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Read Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1901 Raw 2002 : Situ Changfeng

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Chapter 1901 (Raw 2002): Situ Changfeng

Xiao Chen took a total of ten missions. The main reason was the sect rules. All core disciples needed to complete three missions every month.

Aside from the four Rank 1 missions, the rest were all Rank 7 missions.

Xiao Chen took the mission cards and carefully a.n.a.lyzed them for a long time, mentally figuring out a plan.

He had only two months. The ten missions were located in different places, some far apart from each other. There were missions in the north and south. Even if he could use transportation formations to save some time, he would still end up wasting a lot of time.

After thinking about it, Xiao Chen decided to hire someone to finish off the six Rank 7 missions for him.

If there was time, he would definitely personally complete these Rank 7 missions. However, the rewards of the Rank 7 missions were not worth the time he would have to spend.

Xiao Chen had no choice but to take a small loss, using his own Primeval Heavenly Pills to hire outsider cultivators to do these missions.

This was simple to accomplish. In the Divine Dragon Empire, it was not just the Dragon’s Gate that had cultivators; there were many other factions as well.

With some Primeval Heavenly Pills as payment, the many factions would rush to grab these missions.

As for the remaining four Rank 1 missions, Xiao Chen had to think about their order of completion; that was very important as well.

“I should go and try this Demonic Dao cultivator. To think that he dares to use Dragon Race cultivators’ blood and souls to cultivate his demonic Cultivation Technique and refine a ghost pennant. That is simply unforgivable.”

A spark of anger flashed in Xiao Chen’s heart. He had long felt that the current Demonic Dao sects and cultivators had gone to extremes.

Such extremes were very terrifying. If these cultivators continued to develop unchecked, they would end up destroying not only themselves but also the foundation of the entire world.

They had no moderation whatsoever, using all means in order to grow stronger.

These Demonic Dao cultivators even attacked ordinary people and committed heinous deeds like using the souls of babies.

In contrast, while the Righteous Dao sects had many hypocrites and killed people for treasure, they rarely acted against ordinary people. Babies or pregnant women were even more impossible for them.

When Demonic Dao cultivators became Holy Venerates, they were normally termed Demonic Venerates. The target this time was known as Demonic Venerate Mu Yun.

The Divine Dragon Empire had seven provinces. Each province had about one hundred counties, each county about the size of a great realm. Cloud Sun Province was managed by the Red Dragon Race.

There was a huge desert in Cloud Sun Province known as Violent Flame Desert.

This desert was strangely hot, which made it an ideal experiential training land for fire-attributed Dragon Race cultivators.

Red Dragon Race cultivators were mostly fire-attributed. They generally had fiery characters, and their temper was like unstable explosives. When they got angry, they would erupt, inspiring extreme terror in others.

The fiery light from the blazing sun was enjoyable for Red Dragon Race cultivators.

Just spending one day in this desert gave them boundless benefits.

The disciples from the Red Dragon Palace frequently wandered Violent Flame Desert, hunting ferocious beasts, seeking fortuitous encounters, or circulating their Cultivation Techniques. It was extraordinarily bustling.

However, the originally bustling atmosphere of Violent Flame Desert now turned sorrowful and angry.

Demonic Venerate Mu Yun suddenly appeared in this desert three months ago and started a ma.s.sacre.

Several hundred Red Dragon Palace disciples had already fallen prey to him. They were drained of their blood, and their corpses littered the desert. These people died in extremely miserable fas.h.i.+ons.

Even worse was that this Demonic Venerate Mu Yun was extremely arrogant. He had purposely laid traps and lured in several core disciples.

He had killed the Holy Venerates of the Red Dragon Race, whom he had caught off guard due to their carelessness. Now, his strength had advanced rapidly in the past three months, becoming even more terrifying.

Xiao Chen looked at the information while in Violent Flame Desert, calmly a.n.a.lyzing it.

The Red Dragon Race was one of the Divine Dragon bloodlines. After cultivators of that race advanced to Holy Venerate, their bloodline power would already have developed considerably. They were not simple Holy Venerates. For Demonic Venerate Mu Yun to kill several core disciples one after another, he had to have some trump cards that no one knew about.

“The most recent spate of killings happened seven days ago, yet this fellow still has not left. His Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique or ghost pennant must have reached a critical juncture. Once he breaks through, he will be even more horrifying and difficult to deal with.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Demonic Venerate Mu Yun’s strength could no longer be evaluated using the information from three months ago.

This mission was somewhat tricky.

However, it was interesting only because it was tricky. If it were just something ordinary, then there would not be any challenge.

Let me see how strong this Demonic Venerate Mu Yun is, then.

“I should go and gather with the others first.”

The Dragon’s Gate issued this mission to the seven outer palaces. The people of every outer palace could accept this mission.

Of course, only one person could complete the mission. Whoever obtained Demonic Venerate Mu Yun’s head would complete the mission and receive the reward.

One could communicate with others using the mission cards. One also could hear the voices of the other people who accepted the mission, getting information.

Three days later:

Six Dragon Race cultivators gathered at a sand dune in the depths of Violent Flame Desert.

Of which, three people were from the Red Dragon Palace. Based on the attire of the other three, they were from the Blue Dragon Palace, the Silver Dragon Palace, and the White Dragon Palace.

People from the seven outer palaces accepted the mission, aside from the Golden Dragon Palace and Green Dragon Palace.

Although it was a Rank 1 mission, it did not mean that there would be people taking the mission. It was rather normal for no one from those two outer palaces to take the mission.

“The mission can be accepted by only one person. To think that your Red Dragon Palace sent out three people. The Red Dragon Palace must really be angry,” said the youth wearing the Blue Dragon Palace attire among the six as he looked at the three from the Red Dragon Race.

“It does not matter. As long as that person dies in the hands of my Red Dragon Race, it’s fine,” said a st.u.r.dy youth wearing a white s.h.i.+rt with fiery patterns. He was the leader of the Red Dragon Race trio.

His voice had rage suppressed within it.

To the Red Dragon Palace, this mission was a humiliation. The Red Dragon Palace had not asked the Dragon’s Gate for help, wanting its disciples to kill Demonic Venerate Mu Yun themselves.

However, after the Dragon’s Gate upper echelon in Ancestor Dragon City evaluated Demonic Venerate Mu Yun’s strength, it issued the mission to the seven outer palaces.

“If we run into Demonic Venerate Mu Yun, it is enough for us to make a move. After we kill him, we do not need Mu Yun’s head,” the leader of the Red Dragon Race group said with a flash of anger in his eyes.

The core disciples of the Blue Dragon Palace, the Silver Dragon Palace, and the White Dragon Palace exchanged looks, feeling somewhat helpless.

The Red Dragon Race seemed to be excluding them. These words were not pleasant to the ears.

As cultivators with Divine Dragon bloodlines, the core disciples of six Divine Dragon bloodline outer palaces all had their own pride.

“Murong Yan, aren’t your words a little overboard? Even though you are acclaimed as an unparalleled genius of the Red Dragon Palace, there is no need for you to look down on us like that,” the Silver Dragon Palace core disciple Yun Tianhe said with a slight frown.

[TL Note: This Yun Tianhe is different from the one introduced in Chapter 925.]

“If you think that I’m being overboard, you can leave now. The Red Dragon Race does not need your help. We are giving up the reward for this mission to the three of you, not making you come over for nothing.”

Murong Yan did not show any appreciation at all. His tone was hostile.

The Blue Dragon Palace core disciple smiled bitterly and shook his head slightly. Then, he patted Yun Tianhe, stopping him from pursuing the matter.

“Changfeng, I’ll not argue with him on your account.” The anger in Yun Tianhe’s eyes had yet to fade. Murong Yan’s words were indeed somewhat overbearing.

However, the Red Dragon Race had always been fiery-tempered.

If they continued arguing, they would definitely end up fighting.

“Someone is coming.”

Just at this moment, the only female in the team, the White Dragon Palace’s core disciple, looked up into the distance.

The others also sensed someone quickly flying over because of their mission cards.

“I wonder whether it is the Golden Dragon Palace or the Green Dragon Palace.”

“If it is a Golden Dragon Palace core disciple, this mission is most likely in the bag. If it is a Green Dragon Palace core disciple, it’s fine as well. At the very least, we won’t have to worry about injuries or the erosion from Demonic Qi.”

The three core disciples who were not Red Dragons discussed in soft voices. They were all very interested in the newcomer.

However, when that figure approached, the three Red Dragon Race cultivators showed increasingly unsightly expressions.

Yun Tianhe and the other two also showed strange expressions, finding this weird.

“d.a.m.n! This is never-ending. It’s one thing if it is the people of the Blue Dragon Palace, the Silver Dragon Palace, or the White Dragon Palace. But, now, even a mixed-blood dragon is here to join in. What do they think we Red Dragons are?!”

“Boom!” Murong Yan burst into anger, erupting with a terrifying fiery aura.

Murong Yan’s figure flashed, turning into flames and charging out, moving faster than a meteor.


The Blue Dragon Palace core disciple frowned slightly. Then, he soared up and blocked Murong Yan at a critical moment.

“Situ Changfeng, what are you doing?”

Murong Yan showed an irritated expression on his face. He clearly was fuming.

Situ Changfeng remained calm and said amiably, “Murong Yan, no matter what, one additional person is one more bearing the burden. Why the need to be so exclusive? There is no need—”

“Humph! The two of you, either make that mixed-blood dragon b.a.s.t.a.r.d scram or blast him away.”

Before Situ Changfeng could finish speaking, Murong Yan snorted coldly and ordered the other two Red Dragon Race core disciples to go and send Xiao Chen away.

Situ Changfeng sighed, decisively turning around and preparing to meet up with Xiao Chen.

“Situ Changfeng, stay here and stop b.u.t.ting in!”

However, Murong Yan did not give Situ Changfeng a chance to do so. He threw a punch at Situ Changfeng, who was turning around.

When Murong Yan punched, a blazing sea of fire burned behind him. The boundless mysterious phenomenon of flames was as terrifying as the lava of h.e.l.l.

Situ Changfeng wanted to help but was powerless to do so. He could only turn back and fight, delayed by Murong Yan.

The Silver Dragon Palace’s Yun Tianhe glanced at the distant Xiao Chen and said indifferently to the White Dragon Race woman, “This person is probably going to get very unlucky.”

These two did not intend to interfere. It was just a mixed-blood dragon, hardly enough to get them to take action.


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