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Chapter 1625: Rising in rank on the International Celebrity Rankings Index!

Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

The next day.

The outside world was still in disarray.

At this moment, the International Celebrity Rankings Index was suddenly refreshed.

On the Web:

“The celebrity rankings have been updated!

“Are there any changes?”

“There are!”

“Wow, the French celebrities are going very strong!”

“But the popular stars are still the American celebrities.”

“An American celebrity has advanced a spot again!”

“It’s another newcomer yet again.”

“The compet.i.tion is too intense.”

“What about that Chinese?”

“Ah, that Chinese celebrity is coming up too!”


In the latest rankings index, the rankings of the international celebrities had changed yet again. An international B-list celebrity’s popularity dropped, and he was downgraded to the International C-list Rankings, while the top international C-lister was promoted to the B-list. Two international listers kept swapping places as well. Furthermore, many people around the world also noticed that the ranking of the Chinese celebrity who had caused such a great commotion in recent days had moved as well!

International C-list Rankings:

Zhang Ye (China).

C-list ranking: #59!

His previous international ranking was only #67 on the C-list. After this recent incident, he had shot up by eight places. There were only a 100 celebrities on the C-list rankings. Being ranked around 50th meant that Zhang Ye was truly considered a middle-tier C-lister! To note, the international celebrity rankings were similar to the Chinese celebrity rankings. This meant that the upper ranks would require a higher popularity score to reach, almost to the point of exponentially doubling as it went further up. From this, it could be seen that the rise in China’s military ranking and Zhang Ye’s spiritual battle strategies had a great impact on his international fame and popularity.

Many of the world’s netizens were amazed.


“The Chinese celebrity has affirmed his position!”

“You can even increase your popularity by bulls.h.i.+tting?”

“Who was it that said the Chinese celebrity couldn’t go far in the international celebrity rankings?”

“He’s reached the middle of the C-list!”

“It was an Indian who said that.”

“What a dark horse he is.”

“With just his mouth alone, he forcefully increased China’s global military ranking from third place to second place. He deserves all this popularity.”

“This is such an unorthodox celebrity.”

“Impressive, my Chinese bro! I’m proud of you!”

The j.a.panese people rolled their eyes.

The Indian people were scolding and cursing!

The American people were speechless.

The Chinese people were poking fun.

Only the Pakistani brethren behaved as always.

In China.


Zhang Ye’s house.

“I’m smiling proudly.

” I’m smiling proudly 1 .”

In the house, Zhang Ye was humming and singing.

Ring ring ring, ring ring ring. The phone rang continuously.

Zhang Ye couldn’t answer it as he was preparing lunch in the kitchen. He said to Sisi, “Dear, help Daddy to answer the phone. Tell them I’m busy.”

Sisi clumsily picked up the phone.

“h.e.l.lo, Zhang’er, congratulations.”


“Eh? It’s Sisi?”


“Where’s your daddy?”

“Daddy is making lunch for Mommy.”

“Haha, your daddy is such a good husband. This is Auntie Shanshan. Tell your daddy that our old cla.s.smates are all congratulating him again on his rising international popularity.”

“OK, Auntie Shanshan.”

“Come to Auntie’s house to play when you have time. Have you worn the clothes that I bought for you the last time?”

“Yes. Mommy says it’s very pretty.”

Zhang Ye overheard part of the conversation and said smilingly to his daughter from afar, “Thank your Auntie Shanshan. Tell her not to buy so many clothes in the future. If she really wants to, just gift money instead.”

Sisi replied in a childish voice: “Thank you, Auntie Shanshan.”

On the other end of the line, Dong Shanshan laughed. She clearly heard what Zhang Ye had said. “You’re welcome. Tell your daddy to stay out of this!”

The call ended.

Sisi went over to pa.s.s the message to her father. “Auntie Shanshan says congratulations to Daddy.”

Zhang Ye more and less knew it was a congratulatory call as he had also seen the latest international celebrity rankings. This was the thing that he had been waiting for today. Zhang Ye had not expected that his international popularity would surge by so much. He was so happy that he even started humming a tune as he prepared lunch.

Working on the show for the past few days.

And bringing out the chief of the Strategic Fool You Agency.

Wasn’t all of that just for this little bit of international popularity?

Some people had thought that Zhang Ye’s first a.s.signment after reaching the international stage was decided a little too hastily, But now, no one was saying such a thing. This was because everyone knew very clearly that the job he had chosen was actually perfect for him. It was an a.s.signment that only Zhang Ye could handle. No one could imitate him. How could they? Could international superstar Lillian start talking nonsense on a program like that? No one would accept it if it were any of the other international celebrities who did something like that. Only Zhang Ye was an exception. They could all accept this fellow who had tripped an Indian writer at the n.o.bel Prize award ceremony and still brazenly called for world peace to bulls.h.i.+t like he did on the program. From a certain perspective, this was a “demeanor” that only Zhang Ye exuded. This demeanor wasn’t found on any of the other international celebrities.

Lunch was prepared.

It was packed into an insulated lunch box.

“Sisi, let’s go. We’re going to bring lunch to Mommy.”


The father-daughter pair got in the car and headed straight for the Central Publicity Department.

At Old Wu’s workplace.

When Zhang Ye entered the compound, there was a huge reaction.

Quite a few people working at the Central Publicity Department crowded over in surprise.

“Aiyo, if it isn’t Teacher Zhang?”

“What is Teacher Zhang doing here?”

“Sending lunch to Minister Wu?”

“Aiya, Sisi has grown taller again. She’s getting prettier and prettier!”

“Fellow Zhang, congratulations on your rising international popularity.”

“You’ve really done us Chinese people proud!”

Zhang Ye also chatted a little with everyone.

At this moment, Wu Zeqing and another deputy minister came out of the office building. They were talking as they headed in the direction of what seemed to be the cafeteria. It was lunchtime, after all.

That deputy minister immediately spotted Zhang Ye. He said with a smile, “Your husband is here.”

Wu Zeqing smiled. “What are you doing here?”

Zhang Ye said, “I brought you lunch. I just made.”

“Mommy, Mommy.” Sisi ran over excitedly.

Wu Zeqing picked her up dotingly. “You’re such a good girl? Bringing lunch to Mommy?”

Sisi nodded enthusiastically. “Daddy said that the food at the cafeteria here isn’t tasty.”

The deputy minister beside them smiled and said, “No? I think it’s pretty good?”

Then Zhang Ye said, “About that, Minister He, don’t mind me saying this. This is a pretty big organization. Surely there can be more varieties of food being served? It’s always those few dishes getting rotated through the menu, and they’re not easily digested food either. My wife has been suffering from some stomach discomfort lately and gets gastric reflux at night. She’s only been eating from the cafeteria here.”

Minister He didn’t get angry. He smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll speak with the cafeteria management later and get them to change the menu from tomorrow onwards. Minister Wu will surely enjoy the food tomorrow.”

When a nearby employee heard, he smiled and said, “I’ll go and let them know immediately.”

Zhang Ye instructed, “Make sure they add more greens.”

The employee said, “Sure.”

Everyone laughed.

All across the country, which official’s family at the Central Publicity Department would dare to speak in such a way? Only Zhang Ye dared to do this. This was because Zhang Ye wasn’t just the family of an official, he was also China’s first n.o.bel Prize laureate and a Two Academies research fellow who had won China’s Highest Science and Technology Award. He wouldn’t go as far as to direct their work, but complaining a little about the food here and getting the canteen to tweak the menu was still something that everyone here would listen to and follow.



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