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Chapter 232: The Entrance to the World

The general put down the phone and said to Zeus with a pale face, “It’s Director Clayton. He said that the figure fighting on the sea is very likely to be Andrew!

“Andrew has already gone deep into the sea. The target is likely to be Skull Island. The U.S. government is requesting our support.”


At the New York Martial Arts Bureau, Clayton felt like he was about to have a heart attack.

He did not expect Andrew to cause trouble again in just a few days.

There was really not a single time that Clayton was able to relax.

The U.S. satellite also captured the scene of the battle at sea. Although it was blurry, Clayton recognized it at a glance. This person was definitely Andrew.

“Director, don’t worry. Every time Andrew does something, it’s shocking, but he must have a plan.”

“Plan?” Clayton smiled bitterly.

If Andrew had a plan, then the sun would rise from the west.

Andrew and plan, these two things could be said to be completely unrelated.

“There is a delay in the satellite reconnaissance. Now, Andrew should have found Skull Island.”

Clayton stood up from his chair. “Everyone, listen to my orders and plan ahead. Move out together and launch an attack on Skull Island. We must find Andrew.

“At the same time, contact all the countries, especially the G.o.ds of Mount Olympus. If they are willing to help, there should still be time!”


Just as they were worried, Andrew was exploring Skull Island.

“The density of energy on this island is actually higher than the Heavenly Pa.s.sage Realm of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect!”

However, when Andrew thought about it carefully, he found it reasonable.

Many years ago, a s.p.a.ce-time channel had appeared on Skull Island. The dense energy from the Divine Realm was continuously transmitted here.

However, the dense energy was limited to the area of this island.

This made Andrew a little curious. Why didn’t the energy spill out of the island?

After arriving at Skull Island, it was as if he had entered the legendary Jura.s.sic World.

The trees here were up to 100 meters tall. Even the vines on the sides were half a meter thick.

It looked like a prehistoric period.

Andrew took a few steps forward and found a ghastly white bone on the ground.

It actually more than a meter long. Andrew pieced it together and found that he could not recognize what kind of animal it was.

But some of it looked like dinosaurs that had been extinct for tens of millions of years.

“But the dinosaurs have already gone extinct. This should be a mutation of the lizards on the island after the spiritual essence was restored.”

In order to understand the environment here, Andrew flew a few hundred meters high and looked down.

Very quickly, he saw a Tyrannosaurus rex that was emitting the aura of a peak Marquis level chasing after its prey.

Andrew directly flew over.

When this prey saw Andrew, it didn’t have time to dodge and was killed by him with a punch.

“You have killed a seventh-grade demonic beast and obtained 1,000 strengthening points.”

Seeing Andrew’s appearance, the Tyrannosaurus rex also stopped in its tracks.

Its voice was very loud, almost like an angry roar.

“A puny human actually dares to set foot on Skull Island! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a human. Looks like I can fill my stomach for a meal!”

This Tyrannosaurus rex could tell that Andrew’s strength wasn’t bad. The stronger a human was, the purer the energy would be after it was eaten. This was a great tonic for the Tyrannosaurus rex.

“Idiot,” Andrew scolded coldly.

He directly threw his spiritual energy at the Tyrannosaurus rex, leaving it dizzy.

Spiritual energy was originally its weak point, not to mention meeting Andrew, who had extremely strong spiritual energy.

In the one second when the Tyrannosaurus was dizzy, Andrew sliced open its head with his sword.

“You’ve killed a peak-stage Marquis-level demon beast. You’ve received 2,000,000 strengthening points.”

The huge corpse of the Tyrannosaurus landed heavily on the ground. The ground shook, and many birds flew up from the trees.

Andrew looked up and realized that this wasn’t a bird at all. It was a pterosaur that had been extinct for tens of millions of years.

He could not help but doubt.

Could birds really evolve into pterosaurs?

Could it be that dinosaurs had never really gone extinct?

In the next half an hour, Andrew searched around the island and killed all the monsters he could see.

Soon, his strengthening point had broken through 200 million.

Following the dense energy, Andrew gradually came to the center of Skull Island.

“The density of the energy here is twice that of the outer area of Skull Island. It should be where King Kong usually lives.”

There was a vine here, which was extremely huge. It was at least ten meters thick and more than a thousand meters long.

“This is… an Ultimate demonic plant?”

Andrew realized that this plant was actually in the Ultimate realm!

The vine waved, forming more than a thousand meters long cage, directly locking Andrew inside.

Andrew wanted to draw his sword, but he stopped what he was doing.

“The demonic plant can produce vitality liquid. Wouldn’t it be a waste if I killed it?”

Since he couldn’t use his sword, Andrew could only use his spiritual power to attack.

Andrew attacked more than thirty times in a row, forcefully destroying the consciousness of the plant.

It turned into a lifeless vine and smashed heavily onto the ground.

“You have killed a peak-level demon beast. You have received two million strengthening points.”

Andrew searched for the vine and found its root. After cutting it off from here, he stored the entire vine in his storage s.p.a.ce.

“You have received eight million strengthening points.”

Andrew sucked in a breath of cold air. The corpse of this plant was worth eight times more than an ordinary peak-level demon beast.

“Eh?” Andrew suddenly made a special discovery.

“What is this?”

After pulling up the vine, a pitch-black hole was revealed underneath.

This was a spatial tunnel, about 1.5 meters wide. The spatial energy emitted from it wasn’t that violent and was much better than that of the Eric Mountain Range.

Andrew calculated that if his strength broke through to the Nascent Soul stage, he should be able to use his physical body to cross the void and enter the pa.s.sage.

However, Andrew was not impulsive.

He was very clear that there were many unknown dangers in this spatial pa.s.sage.

If he encountered any spatial turbulence after entering, with his current strength, he would not even know how he died.

However, since he had discovered the spatial pa.s.sageway, he had to protect it well.

Andrew immediately set up eight lightning and fire arrays here.

These arrays were all linked together. Any creature that entered would be attacked by the eight lightning and fire formations.

According to Andrew’s estimates, even an emperor-level beast wouldn’t feel good.

After doing all this, Andrew dug a cave in the ground.

He decided to break through to the Nascent Soul stage here!


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