, too!”

The senior rushed over with his bedsheet on. He said in a pious voice, “Fine, it’s a dangerous place, but how can I watch as my juniors risk their lives? I should be the one leading them!”

Suddenly, they heard a yell coming from the back hall. “Everybody, step back!”

The entire Azure Ville Sect was s.h.i.+ning bright, especially the spell patterns coming from the back hall.

Along with a rumble, the back hall slowly levitated under everyone’s shocked gazes.

Then, the back hall took off at high speed. It looked like a giant comet from afar.

Everyone looked at the faraway fireball, dazed. “Each day you learn something new. So, the back hall seems to be able to fly.”

At the back hall.

Payne and the others were pale. Thankfully, the fire was not strong in its attacks.

However, it was menacingly hot. They would have been dead by now if it was not for their defense spell.

Even so, their bodies were quickly dehydrating. If it went on, they would be the first Immortals to die from dehydration.

The Big Elder said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Sect Master, it’s not good. From the looks of our situation, the flying spell won’t last for long!”

The Second Elder was in despair as he said in a low voice, “Desperate times calls for desperate measures. It looks like we have no choice but to look for our Sect Master’s ex!”

Payne felt like he was slapped in the face. He opposed it, “No!”

The painting scroll was out of his reach. He could only watch as the fountain of fire gushed continuously. He was s.h.i.+vering in the corner with Gu Yuan.

At the Heavenly Water Sect.

The Sect Master was a beautiful woman. She was in a meeting with some elders.

Suddenly, their eyelids twitched as they sensed something bad.

They looked up and saw a giant meteor approaching their sect.

They all rushed out to look at it closely.

Someone recognized it and said in shock, “Isn’t… Isn’t that the…back hall of the Azure Ville Sect?”

“The Azure Ville Sect’s so violent. They’re moving their entire back hall? They won’t stop until they die!”

One of the elders said, “Sect Master, didn’t you two just break up? What did you do to agitate him so much?”

The beautiful woman frowned. “He was drunk and tried to feel me up, but I slapped him.”

“That’s it?”

The elder was shocked. He said worriedly, “The back hall’s powerful. I can feel how hot it is from afar. I can’t believe the Azure Ville Sect has such hidden tricks up their sleeves.”

Somebody a.n.a.lyzed and said, “Maybe they invented a new spell and are trying to warn us!”

The beautiful woman asked, “Did anyone talk to them?”

Suddenly, a disciple with only a bedsheet on rushed over. He said, “The flames are awfully scary! Our clothes were instantly burned off as soon as we went near them. We can’t seem to go closer!”


Everyone gasped.

“Such cruel flames exist in this realm!” An elder looked at her own clothes with a serious facial expression.

Everyone agreed. “If the flames were to fall upon our sect, the consequences will be dire!”

“I can’t believe Payne secretly created such flames. That’s so evil. Was he planning on using it on the Sect Master?”

“That shameless old man!” The beautiful woman was flushed from anger. Immediately, she ordered, “Go find that old man Payne and demand an explanation! Also, tell the female disciples to keep their distance!”

Meanwhile, at the far East of the Immortal Realm, in the mountainside with the forest full of large trees that even Immortals would not simply tread into.

There was a giant Plane Tree residing in the woods. It was high up in the sky, extremely majestic. It also had an aristocratic halo.

A lady in a red dress stood barefoot on the top of the Plane Tree. Both her eyes and hair were a fiery red.

Her red dress flowed with her red hair in the wind. From afar, she looked like glamorous red flames.

She had the most beautiful features. As she looked toward the direction of the Heavenly Water Sect, she frowned. Then, she moved her small white feet and seemingly became a ball of fire, slas.h.i.+ng through the sky!


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