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Read I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts Chapter 26 – Step Into the Wilderness

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Chapter 26: Step Into the Wilderness

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

“Sigh, it’s just a third-grade martial artist’s license. They’re too surprised.”

Andrew sighed.

If it was in the forum, no one would make a fuss.

In the end, the strength here was too weak.

He stepped out of the electric fence and stepped into the wilderness.

Although there was a road, its sides were lined with weeds. Some dilapidated buildings were also covered with weeds.

There were danger signs erected on the road, showing that this was still the periphery of the wilderness area.

After walking along the road for a few hundred meters, a whistle sounded behind him. A clearly modified pickup truck stopped at the side. The window of the truck rolled down slowly, and a young warrior stuck his head out. He said in surprise, “Little brother, are you going to the wilderness alone?”

Andrew nodded.

The young warrior asked again, “Is this your first time?”

Seeing Andrew nod again, the young warrior could not help but praise, “Awesome!”

“Looking at your age, you should be only 20 years old, a soph.o.m.ore?

“Are you a prospective fighter, or have you already become a warrior?

“This is your first time going to the wilderness. Didn’t your teacher accompany you?”

This young martial artist didn’t have any ill intentions.

Judging by the Blood Qi emitting from his body, one could roughly estimate his strength. He was only a martial artist of the second rank.

There were two other martial artists sitting in the car, and their strength was about the same as this young man’s. Besides a few composite metal weapons in the pickup truck, there were also some guns, ammunition, and supplies.

“Where are you going? If It’s on the way, we can go together.”

The young warrior continued to chat with Andrew.

The bearded warrior who was driving was a little unhappy.

There was a scar on his face, and the hostility on his body was very strong. He frowned and said sternly, “John, what are you talking about with a stinky student? Since he’s willing to die alone, just let him go. We have to get to golden town as soon as possible.

“d.a.m.n it, these students are really looking for trouble. How dare they run into the wilderness without any strength?”

After saying that, he stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

“These students?”

Andrew was deep in thought. Had there been students who came to the wilderness alone like him in the past?

But it was a pity that he couldn’t catch a ride.

He didn’t know where he was going, so he just wandered around the outskirts of the wilderness first.

For example, the three second-grade martial artists didn’t seem to be worried at all in this area, which meant that the demonic beasts nearby weren’t powerful.

The reason why demonic beasts were called “demons” was that apart from being strong, they also had some intelligence. They knew that the city where the human army was stationed was dangerous, so they avoided it. Therefore, it was considered a safe area within ten kilometers of the city for humans.

Except for some weaker demon beasts.

They had no concept of danger, so they could be spotted frequently on the outskirts of the wilderness.


“This is… a park?”

After walking for more than an hour, Andrew suddenly stopped.

In front of him, there was a ruin.

None of the buildings inside were intact. On the half-collapsed door plate, the word “Park” could be vaguely seen. Inside, there was an artificial lake.

“East River Park!”

A name suddenly popped up in Andrew’s mind.

Yesterday, when he was looking at the demon beasts’ information, he had seen an article on East River Park.

During peacetime, in the man-made lake, to increase the publicity and attract tourists, crocodiles had been bred.

Later, when the spiritual essence recovered, the crocodiles evolved, eventually turning into terrifying giant crocodiles. It could be said that they were the strongest demon beasts within twenty kilometers outside Boston City!

Three years ago, when Charles first arrived in Boston’s Martial Arts Administration, he came here to kill the crocodile demon.

At that time, he had just entered the Grandmaster realm.

The crocodile demon had the strength of a peak grade-six.

After a big battle, almost completely destroying East River Park, the crocodile demon escaped into the water. Only then did Chief Charles stop chasing it.

After all, once he entered the water, the outcome of the battle would become uncertain.

But more importantly, the crocodile demon was born with intelligence and lived in this artificial lake. It did not come out to do evil. Even a few warriors who were eaten by it had provoked it first.

According to some rumors, Chief Charles and the crocodile demon had reached some kind of agreement.

“A peak sixth-grade demon beast. If I kill it, how many strengthening points can I get…”

Andrew was a little tempted, but he quickly suppressed this thought.

He was not one of those idiots who came here to die. Three years ago, even Chief Charles could not do anything to this crocodile demon, let alone after three years.

This crocodile demon’s strength had probably long reached the seventh-grade.

Andrew thought of the Heavenly Thunder Talisman.

He did not know how powerful this thing was. He had not tested it before. If it was powerful enough, he could buy dozens of them after he earned enough strengthening points. Imagine dozens of Thunder Talismans falling at the same time; would he still be afraid of the crocodile demon then?

“Let’s find a place to scout the area around here first.

“I’m no match for the crocodile demon now. I can only wait for an opportunity later and try again.”

Andrew retreated back to the highway.

He followed the signs on the roadside and found the location of golden town.

There was a large number of steel factories outside the town.

During peacetime, the residents of the town used to refine iron here. Now, it was abandoned, and no one came to these places.

Just as Andrew was about to enter the golden town, he heard an ear-piercing sound of an explosion. Andrew suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky.

A cannonball flew less than ten meters above his head, carrying a long tongue of fire. It exploded in the jungle about three hundred meters behind him.


The earth shook, and the mountains trembled.

A huge monster seemed to have been hit by a bomb. It roared and rushed into the dilapidated town.


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