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Chapter 52 – The Way Home

The following day, I took a stroll through town, but there wasn’t anything special in particular.

If I had to say, I bought some clothes.

Well, the pants were cheap you see. ……Although it’s for children ne!



As it continued on with nothing happening, the day we return to the Royal Capital had arrived1. No, it’s not like I wanted nothing to happen you know?

Just like the time we arrived here, we departed during the morning.

U~n, because I’ve heard that monsters and bandits have been increasing, I made sure to be careful.

I would be nice if nothing appears ne.



We proceeded along the highway while horse-san’s hooves resounded with a ‘kappora kappora‘ noise.

Just like the time we came, we stopped for several breaks during the journey.

The carriage suddenly stopped.

We just had a break earlier. Could something have happened?

That question was immediately answered by Bolt-san’s words.

「It’s monsters.」

It was my first time hearing Bolt-san’s voice. No, it’s not about that.


When I looked, they were considerably far away, but there was certainly something approaching.

There’s more than ten just from looking.

「What should we do?」

I tried asking the other members, but I’m sure there’s only one answer.

「Kill them, of course.」

Meriana-san answered.

Well, this is our purpose for being escorts ne.

The distant group saw us halt to a standstill, then came running while raising a weird voice.

「Afgar-san, please hide in the luggage compartment. The others will get off and exterminate them. Don’t let them approach the carriage.」

Mary-san calmly gave instructions.

Meriana-san prepared her bow in the coachman’s seat, the rest of us got off the carriage and went in the front.

When they approached, I discovered the monsters were short, around 150cm (still larger than me), a large head with dark skin and an ugly face, and long pointed ears. It’s a Goblin. The numbers are…… not even twenty.

Was it not good to believe monsters wouldn’t appear when we departed…?2

I stopped at a place slightly in front of the carriage, and met the approaching goblins.

With a ‘hyu‘ sound, the Goblin running as the vanguard was pierced with an arrow, and fell. It was Meriana-san.

When the Goblins had approached us, three of them had fallen.

Nevertheless, there were still over ten of them were remaining. So it’s a little over three for each person?3

Four of them had approached my direction.


I cut down the Goblin rushing forwards while it was raising a strange voice in a single blow, then slashed at the nearby Goblins.

The remaining three were immediately killed and fell down, I checked my surroundings so there weren’t any others, then checked on the other’s situation.

Mary-san…… is dealing with two of them, but there were also two defeated by her feet. It seems she’s fine ne.

It seems Sindhi-san is slightly having trouble with a Goblin that keeps moving but…

Ah, he defeated one. There’s two remaining.

I thought maybe I should help, but it seems dangerous to approach since he’s swinging around a large sword.

I put that on hold and checked on Bolt-san.

Bolt-san is also using a large sword, but maybe it’s because of his strength, he can quickly pull it back4. Two of them had already been defeated, there’s one remaining.

Which means it’s Sindhi-san’s area right?5

When I went to go help Sindhi-san, something was suddenly reflected in the corner of my vision.

When I turned my awareness to that direction, I saw three Goblins in the thickets beside the highway. They had bows prepared.

「Three of them with bows in the thickets at the front left!」

While I raised my voice to notify the other members, I ran to exterminate them.

Sending ki to my feet, I accelerated to attack in one stroke.


Killing one with the force from approaching, I then turned my body and swung my katana as I was at the remaining Goblins.

「The last!」

After killing the remaining one, fuu, I caught my breath.

When I looked back, it appeared the remaining Goblins had also been disposed of, after confirming each other’s safety, we cleaned up (since the carriage can’t pa.s.s if the corpses aren’t moved).

After clearing the corpses, we returned to the carriage and resumed our journey.

「It’s my first time seeing Sakura-chan fight but, it’s amazing ne~ Four of them were killed in a blink of an eye. Also, when you faced the ones holding the bows. That speed was a~mazing, but what was that? Sorcery?」

Oh no…. I seem to have attracted Meriana-san’s interest.

U~n, perhaps, she won’t be able to connected it even if I say qigong…

「It isn’t sorcery. Even though it resembles it. More or less, it’s taijutsu.」

「Is it? That sort of taijutsu, I’ve never heard of it though…. Ne, do you think I can also do it?」

「That’s… I don’t know. Even if you can use it, I think it’ll take a long time you know?」

Actually, I believe there are different degrees on how to use it.6

But I think that’ll take a considerable amount of time.



According to master, it’s said it’s necessary to first feel the energy (life force) in your own body. That can take several years to do if you’re fast, it seems some drop out at that step.

Since I was a mage in my previous life, I knew how it was done so I could feel it in a week…

And for the next step, that energy has to be sublimated into ki (refining ki).

The refined ki can then be used as you want once you become an adult, it seems.7

It’s said you just need to get accustomed to it afterwards. Ki can be refined faster as well if you get accustomed to it, the efficiency of converting ki from energy can also improve.

At the time I began as well, I would collapse after refining a little bit of ki.



In other words, it’ll take at least several years until Meriana-san reaches a point where she can use ki.

Since it’s not possible for me to teach her the entire way, let’s properly deceive her.

「Is thaat so? Even though I thought it’d interesting to use, it can’t be that easy huh.」

It seems I’ve successfully deceived her.




After that, we arrived at the Royal Capital without any incidents.

Afger-san immediately parted with us when we entered the town, after reporting the completion of the commission and about the monsters with Mary-san and the others, we separated at the guild.

It’s been a long time, my home. Well, it hasn’t actually been a long time.

Although I want to take it easy, delicious food won’t appear if I sleep.

However, I’m tired today…

I had forgotten, but isn’t there no decent ingredients in the first place!?

Since I’ve been away from my house for five days, there’s nothing fresh.

There are things like vegetables, bacon, and cheese that can be kept for a long time.

As far as bread goes, they’re leavening in the preservation magic tool so I could bake them…

Would Pasta and German Potatoes be okay?

Pasta is…… aー, there’s no milk either. As expected, do I have to go shopping?



It couldn’t be helped, I went to buy the minimum ingredients.

Milk and eggs and fruits, vegetables…… oh? They’ve increased before I realized.

Somehow, I think I’ve purchased some items I didn’t to plan to get, but first of all, dinner.

I decided the menu to be soup, Carbonara, and German Potatoes.

Once I decided, first is to make the consommé. Though it’s simple ne. While I stewed the chicken bones, I boiled the potatoes and… While I cooled the boiled potatoes, I baked the bread…

Aah, I have a feeling it’s going to take some effort after all.

While I was thinking that, I continued cooking.

Mix, fry, boil, fry, mix.

In the end, it took almost three hours to complete dinner. ……Huh?

Aah, since j.a.pan had things like consommé solids, I could easily make soup ne.8

What is this, I made a mistake choosing the menu ne, ahaha…… haa.

As usual, the Prince also came over during the time I was cooking.

How do I say it, I’d like to overcharge him on days like this right? No, I won’t do it though.

After this and that, at the usual dinner scenery.

While I told the Prince about the events of my journey, things like fighting the Orcs and Goblins, we finished dinner.

When I finished the story about the fight, the Prince told me not to do dangerous things but… How do you become an adventurer without doing dangerous things ne?



Although various things had happened, my first escort commission ended safely.



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