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Read Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2303 Raw 2410 : Miserably Played

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Chapter 2303 Raw 2410 : Miserably Played

There was a mysterious pattern of lightning at the center of the ancient bronze door.

Tuoba Yun went forward and smashed the door apart with his spiked club without saying a word.

Tuoba Yun’s spiked club was a peak-quality Inferior Grade Soul Tool, something even stronger than Qin Liang’s imitation Emperor Dragon Sword.

The shattering of the bronze door kicked up a cloud of dust.

“Gugu! Gugu!”

At the same time, a strange cry rang out. Countless black-armored bugs surged out like a sea wave.

“Sacred Armored Bugs?”

Xiao Chen and Tuoba Yun recognized these ferocious beasts. They were a type of ancient strange bug that was nearly extinct in the Great Thousand Realms. They could feed on divine materials and consume treasures. They spat out poison and were impervious to fire and water. Weapons would find it hard to injure them.

The two’s expressions changed slightly. Not daring to be careless, they quickly moved away.

“My goodness! Why are there so many Sacred Armored Bugs? There is no way to enter.”

Seeing the Sacred Armored Bugs streaming over in an endless wave, Tuoba Yun inhaled sharply.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Naturally, the two were unwilling to give up, so they made their moves to kill the Sacred Armored Bugs.

The effects were mediocre. Although the two could force the Sacred Armored Bugs back, they could not kill the Sacred Armored Bugs in one strike.

If the two insisted on remaining, they might end up falling here, dying a miserable death.

Tuoba Yun frowned heavily, observing Xiao Chen’s expression and trying to make out information from that.

The sudden change in situation caught him somewhat off guard.

Tuoba Yun wanted to see if Xiao Chen had any way of dealing with these Sacred Armored Bugs.

However, Tuoba Yun discovered the other party’s expression somewhat unsightly, even worse than his. For some reason, when he saw Xiao Chen struggling like that, he felt joyful in his heart.

In the end, you are just a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“Tuoba Yun, I’ll be leaving first. You can have this inheritance.”

Life was more important. These Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts were not easy to handle.

Even with all of Xiao Chen’s Martial Techniques and weapons, he found himself helpless against this; his offensive power was limited.

What was even more horrifying was that Sacred Armored Bugs continued to pour out from the broken door with strange cries.

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he vanished, so Tuoba Yun cursed, “d.a.m.n!”

This fellow is digging a pit for me to die in. I have to leave quickly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Brandis.h.i.+ng his spiked club, Tuoba Yun roared and forcibly killed a path out.

After a while, when Xiao Chen had verified that Tuoba Yun was truly gone, he reappeared slowly from the darkness and removed the Death G.o.d Mask.

It turned out that Xiao Chen had not gone far. His lips curled up in a smile. This sudden development had helped him a lot.

“Demon Blood Vulture!” Xiao Chen called out, and a red light flashed as the scarlet-flame-clad Demon Blood Vulture appeared.


It seemed that the Demon Blood Vulture had endured for a long time. The moment it appeared, it ferociously opened its mouth, and a scarlet whirlpool appeared there. It was like a black hole as it swallowed up the Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts.

The Sacred Armored Bugs, which Xiao Chen and Tuoba Yun found tricky to deal with, were delicacies for the Demon Blood Vulture.

This was the Sacred Armored Bug, an extremely rare Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast in the Great Thousand Realms. Yet, the Demon Blood Vulture just munched them up like they were snacks. “Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!”

Gagagaga! How great! Delightful! I feel that I can make another breakthrough this time.

The Demon Blood Vulture felt very excited as it did its best to consume all these Sacred Armored Bugs. The scarlet flames on its body blazed, looking like a holy fire.

With the Demon Blood Vulture here, these Sacred Armored Bugs posed no trouble for Xiao Chen.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen could use them to drive away Tuoba Yun. This was simply the best.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he crossed the bronze door.


A berserk thunder flame turned into a wave and flowed around like water, filling this s.p.a.ce.

What made Xiao Chen rejoice was that the thunder flame contained incredibly pure Dragon Essence. It looked like the thunder flame inheritance was here.

“Congratulations on successfully clearing my test.”

A portion of the flowing thunder flame split off and formed a human figure, the master of this place when he was alive.

This figure was similar to the white-clad Yan Emperor that Xiao Chen came in contact with previously. This was also a strand of remnant will that managed this inheritance.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly and did not say anything, waiting quietly for this person to speak.

“You only grasped the Thunder Great Dao and cannot obtain my complete inheritance, only half…” the remnant will said softly after sizing up Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not feel surprised. This was just like the previous ice inheritance, where he could not obtain the complete inheritance unless he happened to suit the remnant will’s tastes.

The master of this inheritance had similar conditions as well.

“I have no objections. Many thanks, Senior.”

Xiao Chen did not argue, calmly accepting the outcome.


The remnant will formed hand seals with his hands, and a resplendent electric light burst out of his ten fingers. The light moved like flowing water, looking beautiful and taking many forms.

What pure Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy!

Xiao Chen felt startled in his heart. This Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy felt as pure as Origin Liquid, shocking him.

After the remnant will finished forming the hand seals, he took out a jade bottle and stored the purple electric fluid in it before handing it to Xiao Chen.

“How heavy!” Xiao Chen could not help exclaiming when he received the jade bottle, finding it heavier than expected.

“This is the Thunder Immortal Dew that I’m giving you. It achieves the same effect as Origin Liquid through different means. It can directly improve your Thunder Great Dao.”

After the remnant will finished speaking, he swiped his finger in the air and handed a secret manual to Xiao Chen. After some thought, he said, “This is the Thunder Flame Art that I created. All those who pa.s.s the test will obtain it.”

Thunder Flame Art… Xiao Chen felt somewhat disinterested. If only it were a Thunder Ice Art.

“I still have one final inheritance treasure for you. A Heavenly Cloud Fruit, a fruit from the Great Desolate Eon.”

After the remnant will handed a brocade box to Xiao Chen, he vanished, turning into lightning and flames that merged into the flowing-water-like thunder flame in the surroundings.

Xiao Chen did not rush to leave. He took out his jade strip and started collecting Dragon Essence, which was everywhere.

At the same time, Tuoba Yun rushed out with a depressed expression. He felt very sullen, especially when he could not do anything to Xiao Chen. Furthermore, he ended up being ordered around like a dog.

“d.a.m.n it! That brat better not let me capture him. Wait, something’s not right…I already left for very long, but I still have not sensed the aura that he should have left behind.”

Tuoba Yun was experienced and crafty. When he suddenly startled to his senses, he noticed something off.

Xiao Chen was a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor, after all. Unless he intentionally hid, he would leave behind some traces of his aura.

Furthermore, Tuoba Yun had fought a big battle with Xiao Chen, so he was very familiar with Xiao Chen’s aura.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Just as Tuoba Yun felt puzzled and wondered if he should go back to look, footsteps came from the front.

Tuoba Yun collected his thoughts and showed a cautious expression as he looked ahead.

After a while, three people entered Tuoba Yun’s vision.

The leader wore clothes of alternating white and blue. He had an icy expression, and a pressing baleful aura came from him as he leaked a faint sword intent.

“Brother Dao Yan.”

The ident.i.ty of this person startled Tuoba Yun, causing him to tighten his grip on his spiked club subconsciously.

“Tuoba Yun?”

The leader of the three was Dao Yan, the strongest guest under the Eighth Prince. Unexpectedly, they met here.

Clearly, Dao Yan also recognized Tuoba Yun and knew that Tuoba Yun was a strong guest under the Thirteenth Prince.

A murderous intent flashed in Dao Yan’s heart. The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince were strong rivals.

However, this murderous thought pa.s.sed in a flash.

This was just the first round. The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince were still far from falling out with each other. Furthermore, they had the First Prince, a strong common enemy. It would not be good for the two to fight each other so early.

Dao Yan said with a smile, “It looks like Brother Tuoba has already taken away this inheritance. We have come here for nothing.”

Tuoba Yun was a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor with a Great Desolate Eon bloodline, someone far from what an ordinary 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor could compare to.

Since he already made a move, it looks like we can’t get this thunder flame inheritance.

However, he appears to be alone. Either his companions died or already left. Perhaps…

Tuoba Yun only needed one look to know what Dao Yan was thinking. He said calmly, “Given the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince’s current alliance, if I obtained the inheritance, I logically should let Brother Dao Yan benefit as well. At the very least, I should not let Brother Dao Yan come here for nothing…”

Dao Yan thought to himself, Tuoba Yun really understands propriety. This is for the best. It will not harm the harmony, and I can feel better about this.

“However, I did not obtain the inheritance here. I will explain this matter. For now, I have a question. Along the way, did Brother Dao Yan see the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen?” Tuoba Yun asked with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Xiao Chen?”

A murderous intent flashed in Dao Yan’s eyes. He asked softly, “Is he here? I did not see him.”

“d.a.m.n it! I got played by that brat.”

Tuoba Yun’s expression changed dramatically. He could not be bothered to explain before he turned around and broke into a mad dash.

“Follow him.”

Dao Yan’s expression turned uncertain as he hurried after Tuoba Yun.


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