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Chapter 856: Entering the Sky Dome Immortal Realm

Xiao Chen squinted and thrust his hand out. His forehead lit up with a bright light as the purple talisman came out in a flash.

After the purple talisman merged with that strand of the immortal will of thunder, its color had deepened. Four strands of golden lightning moved about on the talisman—an indication that the will reached forty percent comprehension.

The talisman released a brilliant light from the characters for “immortal.” It faintly felt as if only the purple talisman existed in this world.

An intense explosion resounded. Moving as fast as a meteor, the purple talisman easily broke the three’s killing moves, bursting forth with horrifying energy.

The talisman split into four small golden swords dancing around in the air.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Many grievous wounds appeared on the bodies of the three Tianwu Dynasty remnants. These injuries showed scorch marks from electricity, smoldering with black smoke.

The three revealed horrified expressions as they screamed in agony. They had not expected Xiao Chen to subdue the immortal will of thunder left behind by the Thunder Emperor so quickly.


The three withdrew as quickly as they rushed in. Without even managing to land one attack, they fled decisively. The four guardians standing unmoving at one side promptly gave chase, intending to take advantage of the three’s moment of weakness.

The four golden beams of light flew back to Xiao Chen. His body trembled in the air for a few times before he landed on a clifftop in Thunder Emperor Valley. Then, he swallowed some Medicinal Pills and quietly treated his injuries.

When that strand of the immortal will of thunder disappeared, the dark clouds that had covered the skies of Thunder Emperor Valley for thousands of years scattered.

Sunlight shone down, and the bits of riven s.p.a.ce slowly mended. Xiao Chen’s injuries healed at a visible pace as he quickly recovered.

He distinctly felt his newly grown muscles gain a layer of l.u.s.ter and firmness. With the baptism of the lightning, his body improved further, getting infinitely close to a Rank 3 Sage Body.

After checking his injuries, Xiao Chen shook his head slightly. Complete recovery would take a while, so he could only put up with them for now. He still had things that he needed to do.

“Senior, please wait.”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and stopped the Great Qin Nation’s guardian who was preparing to leave. With a flash, he arrived before the old man. When he saw the emblem on the old man’s clothes, he got a rough idea of this person’s ident.i.ty.

That emblem looked exactly the same as the emblem of the Kunlun Realm’s Sovereign n.o.ble Clan—the Ying Clan.

The old man’s face was pale, but he did not appear weak. He said, “Little friend, if you want to thank this old man for helping out, that was just my duty. There is no need to make too much of it. Furthermore, even if I did not help, I believe you would still have been able to deal with this yourself.”

Xiao Chen said courteously, “Senior is being too humble. The situation earlier might seem simple, but the danger involved is incomprehensible to others. That moment that you gained for me was critical.”

That time happened to be a crucial moment for a.s.similating the golden lightning sword. Xiao Chen could not free himself to deal with the attack. If the old man had not made a move, Xiao Chen could only have relied on the Supreme Sky Emperor’s will clone.

The old man’s expression did not change. However, the light in his eyes turned much warmer. He was quite satisfied with Xiao Chen’s humility.

“Haha! I guess that you still have some other matters you want to speak to me about, right?”

Xiao Chen was stunned. This old man’s prediction was very accurate. So Xiao Chen replied very straightforwardly, “I want to enter the Sky Dome Immortal Realm. With Senior’s position in the Royal Court, that should not be too difficult, right?”

In half a month, the news of Xiao Chen’s return to the Sky Dome Realm had already spread everywhere. However, there was still no word of Liu Ruyue.

Clearly, Liu Ruyue had to be in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm where she could not hear of this news. Xiao Chen also did not know when she would come out. Given this, it would be for the best if he went in himself.

The old man frowned slightly and said, “Currently, one of the Sky Dome Immortal Realm’s forbidden lands is open. All the elites of the Royal Courts are in there. It is not such a good time for you to enter.

“As for the question of Liu Ruyue’s safety, with Ying Yue taking care of her, there is no need for you to worry. Furthermore, she is extraordinarily strong as well.”

Xiao Chen rejoiced in his heart. The other party only said that it was not a good time for him to enter. That meant that the entrance to the Sky Dome Immortal Realm was not closed and he could still enter.

“In that case, I’ll not make things difficult for Senior. I will definitely repay Senior for this favor in the future.”

Upon hearing Xiao Chen say that, the old man heaved a sigh of relief. If he had sent Xiao Chen in, Xiao Chen would no doubt wreak havoc in there, given his strength.

Each of the five nations’ Royal Courts formed a faction. The old man downplayed the intense compet.i.tion that happened in there, but if Xiao Chen entered and saw Liu Ruyue suffering any wrong, that would be it.

Xiao Chen watched as the old man left. He made up his mind that he definitely would enter the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

It looked like there were many fortuitous encounters in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm. No matter what, he had to fight to help Liu Ruyue obtain them. If he could not even do that, he would be a failure as a man.

On another topic, while all the guardians of the Royal Courts spoke lightly of the Tianwu Dynasty remnants, they viewed them as a potential threat.

Now that Xiao Chen had injured three of the Tianwu Dynasty remnant experts, how could they let such a chance slip their hands?

The four other guardians of the various nations chased for a while. As they were about to catch up with the three, a mysterious masked swordsman suddenly blocked them.

The left eye of that swordsman released a brilliant light. However, his right eye contained a boundless darkness. His Sword Technique revealed a strange sword Dao of alternating light and darkness.

In a few moves, this person easily blocked the three. After a hundred, this person smiled gently and retreated inexplicably.

When the guardians looked around, the three Tianwu Dynasty remnant experts had already disappeared somewhere.

On a small island on the Boundless Sea, the three Tianwu Dynasty remnant experts looked at their savior—Chu Chaoyun—with somewhat awkward expressions.

Chu Chaoyun took off the mask on his face. He had a carefree expression on his face as he said calmly, “Consider this as a lesson to yourselves this time. Don’t make a move behind my back.”

Conflict appeared on the face of the leader of the Black Dragon Group. In the end, he could not resist explaining, “Young Master, this Xiao Chen is the descendant of the Azure Emperor. He will surely end up your enemy in the future. How could we let such a good opportunity go so easily?”

“That’s right. We almost killed him. We would have had one less major obstruction to the revival of the Tianwu Dynasty in the future.”

The other two spoke up in support of the Black Dragon Group’s leader.

“Almost?” Chu Chaoyun’s lips curled up into a smile as he quipped, “Why do I feel that you were the ones that were almost killed?

“Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving the Sky Dome Realm. I’ll obtain some Cultivation Techniques from the Demonic Worlds. You should study them carefully. As of now, your strengths are far from sufficient.”

The Black Dragon Group’s leader asked with some concern, “Young Master, is everything fine on the Demonic Worlds’ side?”

Chu Chaoyun replied indifferently, “It is the same everywhere—strength rules. It is the survival of the fittest. Humans and Demons are not that different.”

He downplayed the matter with the phrase “survival of the fittest.” However, there were many cruel facts hidden behind these words.


Xiao Chen did not rush to return to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. There were still some things he needed to do with the strand of the will of thunder left by the Thunder Emperor.

Along the way, he found a desolate place and landed there. He opened his right hand, and a purple light started to gather in his palm. Finally, it formed into a talisman flickering with electricity.

Four strands of light flickered rapidly on the complicated scripts on the talisman’s surface. Each strand of light contained extremely potent energy.

With a thought, the purple Lightning Talisman immediately split into four, becoming four small swords dancing in the air. As these swords moved about, they tore streaks of pitch-black tears in s.p.a.ce.

Just casually flying around already unleashed such might. This showed how puissant the form of Xiao Chen’s will was now.

However, the form was also where the problem lay. These four small golden swords were the form of the Thunder Emperor’s will. However, Xiao Chen was still a bladesman.

Sabers and swords were different. How could Xiao Chen possibly bring out the full might of these small golden swords? He had to alter them.

As he eyed the four small swords in the air, he entered deep thought. Then, he stretched out his hand and merged the four small swords back into the purple talisman once again.

After closing his eyes and pondering for a long time, Xiao Chen came up with a measure. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and the vague form of his saber soul in his sea of consciousness came out with a flash.

“Buzz…! Buzz…! Buzz…!”

The drone of countless sabers vibrating sang in the air. A strong wind blew as the horrifying saber intent quickly spread out.

All the bladesmen within a thousand kilometers felt fear rising from the depths of their hearts. They clutched their sabers, which were poised to leap out of the scabbards at any time.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and suppressed the surging saber intent from the vague form of his saber soul. An insubstantial little saber appeared in the air, looking ethereal and vague, unable to manifest a proper material form.

However, that vast might was clearly very tangible. Even the gra.s.s on the ground bent over, not daring to stand straight.

His gaze alternated between the vague form of his saber soul and the purple Lightning Talisman. Then, he stretched out his hand and slowly merged the two.

Xiao Chen wanted to turn the golden lightning swords completely into sabers. This was the only solution that occurred to him.

The merger of the two was not successful. The vague form of his saber soul and the purple Lightning Talisman were both very brilliant, and neither was willing to submit to the other.

“Chi! Chi!” As the two met, they clashed with each other intensely. The vague form of his saber soul just was not satisfied with merging into the purple Lightning Talisman. Instead, it had an extremely ravenous appet.i.te, wanting to swallow up the purple Lightning Talisman.

Allowing the two to separate again, Xiao Chen frowned. It seemed like the solution was not as simple as he thought.

Xiao Chen, this will not work. You have to choose one of the two to be the main body. Choosing the will as the main body or the saber soul as the main body represents a different growth path.

If you choose the saber soul as the main body, your physical body, close-combat techniques, Mental Energy Martial Techniques will all suffer from some limitations. The benefit would be that your Saber Techniques will be even more exquisite.

If you choose the will as the main body, you will be able to develop in an all-round manner. Irrespective of close-combat techniques, Mental Energy Martial Techniques, Saber Techniques, they all can improve. However, it would be hard to reach the pinnacle of Saber Techniques.

Seeing Xiao Chen in a dilemma, unable to make up his mind, Ao Jiao explained the pros and cons to him.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before asking, “Back then, what did the Thunder Emperor choose? I remember that he was a swordsman, right?”

No one was more familiar with the Thunder Emperor than Ao Jiao. She quickly answered, Sang Mu’s situation was different from yours. His physical body and Mental Energy were not as strong as yours. Furthermore, his situation was not as complicated.

The form of his will was a sword. The path he took was that of a swordsman. It was very simple and pure. However, once he followed it to the peak, he would have been unrivaled.


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