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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation is a Webnovel completed by 月如火, Yuè Rú Huǒ, Moon Like Fire.
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Chapter 1341: Unexpected Opportunity

Although there was a golden world in the Golden Crow Egg, Xiao Chen clearly remembered that it was a jade-white color previously. Its surface was completely smooth, and its Spiritual Energy subdued.

However, the Golden Crow Egg was now golden—a fiery golden.

It was like a burning rock sat on Xiao Chen’s hand, looking like a clump of blazing flame. He could even feel heat waves surging from it.

“Ao Jiao, what’s going on?” Xiao Chen asked dubiously.

Ao Jiao scratched her nose and shook her head. “I’m not sure. I have never seen or heard of this situation before.”

“Hehe! Little Three knows this. This Golden Crow mutated. The Holy Beasts have a pure bloodline. Normally speaking, it is very hard for them to mutate. However, once they do, there will be a lot of variables. No one can tell what the mutation will be like.”

Xiao Chen and Ao Jiao both looked at Little Three in surprise. Unexpectedly, this little girl knew quite a lot.

Little Three smiled abashedly. “Stop looking at me like that. The Golden Crow was very common during the Immortal Epoch. There should still be a lot of them. It is just that they are rather rare in this abandoned land.”

Xiao Chen did not care about this. He asked, “Is this a good change or a bad change?”

“Naturally, it is a good change. It is very hard for Holy Beasts to mutate. During my time, if the Golden Crow mutated, it would become the absolute ruler of the Golden Crow Race,” Little Three said with great certainty, which allowed Xiao Chen and Ao Jiao to release their bated breath.

Why did it mutate?

Xiao Chen looked at the Solar True Flame and the Lunar True Flame in close proximity. Perhaps it had something to do with this vast amount of Lunar True Flame.

This flame pool contained two kinds of flames for a long time. Its Yin or Yang attribute was already no longer that pure.

However, the exact situation was not clear. The people outside were already anxiously urging Xiao Chen, so he could not stay any longer.

“Come, let’s go.”

The figures of Little Three and Ao Jiao flashed as they returned to the Immortal Spirit Ring.

Xiao Chen returned the way he came. The moment he appeared at the Sun Palace, he saw the Cyclic Astral Lord, who had been waiting for him for a long time already.

The Cyclic Astral Lord appeared in glowing spirits, boundlessly charismatic. However, after figuring out this person’s heart, Xiao Chen no longer felt that amazed at him.

“You look pretty good. It seems you gained a lot. Here, for you!”

The Cycle Banner slowly came out of the Cyclic Astral Lord’s palm. Then, he tossed the Cycle Banner to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen caught the Cycle Banner. The pole was now golden and carved with the sun, the moon, and many stars. If it were spread out, it would show a resplendent star chart.

The color of the banner was even more vivid than before. The red banner looked like blood was about to pour out, surging with killing intent.

As Xiao Chen squinted at the banner, he saw that the Cyclic Astral Lord had indeed kept to the agreement, refining the sixth Pain Throne into it.

“Your Astral Banner is really quite extraordinary. You wasted a lot of divine material. It looked very unfortunate. I used the Cyclic Astral Palace’s refining methods to help you completely re-refine it. Without adding any divine material, we managed to improve its quality regardless.”

The Cyclic Astral Lord spoke very casually as if about something negligible.

As Xiao Chen held the Cycle Banner, he thought, No matter how false or ambitious this person is, he is indeed excellent, worthy of respect. In the future, if he manages to leave this abandoned land, he will end up becoming a major character.

“I’ve already helped you settle the issues of the Northern Sea Alliance. I can’t help with the Lunar Palace. I know that you are not willing to go to the Lunar Palace. However, you made an oath. You no longer have a choice. Whether you are willing or not, you have to go get the Lunar Palace’s support.”

The two of them were on the same boat. Although they each had their own thoughts, they shared the same goal for now.

The Cyclic Astral Palace was even more unwilling than Xiao Chen to see the Lunar Palace join the Deity Dao Union.

Xiao Chen ignored the Cyclic Astral Lord’s somewhat commanding tone. He said calmly, “Many thanks. There is no need for you to worry about the Lunar Palace’s matter. I will definitely do my best; it is not necessary to put more pressure on me.”

“It is not that I want to put more pressure on you. The Lunar Palace’s Transcendent Divine Weapon has been completed, and the Lunar Palace will hold an unveiling ceremony in half a month. At that time, Tian Youxi will make a personal visit. This half-month is your last opportunity. You should know what is good for yourself.”

After the Cyclic Astral Lord said that, he sent his guest off, showing no intent to exchange idle chatter.

Xiao Chen had no interest in remaining any longer, either. He felt very uncomfortable here and did not like such a situation.

After leaving the Cyclic Astral Palace, Xiao Chen landed on the sea surface. For a moment, he did not know where to go.

To the Lunar Palace?

Forget it. If I go there rashly, I will definitely be chased back and feel depressed. Bright Moon City simply does not welcome me.

To the Northern Sea Alliance? That place no longer needs me. With the Cyclic Astral Lord making a move, the problem there will definitely be settled.

Xiao Chen, where are we going now?

“Let’s return. After all, certain things cannot be forced. For things that cannot be figured out, there is no point racking my brain over it. I’ll just go with the flow.”

Xiao Chen could not do anything about the Lunar Palace. He shook his head and decided to return to Heavenly Star Island and spend his time in peace and quiet there.

He had been running all over the place in the past several days, not stopping for a moment, during which he had experienced some huge battles, all of them very startling. He even nearly called down his Great Tribulation of wind and fire in advance.

Xiao Chen arrived at Heavenly Star Island three days later.

After not returning for two months, he discovered that Heavenly Dragon City was several times more bustling than before.

He vaguely sensed a great aura in the sky above Heavenly Dragon City. It gathered wind and clouds from all directions, which was very eye-catching.

As for the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, it appeared gloomy and deadly quiet. Under the suppression of the Dragon’s Gate, it declined into a second-rate faction, experiencing a tremendous deterioration in Luck.

News of Xiao Chen’s return to Heavenly Star Island startled a few people. Mo Chen immediately rushed over to the peak where Xiao Chen was.

Right now, Mo Chen was not just the City Lord in name but in reality as well. The Heavenly Dragon City’s City Lord Token was in her hands. She entertained the various factions, managed the Dragon’s Gate’s matters, and took charge as well. She was the one dealing with everything.

Xiao Chen was there just in name. He spent most of his time cultivating.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen, this is for you.”

After Mo Chen arrived, she pa.s.sed Xiao Chen a jade strip.

He received it and took a look. “What is this?”

Mo Chen explained with a smile, “This is the Convening Token. Whenever you do things, you only deal with the matter at hand but not with the matters after. After convincing those Primes and Holy Masters, you didn’t even leave behind a means of contact. Let me ask you this: if the Supreme Sky Sect were in danger now, how do you intend to contact your allies?”

“Of course, I’ll send people to inform them, using the transportation formation.” The moment Xiao Chen said that, he realized the problem. He smiled in embarra.s.sment and said, “That’s too slow. I did not think of this before.”

Mo Chen smiled and said, “That’s why I helped you prepare the Convening Token. You deal with the matters of convincing first, and I’ll send this Convening Token to the various Holy Masters later. The moment anything happens, the Holy Masters will receive news as soon as you crush the Convening Token.”

Xiao Chen carefully put away the jade strip and said, “Thanks.”

“Hehe! It’s fine. This is all that I can help you with; there is nothing more.” Mo Chen revealed a satisfied expression at Xiao Chen’s thanks. She continued, “Oh, right, do you still intend to go out again?”

Xiao Chen sighed and said, “I want to, but there is no point. I have no clue as to how to deal with the Lunar Palace. Their Palace Master personally said that they do not welcome me, essentially blocking me off. I can’t even enter Bright Moon City.”

He showed a helpless expression as he mentioned this. If the Lunar Palace steeled themselves to reject a person, that person would not be able to barge into the city.

Even if this person were a Sovereign Martial Emperor, he would not be able to. What more Xiao Chen?

“You wish to attend the Lunar Palace’s Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony, right?” As Mo Chen spoke softly, a light flashed in her bright eyes.

Xiao Chen nodded. After that, he told Mo Chen what the Cyclic Astral Lord said.

Once the Lunar Palace supported the Deity Dao Union, everything that Xiao Chen had done would be for naught.

“I do not have a way to help you convince the Lunar Palace, but helping you enter Bright Moon City is not a problem.”

After Mo Chen heard what Xiao Chen had to say, she smiled faintly. Like magic, a jade folding fan flowing with moonlight appeared in her hand, and she slowly opened it.

Melodious zither music and elegant song came from the fan.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. He gaped and said, “This is the Lunar Palace’s Bright Jade Fan. With this fan, I can even meet the Lunar Palace’s Palace Master. Where did you get it from?”

This was truly an unexpected opportunity, a glimmer of hope in the darkest moment. Xiao Chen, who was originally about to give up, suddenly saw a path appear before him.

Mo Chen smiled mischievously. “Try guessing?”


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