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Read I’m Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 333 – Better Than Newlyweds

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Chapter 333: Better Than Newlyweds

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The crowd followed the pillar and crossed the river at the quickest speed.

It did not take long before they arrived back on the ground.

Fire Phoenix retrieved the wings on her back, “It seems that the two could only stay in the Heavenly Temple, they did not come out.”

Xiao Chengfeng could not help smiling, “Daluo Golden Immortals can be held back? What a joke!”

Meanwhile, two rays of light gradually landed from the sky. They fell in front of Daji and Fire Phoenix.

Those were the two amulets.

Daji raised her hand to receive the amulet.


A crack appeared on the amulet, it was broken.

Her beautiful eyes showed a hint of shock. She caressed the crack and her eyes were filled with pain.

This was a gift handmade to her by her master, she even touched it cautiously. Now that it was cracked, her heart was bleeding.

There was a layer of mist in her eyes, her delicate hand held on the amulet, as she exuded an air of frost.

Linzhu shrunk her neck, she said in a low voice, “Miss Daji, calm down!”

Daji looked at the sky, she sighed, “I just feel sorry for my master.”

Ye Liuyun smiled, “Now that the Heavenly Temple is open, Mr. Li must be very pleased.”

“Exactly,” Urchin nodded, he said with terror, “It’s just that we didn’t expect the Heavenly Temple to be guarded by the Daluo Golden Immortals. This is too terrifying.”

Those were the Daluo Golden Immortals, they lived beyond death. Even in the past, there were only a few Daluo Golden Immortals guarding the Heavenly Temple.

Xiao Chengfeng could not help saying, “They sealed the Heavenly Temple for the Absolute Era. Is there an aim to make sure there’s no G.o.d?”

“This is a difficult matter.” Ziye frowned deeply, she sighed, “What’s the goal of achieving an Absolute Era? To make the cultivating realm go downhill? Who benefits from this?”

The more they tried to understand, the more they realized how intimidating the opponent was.

Originally, everyone thought the last catastrophe was a predetermined disaster. However, after what happened, they suddenly had a feeling that there was a very scary power controlling and causing the catastrophe.

This was so terrifying.

After all, the destruction of the previous catastrophe was too powerful. The number of G.o.ds killed were too many, the entire world was affected!

“A plot…a chess plot!”

Urchin shook his head, “This is the actual play of the world like a chess board. Luckily I have the expert supporting me as I fight, if not, I won’t even know how I died.”

Ye Liuyun could not help nodding, “Yes, if it wasn’t for the expert, we would never have touched on this chess board. We’ll have to see what experts do next, we must act the best chess pieces!”

Daji caressed the little fox in his chest, she said, “I should go home.”

The crowd said instantly, “Miss Daji, Miss Fire Phoenix, goodbye.”


Ordinary realm.

A golden cloud was floating nonchalantly in the sky. On top of the cloud, two children were sitting cross legged, playing the Gaming Console prepared by Li Nianfan.

Li Nianfan stood on the cloud, looking down the sight of the Immortal Realm from above.

Meanwhile, he flinched as he changed the direction of the cloud and went in another direction.

If he was riding on someone else’s cloud, it would not have been as convenient. However, now that he had his own cloud, he could go anywhere as he pleased, and stopped anywhere as he pleased. How great!

He landed on a tall mountain. There was a ma.s.sive hole on the mountain like a chimney, there was a heated smoke coming out. There were many burnt black stones around the hope. This mountain was different from the rest.

This land was desolated with no living plants.

“So, there’s a volcano in the Immortal Realm. That’s normal.”

Li Nianfan smiled, he stood by the hole and looked down.

Inside, there was a layer of red magma flowing slowly. There were some bubbles from time to time, giving out smoke and steam.

“This volcano should be calm in the short term and would not erupt.” Li Nianfan observed and stated.

Even though it was calm for now, standing by the entrance of the volcano was still very dangerous. Since there was powder by the entrance, it was slippery. One could accidentally trip into the entrance and lose his precious life.

However, this danger was nothing to Li Nianfan.

Li Nianfan walked around the entrance of the volcano, he observed from the above.

Nanan asked curiously, “Brother Nianfan, what are you looking for?”

Li Nianfan smiled, “Sulfur. I suddenly thought of something interesting, if I make it, you all will like it very much.”

Nanan and Dragin were perplexed, “Sulfur? What’s that?”

Li Nianfan was looking as he spoke, “You don’t have to know, you just have to know it’s a type of thing.”

Soon, his eyes lit up. He saw some yellow powder on the stones, there were even some faint yellow crystals.

Nanan went over curiously. Instantly, she frowned, “Argh, this thing is smelly.”

“Sulfur does indeed have some strange smell.” Li Nianfan nodded, “Alright, it’s about time. Let’s go back, you all will be impressed in no time.”

Li Nianfan drove the cloud, he continued his journey home with Nanan and Dragin.

As for sulfur, the familiar usage was either medicine or to make gunpowder.

Li Nianfan did not intend to make gunpowder in the Immortal Realm, he wanted to make some fireworks.


Making fireworks was not difficult for Li Nianfan, as long as he had enough materials, he could make it. As for the colors of the fireworks, they were either orange or green in color.

These materials were not hard to gather.

He wondered if Daji and Fire Phoenix were back. If he could finish making the fireworks before they come home, it would be a pleasant surprise.

Li Nianfan smiled, he came up with the ideas of making it in his mind.

In the afternoon, the familiar Fallen Immortal Mountain appeared in sight. Li Nianfan stood on the clouds, he saw his familiar four-part architecture from above.

With that, he landed on it.

Instantly, Xiao Bai walked over to welcome him, “My master, welcome home.”

Li Nianfan smiled, “Xiao Bai, long time no see. How’s home?”

“Everything is well at home, it’s the same familiar scent.” Xiao Bai said as it displayed the result, “My master, look, here are the eggs produced by the chicken recently. The number and quality are not bad.”

Li Nianfan looked over and nodded with satisfaction, “Wow, it’s not bad.”

The few firefinch by the corner instantly raised up their heads, “Cheep…”


“My master, have a look.” Xiao Bai came to another wooden bucket, “The milk in here is freshly squeezed recently. I’m using them to make yogurt.”

Li Nianfan laughed, “Can, can. Xiao Bai is really my Golden Butler!”

“Right, are Daji all back?”

Xiao Bai shook its head, “Not yet.”

“I see.” Li Nianfan nodded, he could not help feeling worried.

In the road of cultivation, dangers were everywhere. Although Daji was led by Fire Phoenix, Li Nianfan knew that this place was the world after the Journey to the West. In the mythology, the phoenix was not as powerful. How unsteady!

After all, he had an undefeatable golden touch, the one and only in the world.

“Whatever, not going to think about it anymore.”

Li Nianfan shook his head, he continued, “Nanan, Dragin, we have been out for long, it’s time to cultivate. I’m going to start making fireworks, don’t disturb me. Xiao Bai, fry a few dishes and some peanuts. Let’s have some wine for dinner.”

Originally, Li Nianfan still wanted to make some fireworks. However, he felt somehow lazy. He then decided to lay on the chair, shaking nonchalantly.

He might as well take a rest first.

After going on a trip, he realized that his home was the most comforting.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. Three days had gone by.

Today, Li Nianfan was sitting in the yard, sipping his tea. He was thoroughly relaxed.

Meanwhile, there was knocking coming from the door.

“Mr. Li, we’re back.”


The door was opened.

Xiao Bai opened the door. When Daji walked inside, she saw Li Nianfan standing by the door, he was looking at her with a smile.

Her eyes had a layer of mist, she was emotional. She half-jogged toward him and launched into his arms.

“Mr. Li, long time no see.”

Li Nianfan hugged on Daji, he snuggled his head in between her neck and hair, sniffing her scent. Instantly, he felt so refreshed and cooling. Other than her scent, her touch was even more ideal. As if it was softer than the little fox.


“Daji, long time no see.”

As they said, a little parting was better than the newly wed. This was the perfect scenario.


A slight scoff came from the side. Fire Phoenix coldly turned over, she walked away from the two of them and sat alone on the stone stool in the yard.

Li Nianfan looked at Daji from head to bottom, he smiled, “Daji has become prettier. What did you learn?”

“Mr. Li, look.” Daji raised her hand and opened her palm. With that, a crystal ice lotus gradually appeared. It was spinning on top of the palm, very beautiful.


Li Nianfan’s lips curled up. He also opened up his palm, “Daji, look at what is this.”

On top of his palm, a golden lotus gradually appeared. It was similar to Daji’s but in an eye-catching gold. It had golden light spinning on it, overwhelming the snow lotus of Daji’s.

“This, this is…”

Daji’s pupils dilated. She could not help covering her mouth with her hand. Her beautiful eyes widened. She was so adorable.

Fire Phoenix was stunned. She was originally sitting but now she stood up. She stared at the golden lotus in shock, her flaming lips could not help gasping.


This was her first time seeing Merit!

This was the Merits! Something that even the Saint would chase after. Once they were powerful enough, Merits was something not to be missed. One could even say that the Merits were the ultimate goal of the G.o.ds.

Daji asked blankly, “Mr. Li, you’re…you’re not an ordinary man anymore?”

“I’m still an ordinary man, but I’m an unusual ordinary man.” Li Nianfan smiled proudly, with a flick of his thought, countless Merit appeared and lit up the four-part architecture. They gathered into a Merit cloud and rose up in the air.

“How is it? Am I handsome?”

“Gulp.” Daji and Fire Phoenix gulped at the same time. Although they knew how powerful Li Nianfan was, suddenly seeing this sight was still very shocking.

Fire Phoenix could not help asking, “Mr. Li, what happened?”

“It’s a long story, but my golden finger…hmm, I’m lucky. It’s not bad.” Of course Li Nianfan could not say that he cultivated in order to catch up to Daji, he could only simply conclude, “After you all left, I went on a trip. I met some friends from the Underworld, I was going to cultivate in order self-defence, little did I expect to have cultivated this. I heard them say, this is Deluxe Merit Saint, it sounds impressive.”

Daji and Fire Phoenix exchanged a look.

They were good at extracting keywords from what Li Nianfan said.

Self-defence, to defend himself.

It seemed that the expert did not like to be attacked or targeted, so he gave himself a Deluxe Merit Saint t.i.tle to live in peace.

So powerful, so in the style of the expert.

As for how this Merit came, it was unimportant. The expert could easily make a gesture and the Merit would come voluntarily.

Daji narrowed her eyes, she praised sincerely, “Mr. Li, you’re…so powerful.”

“Yeah, and now I have my cloud.” Li Nianfan was in a great mood, he asked, “What about you two? How’s the trip?”

Daji pursed her lips, her eyes became duller.

Li Nianfan raised his eyebrows, “What is it?”

Daji took out the amulet, she said with guilt, “Mr. Li, I was unable to keep the amulet you made me safe.”

“I thought it was something more!” Li Nianfan let out a sigh, he looked at the broken amulet, “You accidentally broke it during a fight, yeah? It’s a small matter, I’ll make you a new one.”

“Thank you, Mr. Li.” Daji was still not quite pleased, she was full of guilt. She felt that the meaning of it would be different. After all, the first would always be different.

Li Nianfan said, “Alright, be happy. At night, I’ll show you a big treasure. I can guarantee that you will be happy!”

The master’s big treasure?


As expected, Daji was interested. She sniffed, “Mr. Li, what is it?”

Li Nianfan smiled mysteriously, “Secret.”

Time pa.s.sed like water, the slightly chilly autumn wind came with the night.

In the sky, the clear and arched moon hung on top, the surrounding stars were packed all over.

Li Nianfan took out the prepared fireworks and placed them on the empty ground in the yard.

The outside of the fireworks was a big wooden box. Li Nianfan did not make the effort to wrap it up, one could see one after another empty tubes facing the sky, it was a unique sight.

Nanan, Dragin, Daji, Fire Phoenix and even Blackie gathered around. In fact, even the firefinch and the Five-Color Sacred Cow heard about it, they were ready to witness the so-called big treasure.

In the pond of the backyard, the golden old dragon gradually came out to the surface of the water.

Li Nianfan met the curious eyes of the crowd. He said, “Daji, you’re about to witness the miracle!”

With that, he swung his hand, “Lighter, light on!”

The Dragon Fire Pearl that was put by the fire wire spat out a ring of fire.


The fire wire was burning, sparkling in the dark.

The spark was stretching into the box.


The sudden loud ring scared everyone. They saw a light source shooting up into the sky, it was getting higher.

Out of the blue, another “ping” exploded. As if the flower was blooming, it opened up into countless sparkles in the sky. The sparkles were huge, almost covering up the entire sky. It was as if many flowers were blooming in the sky. However, it only lasted for a second, the darkness returned swiftly.


Swiftly after, another explosion.

“Ping! Ping! Ping!”

The fireworks rushed up the sky, picking up the rhythm. They exploded in the sky one after another lightning up the night sky beautifully, completely covering up the stars and the moon.


No matter it was the ordinary men or the cultivators, even the demons all looked up at the sky. They stared at the exploding fireworks in the sky blankly, they were all shocked and in awe.

Heavenly Temple.

The two Heavenly Guard were guarding the Southern Sky Gate, their eyes cold and suspicious.

“Didn’t expect someone to be able to unseal the Heavenly Temple. It’s unexpected!”

“What a pity that we didn’t manage to keep them. We’ve been here for so long, how rare it is for us to have visitors. I thought we could play them for longer.”

“Guarding this place is so tiring!” One of them shook his head, he sighed, “Back then, the Heavenly Temple was so lively. Back then, I was still a small Heavenly Guard. Who’d have expected this.”

The other said, “There’s no other way. We’ve gained so much, of course we must pay the price. Being able to live forever is not bad.”

Meanwhile, they raised their eyebrows. In unison, they had a shocking feeling, their hair all over them stood up, as if something terrifying was about to happen.

They sensed something with the corner of their eyes. They could not help lowering their heads.


They were stunned.

They saw a bright light rus.h.i.+ng up to the sky, the source was from the ordinary realm. It somehow crossed the dimension and rushed right into them.

What was that?

As they were shocked, the light source came at an eerily rapid speed. It rushed into here and targeted one of their b.u.t.tocks.



Following a loud “ping”, it exploded!


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