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Everyone knew that this startlingly huge battle would definitely attract many ferocious beasts of similar levels over. While they were not afraid of one Flame Dragon Snake, it would be really problematic if a pack of similar-leveled ferocious beasts came over.

The battle was extremely intense. The Martial Emperors demonstrated their real strength. The group of half-step Martial Emperors watched seriously, hoping to learn a thing or two.

However, Xiao Chen did not pay any attention. He quietly moved back and formed hand seals. Then, he whispered, “Flame Dragon Snake.”

Instantly, the stones under his feet turned into small snakes under the effect of the Life Bestowal Spell, silently slithering around.

Xiao Chen’s eyes stayed on the battle between the Martial Emperors and the Flame Dragon Snake. However, his consciousness controlled the small snakes to swim where the lava fell and search everywhere.

Five Martial Emperors attacked at the same time. With one of them a Second Heaven Martial Emperor, this group firmly suppressed the Flame Dragon Snake from head to tail. Soon, they covered it in wounds.

However, the red-haired Martial Emperor and the others did not look optimistic. They could hear several frightening roars in the distance, stirring up winds and clouds.

A light flickered in Yi Ling’s eyes. Strands of black aura appeared around his body as he hesitated over whether to make a move or not.

As Xiao Chen looked at the black aura, fear stirred in his heart. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, which he had been suppressing and preventing from roaring, immediately quietened down and trembled somewhat.

Could it be?

Xiao Chen was very familiar with this aura. However, Yi Ling exposed too little of it. Hence, Xiao Chen could not be entirely sure.

“I found it!”

Xiao Chen, who was mult.i.tasking, suddenly rejoiced. The small snakes finally managed to find that golden ore in that pool of lava.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to focus fully on that, Yi Ling suddenly made a move in the air. Yi Ling narrowed his eyes, and his figure flickered, landing a palm strike on the Flame Dragon Snake.

The originally berserk Flame Dragon Snake’s aura suddenly withered, and its strength plummeted strangely.

When Xiao Chen s.h.i.+fted his gaze back, the five Martial Emperors had already caught hold of the opportunity and launched killing strikes, shattering its body into pieces and causing it to lose all signs of life.

Ao Jiao, did you clearly see how he made his move?

No, I did not. It is too strange. I don’t even know how he did it.

Xiao Chen could not help feeling disappointed. This was an opportunity to see Yi Ling’s means that came by after much difficulty. Yet, he missed it like that.

However, it was still fine. He managed to find the Heptagold Origin.

While the few Martial Emperors rested, he silently moved over to the pool of lava. Then, he quickly made his move, grabbing the golden ore with his hand.

Xiao Chen looked carefully and revealed an expression of joy. It was indeed a Heptagold Origin. Furthermore, it was more than two times larger than the piece from the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance.

However, he still needed to refine it and remove the impurities. Only after that would he know exactly how heavy this piece of Heptagold Origin was.

Without having to think, he placed it in his Universe Ring and turned around.

However, the moment Xiao Chen turned around, his expression changed. Old Hong had appeared behind him at some point in time and was now looking at him coldly.

“You are really excellent. We are all tired out, and you are really relaxed, following behind us and taking advantage. What did you get? Take it out and show me.”

Xiao Chen replied coldly, “You say take it out and show you. Who are you to say that?”

When the others saw this scene, they felt curious and slowly walked over as well. Then, they all looked at Xiao Chen.

“What’s wrong with you two now?” the red-haired Martial Emperor asked with a frown.

Xiao Chen did not feel much fear of anyone. However, this red-haired Martial Emperor was a Second Heaven Martial Emperor and should not be offended.

If it was discovered that Xiao Chen obtained a Heptagold Origin, he would definitely have to run. Whether he could keep the Heptagold Origin or not would be unknown.

Xiao Chen felt very depressed. It was just one Heptagold Origin. Unexpectedly, there would be so many twists and turns.

Old Hong started to smear Xiao Chen’s name. “This fellow took away one of our treasures.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “Strange. This is a treasure that I discovered myself. Since when did it become yours?”

Old Hong’s face sank. “You’ve got a sharp tongue. You want to argue again? We killed the Flame Dragon Snake. Logically speaking, whatever is in the lava is ours. I think you have become too arrogant, not respecting your elders. Do you really think we Martial Emperors can be offended?

“Quickly hand it over, or we will kill you. We are merely doing things by the book. Don’t blame us for making a move on you, a junior.”

A suspicious expression flashed in the eyes of the red-haired Martial Emperor. As he looked at Old Hong, he asked, “What is it exactly for you to be so anxious over it?”

These words stunned Old Hong when he heard them. However, after thinking about it, he realized that he had not clearly seen what Ye Chen picked up, either. At one glance, it seemed like a piece of Heptagold Origin.

If Old Hong answered honestly, given that this red-haired Martial Emperor was the strongest, if it really was a Heptagold Origin, he would definitely not have a share.

After hesitating for a moment, Old Hong did not tell the truth. He said, “I’m not sure what it was exactly. It seemed like it was a Peak Grade Scorching Flame Crystal.”

“It is just a Peak Grade Scorching Flame Crystal. Is there a need to be so envious of him to the point of being so unsightly? Look at the time; we should get going.”

When the red-haired Martial Emperor heard that it was just a piece of Peak Grade Scorching Flame Crystal, he could not help cursing. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen and said very meaningfully, “Young man, you really have good eyes.”

Clearly, at this moment, the red-haired Martial Emperor suspected that Xiao Chen had had another purpose when he said that there was a problem with the lava pool.

After being stared at by this person, Xiao Chen felt a slight chill run down his back. The pressure that this brought was much more than Old Hong’s.

Second Heaven Martial Emperors are indeed extraordinary. Although they are both Minor Heavenly Martial Emperors, the difference is so big. I have to be careful of this person on this trip. Otherwise, I might fail miserably at this easy task as a result of my negligence.

“Let’s go. If not, we will not make it in time,” Yi Ling said anxiously after taking out the core of the Flame Dragon Snake.

When everyone looked around, there were strong auras rus.h.i.+ng towards this place. The ground rumbled. Everyone felt it shaking.

The fight with the Flame Dragon Snake probably startled all the Martial-Emperor-level ferocious beasts of the entire plain.

No one dared to linger here, so they all executed their Movement Techniques and quickly left this place.

As the group sped away, Xiao Chen and the others continued to move in front while the Martial Emperors followed behind. Even at such a time, the Martial Emperors still made sure to leave themselves some buffer s.p.a.ce to react.

“Brother Zhao, who exactly are you treating as your own? That masked brat or me?” Old Hong asked the red-haired Martial Emperor in dissatisfaction.

The red-haired Martial Emperor retorted indifferently, “I really wonder how you advanced to Martial Emperor. That masked fellow is clearly the one with the highest value and the most useful to us among the seven. Even if the rest die, he has to be kept alive until the very end. As for your grudge with him, I naturally will not care once we reach the destination.”

Yi Ling said, “This person is not simple. Last night, when he was standing guard, he should have taken that opportunity to scout out the place. Being able to move about as he pleases amid so many ferocious beasts, he probably has extraordinary talents at Movement Techniques.”

The red-haired Martial Emperor nodded. “That should be right. Such a strong Consummation quasi-Emperor should probably be in the top ten of the Martial Emperor Reserve Ranking.”

“We must kill such a person after we reach the destination. Otherwise, he will be a potential problem. After he advances to Martial Emperor in the future, he will no doubt come and find Old Hong to take revenge first,” another Martial Emperor said.

When Old Hong heard that, he quivered. Then, he smiled coldly and said, “How can I be afraid of him? No matter how powerful he is, he is just a Consummation quasi-Emperor. If I use my full power, he will definitely not last more than ten moves.”

“That’s right, Young Master Yi, how confident are you of opening the burial ground of that Fire Dragon General? I heard that this Fire Dragon General was one of the old Dragon King’s Eight Generals. Several of the Sovereign Martial Emperors have tried, but they could not open the doors to the burial ground.”

Yi Ling replied calmly, “Those people could not open it because they did not have the key. They did not know the method to open the door. I spent a lot of effort to obtain the key. As long as nothing unexpected happens, I am fully confident.”

When the other Martial Emperors heard this, they all revealed expressions of joy. The burial ground of the Fire Dragon General was like one of the fortresses guarding the Dragon King’s main burial ground.

Given this group’s strength, there would be no chance of surviving the Dragon King’s burial ground. However, there was still some chance of survival if they explored just the burial grounds of the Dragon King’s Generals.

“However, we have to keep the cannon fodder alive for now. Firstly, I have the key. As long as the ferocious beasts of this desolate plain of fire detect its aura, they will attack me. Secondly, when we reach the Fire Dragon General’s burial ground, we will need these people’s physical bodies to open it up.”

Old Hong nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I can see the bigger picture. If not for this, given my temper, that masked brat would have died a thousand times already.”

The half-step Martial Emperors in front naturally did not know that from the moment they entered the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, they had no chance of survival.

This group of Martial Emperors never intended to let these half-step Martial Emperors leave alive.

The latter part of the journey was even more difficult. The number of attacks increased markedly. However, there were many gains as well. Although they did not find the divine medicine, the natural treasures and divine materials that the group of half-step Martial Emperors found in the desolate plains of fire were equal to ten years’ worth of profits.

If these half-step Martial Emperors could return alive, they would have earned a lot on this trip.

As for Xiao Chen, his harvest went without saying. That piece of Heptagold Origin was even more valuable than the combined profits of this group.

The Heptagold Origin was something that would interest even a Martial Emperor. It was enough for them to break promises and kill for.

However, the farther the group traveled, the more Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. Towards the end, the Martial Emperors started to help out more. It was like they did not want the half-step Martial Emperors to die. Sometimes, they would even risk danger to help them block the attacks of some ferocious beasts.

Naturally, Xiao Chen did not think that these Martial Emperors’ behavior was due to the promptings of their conscience.

“w.a.n.g Yuzhu, later, when we reach the destination, remember to keep an eye out. I have a bad feeling.”

“Ye Chen, are you saying that this group of Martial Emperors will make a move on us? That can’t be. What do we have of value that would prompt these Martial Emperors to attack us? At the worst, we just hand over the treasures we obtained to them.”

“It is hard to say. In any case, be more careful.”

As the two spoke, the battles continued without pause. Aside from scouting, these half-step Martial Emperors could only function as hara.s.sment in the true battles.

The main fighting force was still the group of Martial Emperors. If not for following this group of Martial Emperors, it would be impossible for these half-step Martial Emperors to reach here, given their strength.


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