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Read Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 344: Unblockable

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Chapter 344: Unblockable

A casual attack could easily tear s.p.a.ce. The sweep of the spear was unblockable.

Those half-step Martial Monarchs died easily like slaughtered dogs. Each one only required a single stab to deal with.

Will…Xiao Chen suddenly felt enlightened. He remembered what Long Tu had said. This was the result of will.

This was like a Martial Saint who had comprehended states. They could easily kill a Martial Saint who had not comprehended a state.

To a Martial Monarch, a state was no longer sufficient to pull themselves ahead. Only the higher-leveled will allowed the full exhibition of the might of a Martial Monarch.

Anxiety filled Lui Ruyue’s eyes. Occasionally, she glanced at the summit of Qingyun Peak.

The summit of the Peak was currently silent.

“Is the First Elder going to send out those Supreme Elders? This Long Tu’s will of wind has obviously reached Great Perfection. Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan are not a match for him,”

“Indeed. If those Supreme Elders do not emerge, there might not be any chance to turn the situation around.

The few Peak Masters at the side spoke anxiously.

Jiang Chi’s expression was grave. He simply turned a deaf ear to the words of these people. After a while, he shook his head and said, “The Divine Saber Camp has not used their trump card yet. They are not who the Supreme Elders need to deal with. Just keep watching.”


Two scarlet lights burst forth from the ground. It was Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan entering the fight again.

“Sou!” The two waved their hands, and their Bloodsucker Sabers returned to them.

The killing Qi of the two extended continuously. Their scarlet cloaks fluttered in the air. The blood at the corner of their lips was not dry yet, and their complexions were extremely pale.

Long Tu looked at the two and smiled coldly, “You are already at the end of your ropes, yet you still pretend to put up a brave front. Just die!”

Long Tu swung his spear, and his body disappeared into a spatial crack again; his movements were unpredictable.

“Peerless Blood Shadow!” Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan both shouted. They both drew an arc of light through the air, making a waning moon appear at the blades of their sabers.

Xiao Chen focused his eyes and looked carefully. This was the Peerless Blood Shadow that was the origin of Murong Chong’s Peerless Lunar Shadow.

Now, with the execution of the original version, it should not be any weaker. However, it was unsure whether it could injure Long Tu. There was no way the trace him within the void beyond the spatial crack.

After the two demonstrated this move, their already waxy complexions paled further; there did not seem to be any more blood left in their faces.

The two waning moves whizzed by in the air, leaving behind only a flash. It actually entered the void as well.

“Pu chi!”

An intense explosion happened in the void, and a small, pitch-black hole appeared. Some red light radiated from the hole.


The instant the red light appeared, the spatial crack quickly grew larger. A red full moon broke through s.p.a.ce and came out. The entire Lingyun Mountain Range bathed in red.

The cultivators with better eyesight could see an azure figure in the black hole moving about quickly. If they looked carefully, they would discover a trace of blood at that figure’s lips.

Xiao Chen exclaimed in shock, “The Peerless Blood Shadow not only stopped Long Tu’s advances, but it also injured him.”

The black hole quickly mended. The moment it was whole, a resplendent purple light quickly appeared in the sky; it was Long Tu breaking through s.p.a.ce and appearing.

Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan’s eyesights were sharp. The instant the purple light appeared, they formed hand seals. Using their perception, they quickly locked onto their opponent.

The moment Long Tu appeared, the scarlet full moon in the sky smashed toward him, carrying an astonis.h.i.+ng state of ma.s.sacre.

The speed of the moon was at its limits. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce turned blurry, creating ripples.


Long Tu had no opportunity to dodge. He wore an astonished expression. The tip of his spear exploded out with light, and he charged forward. He thought of shattering this scarlet moon.

However, the force this full moon carried was too great. The two had exhausted their Essence and forcibly compressed the state into strands of will, infused within the full moon.

This secret technique of forcibly raising the state would create a lot of backlashes. However, this was no time for hesitation.

Long Tu’s previously successful will of wind could not block this move.


A deep pit immediately appeared at the foot of Qingyun Mountain. A large cloud of dust kicked up. As the huge force extended out, the entire Qingyun Peak shook violently.

One could easily imagine how horrifying a force that could shake an entire Peak was.

Ximen Ying’s complexion was extremely ashen. He could not help but spit out another mouthful of blood. He ignored his own injuries and said coldly, “Take action, now!”

The moment he spoke, the seven scarlet wars.h.i.+ps in the sky released a surging scarlet pillar of light; it connected with the scarlet clouds in the sky.

The trump card of the Divine Saber Camp could be revealed.

The boundless scarlet clouds churned endlessly, turning even more vivid. It was as if blood flowed through the sky.

In an instant, a horrifying state of ma.s.sacre spread throughout the entire Lingyun Mountain Range, inspiring fear in all of the cultivators.

At the same time, within the Xihe Province, all of the Martial King experts of the various n.o.ble clans felt a surging aura. They looked at the boundless blood-clouds in the direction of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, and their expressions changed.

“What’s going on? The Divine Saber Camp’s Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation has been activated. What is happening in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion?”

“The Divine Saber Camp, that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years, made their move. What exactly is going on?”

Many figures gathered in the sky. They could not help their curiosity and quickly flew toward the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.


Great Qing Nation, Imperial Capital:

It was about midnight. The people about to turn in for the night suddenly discovered ten huge, golden wars.h.i.+ps appearing in the sky, swiftly flying to the west.

There were golden banners fluttering at the bow of the wars.h.i.+ps. Nine golden dragons were embroidered on the banners; there was a ‘秦’ (Qin) character in the middle of the quivering cloth.

Of the ten wars.h.i.+ps, one was particularly large. It was a thousand meters long and a hundred meters wide. Occasionally, golden talisman scripts would flicker around that wars.h.i.+p.

A person stood at the bow of this wars.h.i.+p. He was about 2.33 meters tall. He looked ferocious and had a surging and blazing aura. He was so dazzling that he looked like he would light up the entire night sky.

This was the leader of the Imperial Dragon Legion, the strongest of the ten Martial Monarchs in the Great Qin Nation, Nangong Lie of the Nangong Clan. The entire Imperial Dragon Legion had actually been deployed.

In a secret room, about a thousand meters under the Imperial Palace, an old man with white hair suddenly opened his eyes. A golden light flashed in them as if he could see through the true nature of this world.

“It is actually someone from the Boundless Seas. Ha ha. However, is the Divine Weapon that easy to obtain? If it were so easy, this old man would have made his move long ago. How ignorant.”

After a while, the golden light faded, and the old man closed his eyes again, ignoring the situation.

Back at the foot of Qingyun Peak, Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Long Tu slowly climbed out of the huge pit.

Long Tu’s azure robes were already severely tattered. His hair was messy, and blood trickled from the corner of his lip. He was clearly in a miserable state.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Good! Very Good! You actually injured me. It looked like you all sought your doom. I will be taking the Divine Weapon and leaving none alive in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion,” Long Tu laughed maniacally as he looked at the boundless churning blood-clouds above and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips.

Long Tu’s aura rose continuously, and a horrifying pressure spread out in all directions. The rise of his aura did not stop until he became a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint.

When the pressure of a Martial Monarch spread out, even gra.s.s bent, and trees uprooted. This boundless aura crushed them all into dust.

A significant number of Heavenly Saber Disciples vomited a mouthful of blood under this horrifying pressure and fainted.

This Long Tu was actually a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch. When everyone saw this, their expressions changed.

When the First Elder, Jiang Chi, saw Long Tu release his aura, his expression changed slightly. He did not expect him to be a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch.

“What should we do? Long Tu is actually a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch. First Elder, quickly get the Supreme Elders to come out. Otherwise, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion will suffer too many losses,” the few people from the side quickly chimed in.

Jiang Chi had a deep look in his eyes as he gazed into the distance. There were countless experts from various places watching from afar.

Jiang Chi withdrew his gaze and shook his head, “We can’t yet. Let’s hold on for a while more. Let’s see if the Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation can stop him.”

Suddenly, the boundless blood-clouds in the sky began to move. After a moment, the blood-clouds formed a vague face. Only half of this face emerged; the other half remained hidden in the clouds.

A huge scarlet hand appeared. This hand was about the size of a small mountain. Merely half of it was more than a thousand meters long. It smashed violently toward Long Tu, who released his surging aura.

Long Tu’s expression turned grave. Although he was very arrogant, he was not a fool. Before the huge hand landed, he quickly retreated backward.


When the scarlet hand struck the ground, it left behind a huge handprint. The outline of the five fingers was very clear. The deepest part of the outline was more than a hundred meters deep.

“Hu chi!”

The scarlet hand raised before it chased after Long Tu. He moved as fast as lightning, twisting and turning in the air.

“Bang!” The scarlet hand gently b.u.mped a desolate peak, and the top half immediately shattered into dust.

It carried such great force. No wonder Long Tu did not dare face it head-on. Instead, he chose to dodge for now.

This scarlet hand was like a human hand. It was very fast, no slowly than Long Tu, who had comprehended the state of wind.

Furthermore, with the suppression of the Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation, a baleful aura blanketed the sky. Long Tu’s speed was slightly affected. He could not break free of the scarlet hand’s pursuit.

Purple light flashed on the spear tip, and Long Tu tore open a spatial crack. Right before the crack mended, he slipped in.

Long Tu now hid in the void, all signs of him completely vanished from the night sky. The blurry face in the blood-clouds frowned slightly and roared.

This roar sounded like a clap of thunder. When it opened its mouth to breath, it formed an intense hurricane in the air.

The huge scarlet hand withdrew slightly and thrust forward. In that instant, it tore open a spatial crack, and half the arm moved into the void.


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