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Read I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts Chapter 38 – Killing A Grandmaster With A Single Slash?

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Chapter 38: Killing A Grandmaster With A Single Slash?

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“Chief Charles, you’ve already been a seventh-grade Grandmaster for many years. Could it be that you can’t even kill that crocodile demon at the peak of the sixth-grade?”

In the VIP room, Dean Carroll asked faintly.

Charles smiled bitterly. “That beast is too cunning. It only moves around the artificial lake. Once I find it, it will hide in the lake. Once inside the lake, there’s nothing I can do about it… Besides, half a month ago, I secretly went to the East River Park and discovered that the cosmic energy was gathering there. The crocodile demon seems to be showing signs of a breakthrough. In a few days, it might be able to step into the seventh grade. When that time comes, it will be even harder to kill it!”

Human warriors of the seventh grade could be called “Martial Grandmasters”.

Among Demon Beasts, although there was no “Grandmaster” rank, the strength of a seventh-grade demon beast was not much weaker than a human Grandmaster.

“That crocodile is too close to Boston.

“Once it breaks through to the seventh grade, I won’t be able to leave Boston for the rest of my life.”

Chief Charles smiled bitterly.

The East River Park where the alligator demon lived was a stone’s throw away from Boston!

Ten kilometers was less than three to four minutes for a seventh-grade demon beast when it went all out. Unless he was in charge of Boston all year round, there was no way he could stop it.

Moreover, he was only a martial arts Grandmaster in Ma.s.sachusetts. There was no way he could protect everything.

The spiritual power of a demon beast at this level was strong, far surpa.s.sing that of a sixth-grade beast. Ordinary guns and ammunition were no threat to it, and weapons like artillery were easily evaded!

“It’s not too difficult to kill it now. Once it really advances to the seventh-grade, unless we invite another grandmaster to help us, it will escape to the artificial lake or run into the depths of the wilderness…”

Chief Charles felt a headache just thinking about it.


Dean Carroll immediately agreed.

She would never refuse such a matter that concerned the safety of humans.

“After meeting Andrew, I need to go to the wilderness to investigate about the Evil Grandmaster. Then, I will help you kill the crocodile monster.”

“Thank you, Dean Carroll.”

Chief Charles relaxed and laughed, “When we kill the crocodile, I won’t take anything. I’ll give everything to Dean Carroll.”

He took out his phone and glanced at the message sent by the Martial Arts Administration.

“By the way, Dean Carroll, I’ve received news that Washington University, New York University, and several other top universities in the country have sent people to Boston. The Director of the Education Bureau and the No. 1 Martial Arts Training High School have gone to welcome them.”

“So what if they come?”

Chief Charles Laughed. “I’m afraid this group of people will have wasted their trip.”

These universities probably didn’t know that Andrew’s sister had already helped him contact her university.

Just as the two finished their conversation, the door of the private room opened.

Andrew changed into a set of clean clothes then headed straight here.

“Andrew, you’re finally here.”

Chief Charles was the first to speak.

They had sent a message to Andrew and left him their address. After that, they didn’t receive any reply from him. Charles even suspected that Andrew was in some kind of danger.

“You’re Andrew?”

Dean Carol stood up, sizing Andrew from head to toe.

Judging from his Blood Qi value, Andrew’s strength was at most at the peak of the third-grade martial artist realm. However, she vaguely felt that something was wrong. It seemed that Andrew could pose a threat to her.

“Am I thinking too much?”

Dean Carroll thought to herself.

A mere third-grade fighter could pose no threat to her.

“Yes, I am Andrew. You are Dean Carroll, right?”

Andrew nodded.

Who was this person?

Didn’t they say that the Vice Dean of Stanford University’s Inst.i.tute of Martial Arts was here?

Why was she so young?

Andrew was a little puzzled. In his eyes, if he wanted to get to the position of Vice-dean, he should be at least 30 or 40 years old. However, no matter how he looked at it, Carroll was only 25 or 26 years old.

“We were just saying that you are young and promising. You are already a third rank fighter at just 18 years old.”

Chief Charles said with a smile and gestured for Andrew to sit down.

“Let’s eat first. Dean Carol still has to test you later.”

Andrew sat down.

The four of them ate the demon beast barbecue while chatting about their daily life.

After eating, President Carroll stood up.

“The test is very simple. You just need to attack me with all your strength. Let me see how strong you are.”


Andrew was stunned.

He scratched his head and said, “Dean Carroll, I’m afraid… This is not very good.”

“If I ask you to attack, then attack. What nonsense!”

Dean Carroll scolded.

Andrew said in a flat tone, “The box is too small. I’m afraid it’s not suitable. If I cut open this building with a knife, I won’t have the money to compensate…”

Moreover, I don’t know your strength.

What if I cut you to death with a knife?

I’m afraid I’ll have to forget about ever becoming a student. Chief Charles will take me down on the spot.

Carroll couldn’t help but look at Annie.

This younger brother of yours really knows how to brag.

Cleaving apart a hotel building with a single slash?

Does he think he’s a martial arts grandmaster?

“Andrew, actually, with your current strength as a third-grade fighter, you don’t need to take the test at all. You’ll be able to get a special enrollment spot from our Stanford University. However… Chief Charles wants me to experience your strength. I’m also a little curious.”

Dean Carroll smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go outside.”


“I know an open-air parking lot not far away. It’s quite s.p.a.cious.”

Andrew shook his head. Since she wanted to see it, he could only satisfy this dean’s request.


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