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Read I’m sorry for getting a head start but I decided to live everyday erotically Chapter 78-80

I’m sorry for getting a head start but I decided to live everyday erotically is a web novel completed by 佐々木かず.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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A week has pa.s.sed. I pa.s.sed the days worrying endlessly.

I never made eye contact with Mia in the cla.s.sroom. I also still haven’t heard back from Mikoto. Since s.h.i.+rota is busy with clubs, I haven’t gotten a text from her. Even if I were to ask Eda, it doesn’t seem like there would be any progress.

During this pa.s.sing of time, Eda easily became student council president. As originally planned, Mia supported her with a speech and then she won with overwhelming votes. I don’t know what type of exchange Eda and Mia had. But, Mia gave a fervent speech without hesitation about Eda being a good fit for the students.

And then, the final exams for the first term approaches. Of course, it’s not like I was studying like crazy. The results are already clear.

Recently, I haven’t gone to club either. As finish, I head home as if running away.

Today is Friday. The bell rang as finished up. The other students didn’t have any clubs before the exams but I left the cla.s.sroom faster than the others. I headed towards the entrance almost like I was running.

I take off my indoor shoes and tried to take my shoes out of my shoe locker. At that moment I noticed. There was a white letter in my shoe rack.


Grabbing it, I try to look underneath but the name of the sender wasn’t there. There wasn’t a heart sticker pasted there or a razor inside. When I carefully open it, a card-sized piece of paper came out.

『When exams are finished, I want to have a proper conversation. -Mia』

Just that was written there in pretty characters. This was definitely Mia’s writing. Since I’ve seen it multiple times, there’s no mistaking it. It’s not like Eda didn’t do anything. She made it to where Mia and I can talk personally.

Looking at the back of the card, I could feel my heartbeat quicken. There were small heart stickers. It was reserved but there was a lot pasted on. It didn’t particularly spell anything out. However, I knew it wasn’t like she was done with me.

I carefully put the card away. Even if I were to call her immediately, I wanted to meet with Mia. However, Mia’s reasoning for sending this card would become meaningless. It seems I’ll have to bear it until exams are over. I headed towards the bus stop with so much vigor I was pretty much skipping. On the way, I got a call. “Could it be Mia?” is what I thought but it wasn’t.

「Ah, Rino-chan…」

The person on the other end was Ooki’s little sister, Rino-chan.

「Is this Okutani-san?」 「Yes? What happened?」

I stop skipping and walk.

「Um…Onii-chan still hasn’t come back」 「Eh? Is that so?」

It’s already been two weeks. I wonder if he hasn’t come home yet from going out to practice.

「I was wondering if you knew anything…」 「No, he’s in a different grade and I also haven’t been going to club」 「I see…I don’t know what I should do」 「Has he been gone this long for training before?」 「He hasn’t」

I could hear quite a bit of worry from Rino-chan’s voice on the other end. That’s probably why she called me as soon as finished.

「Are you still at Ichikura?」 「I’m here but…」 「Do you mind meeting up with me somewhere?」

I agreed without a reason to refuse. We met up at a cafe near the station The place was called『Honey Cafe』. The interior was completely opposite from the cuteness of the name, as it was quite refined.

「Ah, Okutani-san」

When I enter the store, sitting at a table, Rino-chan raised her hand. It was a small store with just 2 tables that could seat 4 people each and a counter with 5 seats.

Rino-chan wasn’t in her uniform. It seems she’s gone back to her home before this. She was wearing a black T-s.h.i.+rt and jeans. Her hair is in the same twintails I saw when I first met her.

「Sorry for the sudden invite」

When I ask for an iced coffee from the clerk, Rino-chan bowed her head.

「Well, it’s fine but…It’s unexpected that he still hasn’t come home yet」 「Yeah. I sent several messages to confirm his safety but…」 「Is that so?」

Honestly it didn’t bother me. If Ooki is in fact walking the path of training, he would want someone to help him. However, it seems Rino-chan can’t be that person.

「Have your parents said anything?」 「They said to leave it alone. Since it doesn’t mean he died, it seems they don’t really care」

I somehow or another understood Rino-chan’s clear reasoning. Or rather, it’s probably a strong burden. She seems like she would be a good wife.

「But I’m worried…at this rate he’ll end up having to drop out of school」 「Yeah, you’re right」 「Umm…I can only really ask this of you but…」 「What?」

The middle school girl looks at me with a serious gaze. Her face was still immature and undeveloped and her body was currently developing. That unbalanced feeling invites a strange sense of excitement.

「Can you go out to Mt. Nomiya and meet Onii-chan?」 「Eh?」

Silence. As if guessing when that silence would come, the clerk placed the iced coffee I ordered on the table. The peaceful music flowing through was probably old jazz. And the smell of ground coffee wafts through the air. The tobacco smoke from another customer smoking collects at the ceiling.

「You want me to go?」 「Ah, of course, I’ll go with you…However, the place Onii-chan does his ascetic practices doesn’t allow women inside」

Ooki went to Mt. Nomiya in order to hide from the common populace and become a sage. It was probably to distance himself from his earthly desires.

「I know it’s a troublesome matter but…as I thought, I can’t help but worry about Onii-chan」 「Y-you could say that but…」 「Yesterday Ebarsan and Toutsan came over worried」

I see. Even after I had reported to them, those two still went to his house worried. Of course they would. He hasn’t come to school in almost 2 weeks.

「Those two said, “since he still hasn’t come back, well go together”…」 「Then if those two go with you」 「I don’t like it」

Rino-chan shakes her head. Her twintails swayed through the air.

「Those two aren’t bad people but…somehow…the way they look at me…」 「What did those two do!」

I unintentionally ended up letting out a loud voice. However, none of the other customers looked over in worry. Everyone was calm because they were adults.

「N-not to that extent…You can rest a.s.sured…」

I wonder about that. Recently I don’t understand myself that well. Rather, the one who should be doing some ascetic training is me not Ooki.

「I got it…Let’s go together」 「Thank you very much」

Tears gathered in her eyes as Rino-chan looked at me with a smile across her whole face. My heart jumped but so did my d.i.c.k. As I thought, I need some ascetic training.

When the train arrived at Ichikura station, Rino-chan, carrying a backpack, got on. It was still early and since today was a, the train was empty.

「G-good morning」 「Morning」

When she saw me sitting down, Rino-chan draws closer. Yesterday, Rino-chan wore really casual clothing. However, today she properly wore clothes appropriate for climbing a mountain. She was wearing a plaid red s.h.i.+rt and navy blue shorts. She also had brightly patterned leggings and thick socks. Her shoes were also way thicker than sneakers. She was carrying a largish black backpack and had a wide-brimmed beige hat on.

「Is Mt. Nomiya that tall of a mountain?」 「Eh?」

Rino-chan, sitting next to me, looks over my way.

「Well, you’re wearing such an efficient climbing attire」 「Is that so? Usually I wear more…this is actually quite lax.」 「Do you like mountain climbing?」

After thinking a bit towards the question, Rino-chan replied.

「That’s right. Recently I haven’t done it at all but…what about you?」 「I think if you look at how I’m dressed you’ll know」

My attire was far away from a proper mountain climbing outfit. I was wearing loose beige pants and a black T-s.h.i.+rt. The shoes I am wearing are the ones I walk to school in. I more or less had some rain gear and a light meal in my backpack.

「You’re right」

Smiling, Rino-chan took out a thermos from her backpack. And then, after drinking a mouthful, she let out a short sigh.

「Really, thank you, even though it was such a sudden request」 「I have already received plenty of thanks」

Rino-chan paid for the bill from the cafe yesterday. It’s not like middle schoolers live an extravagant life. I disputed with her over and over but I lost. And then, after that she bowed her head over and over and gave me words of thanks.

「No, it’s no good…please let me thank you properly this time」 「Well…if it makes you happy」

The train started to move. From here it’ll be an hour and a half ride with two transfers to reach Nomiya Yamaguchi station.1 Since I haven’t trained my body, we’ll take the cable car and then walk from there. I received that explanation from Rino-chan.

「Okutani-san…you know when you came to my house last time?」 「Yeah」

When Rino-chan finishes her brief explanation, she changed the topic.

「At that time you came with someone…」 「Eh?」

When I think about Mia, my chest had a stabbing pain. Although I got the card from her, it’s not like our relations.h.i.+p has repaired to the point where we will see each other. In order for the mood to not turn gloomy, I try and continue a cheerful conversation.

「You mean Kurusu Mia?」 「She’s the one who shook my brother, right?」

Rino-chan looks into my eyes. Because of her perfectly clear pupils, I felt as though all the impurities I was holding have been cleansed. Somehow, it seems I remembered something I forgot.

「It was like that before…he was shaken by a cla.s.smate…and then he went to the mountains」 「I-is that so…」 「It’s not like my brother is particularly unattractive…I think if he acts normally he could get a normal girlfriend」

I remember something about Ooki. He was in the background and even his appearance was vague. I think his bangs were definitely long and his eyes were hard to see. He had this sort of air as if he was refusing to sense the feelings around them.

「But…his ideals are high. The one he always ends up liking is out of his league…it’s the same with Kurusu-san. Coming to like someone like that, I think it would be better if he knew his standing」 「I-is that so?…」

Somehow the way she talks about him hurts.

「Ah, your different. You are a wonderful person…I think you and Kurusu-san are good together」 「Wh-why?」

Smiling a bit at my bewilderment, Rino-chan told me.

「After all, you two are dating, right?」 「No…we aren’t…」

Because it was such a pure question, it was like a sharp knife. Rino-chan unconsciously stabbed me in the heart with that knife.

「Me and Mia…aren’t really…in such a relations.h.i.+p」 「I guess so. I certainly…thought you matched really well…」

There is no way we match. Mia and I live in overly different worlds.

「To the extent, Mia is out of my league…there’s no way we fit each other」

Listening to that, Rino-chan smiled. It seems being able to go to Mt. Nomiya with me has somewhat lessened her worrying over her brother. She put on quite a good smile that is befitting of a middle schooler.

「You have no self-awareness」 「N?」 「You are quite attractive」 「Ha?」

I was seriously surprised. I unintentionally stare at Rino-chan’s face and end up wondering if she has some sort of objective.

「You’re looking too much, Okutani-san」 「Ah, sorry…」 「You doubt me don’t you?」 「Well…I’ve never had anyone tell me that…」

It’s about time we reach the station we will transfer on. After a bit of silence, Rino-chan said.

「Then, I’ll correct myself…you are very attractive to me」

We arrived at the station we needed to transfer on. Rino-chan quickly got off the train. Confused, I chase after her.

After transferring trains, the conversation ended up changing to a completely different topic. Rino-chan amused herself with idle conversation as if forgetting what she had just said herself. She has a good smile and is a surprising kid.

「Almost…we’re almost there」

After transferring once more, we reached the second station and arrived at the entrance to Mt. Nomiya. When we get off onto the platform, Rino-chan did a big stretch. The station wasn’t just the entrance of Mt. Nomiya in name. The thick forest was spread before my eyes and the cries of cicadas echoed. It was too close to the station. The mountain rose up like a wall.

The weather was clear. There wasn’t any sign of rain. It’s a perfect day for mountain climbing.

「Wait for me, Onii-chan!」

After firing herself up a bit, Rino-chan started walking.

Translates to Mt. Nomiya entrance station but I left it the way it is cuz its a name ↩

On the way here, I learned quite a bit about Rino-chan. She is a second year middle schooler. She played the flute in her wind band. She likes studying but no matter what she does she’s just not good at history. She was really good at long distance running, but that doesn’t mean she likes it.

「Somehow, don’t you get tired of running on a flat street?」

She said such a thing. It seems she can’t come to like her childish cla.s.smates. She ended up going out once with a guy who confessed to her but she quickly ended it. Since her family was fairly independent, it seems her brother and her have to do all the housework. However, it ended up turning into complaints, but she didn’t show any worry about it always wearing a smile on her face.

Right now, Rino-chan and I are riding the cable car. There was a middle-age man with a camera hanging from his neck as well as a pair of women with us. We gradually go up the ropeway, heading away from the station.

「After we get off the cable car, we will need to walk right?」 「Yes」

Rino-chan nodded her head towards my question while looking at the scenery outside.

「How long will it take?」 「Ah, it won’t take that long. It’ll take about 30 minutes on foot」 「Is that so?」 「It’s just, since it’s quite a rugged place, please be careful」

We arrived at the end of the ropeway. When I get outside, I was surprised at the change in the air. It’s tranquil. I don’t know if those words are good enough or not. However, the air changed as if it froze over. I’m probably mistaking it with the change in temperature.

「It feels good, huh」

Rino-chan stretches out her hands while throwing out her largish chest. It seems as if the closer we get to her brother, the better Rino-chan’s mood becomes.

「What’ll you do if your brother says he isn’t going home?」 「That won’t happen. If I come up and ask him, he’ll come down quickly」 「Why?」 「Well…it’s not a topic I’m particularly proud of but…」

Lowering the hands she stretched out, Rino-chan let out a bitter smile.

「The reason Onii-chan goes to practice is to make me worry」 「Eh?」

The middle-aged man and the two women already left for the hiking course. The cable car already headed back down.

「Our parents barely even interfere with us kids. After I became able to handle the house, they no longer did anything for us.」

Rino-chan starts walking. It seems she’s heading down a road different from the hiking course. It had more or less become a path but it didn’t get any service.

「I was emotionally independent but my brother wasn’t…rather it feels as if he’s become spoiled」

The temperature is high, but there was no humidity. Each time the gentle breeze blew, it was easy to pa.s.s the time. I had a strangely big feeling looking at the back of this middle school girl pus.h.i.+ng her way through the forest.

「Somehow, if my brother didn’t get any attention from our mom, I feel as though he would try to get it from me. That’s why he wants me to worry…ah, turn here」

I could see two trails. There was an old signboard nailed in the middle.

『Mountain Priest Gathering→』

Since they were training, I definitely thought there would be a temple or something. However, it seems like I was wrong.

「You’re self-reliant」 「Eh?」 「I don’t want to try marrying a person like my brother. I think someone who can fully take care of themselves is better」

Am I really self-reliant? I don’t have that feeling. Turning around, Rino-chan said.

「It’ll get a little steep from here…」 「G-got it」

Actually, there were a lot of rock walls. Even if we were to climb them it would be troublesome. It seems Rino-chan was used to it. She steadily climbed up without stopping.

「Should we take a little break?」

Noticing my hastened breath, Rino-chan proposed a break. When I nodded silently, Rino-chan found a flat place and sat down. Taking off her backpack, she took out a box from inside.

「I made some sandwiches, how about it?」 「Ah, yeah…I’ll take some」

I sit next to Rino-chan. In that instant, I received a shock. I don’t know if I had turned around until now but the scenery was beautiful. It seems he have come up quite a ways. All the houses I could see far away looked like specks. The wind had also got a little stronger, and the sharp air felt like it was digging into my cheeks. The hair I put off getting cut was disheveled. When I don’t blink for a bit my eyes are immediately dried.

「I feel like I can understand why Ooki would come here…」 「Eh?」

While handing a sandwich to me, Rino-chan inclined her head to the side. Looking at the scenery, I said what I thought just like that.

「I want to try resetting once…」 「Reset?」 「Thanks」

When I take the sandwich, I sucked in the air through my nose.

「Just forget everything, just once…If I do that, I’ll really be able to see what I want to do」 「Is that what you mean?」

Rino-chan asks seeming as if she doesn’t understand. I smiled while looking into Rino-chan’s eyes motionlessly.

「Ooki certainly may want you to worry. If it was me and I had such an amazing little sister, I would want her to worry about me」 「I’m glad」 「But, I think…that’s not the only reason…somehow, I wanted to try throwing out things that make me gloomy. And then, I think I want to stare at things that are really important」

Taking a bite out of my sandwich, I rubbed Rino-chan’s head.

「It’s delicious…thanks」 「Thank goodness」

It’s not like I forgot. However, on occasion, it’s important to keep my distance. My narrow view got wider, and I reconsider what I want. If you distance yourself from worldly desires you really can come to know more about yourself.

Walking a bit more, we were able to reach the『Mountain Priest Gathering』. There was a clearing made out around a hut stationed near a tree. Rino-chan was waiting a little bit away.

「Hey, Ooki…」

I could immediately spot Ooki. He was airing his laundry out just next to the shed.


Surprisingly, Ooki had the hairstyle of a monk. His face was similar to Rino-chan’s albeit a bit more stern. He was wearing something like a white kasaya but I couldn’t feel a spiritual air from him.1

「It’s about time to head home」 「You’re probably right…」

The quiet air didn’t change. However, as I thought, he probably fell prey to some kind of hindrance. And then, he knew someone would eventually come to get him.

「Did Rino come as well?」 「We came together…She’s waiting over there」

When he nods his head as if giving up, he stared at me.

「Thank you. Well then, I will head down the mountain tomorrow」 「Okay」

There wasn’t a need to say anymore. Ooki will head down the mountain without fail. There wasn’t a need to worry. And I will also head down the mountain. I won’t get a monk haircut but I think I should try to get a haircut.

「He said he’ll head home tomorrow…」

When I get back to the place Rino-chan was waiting, I informed her. She nodded seeming relieved.

「Is that so?…That’s relieving」 「Rino-chan, Thanks」 「Eh? The one who should be saying thanks is me」

Rino-chan smiled seeming a bit troubled.

Kasaya is monk robes. ↩


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