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Within the courtyard, everyone was still in a panicked state.

The violent shaking of the ground stopped. In reality, that fierce vibration had only lasted for a second.

“Just what is happening?” Qin Lan embraced Little Gra.s.s. This was her first time seeing such a great commotion. Many people were affected and frightened by this, rus.h.i.+ng out from their rooms. There was an old servant that that had managed to fall and break his scalp in his panic. Apart from this, there were not any other major injuries.

Everyone was still in a panicked state.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at the sky, his gaze becoming serious.

It was not an earthquake.

Nor was it the wrath of heavens.

Within the air, there were martial experts fighting.

In the gloomy air, black clouds roiled, as if the galaxy had flipped around. It nearly enveloped the entire Deer city below. Within the black clouds, there were streaks after streaks of silver lightning constantly piercing the cloud layer. Terrifying yuan qi turbulence roiled through the world. The black clouds surged like the layer of the sea, with an indescribable terror and strangeness.

They could only see the aura but the not the people.

They were true experts of the martial way.

Under the activation of their inner yuan, through their will, they could hide the skies and cover the earth, flipping the heavens and trampling on the oceans. They were like G.o.ds.


The sound like the collapse of a mountain sounded in the air.

Within Deer city, many people felt as if a fierce steel hammer was struck next to their ears. The vibration caused blood to leak from their nose and mouth, the horrifying sound waves as if they were physical objects. Transparent pattern emanated throughout the air, destroying all.

Ye Qingyu’s heart madly pulsated as he watched.

A frightening power.

Even though Deer city was within the borders of Snow county it could at least be counted as a city important for military affairs. There were a five thousand strong army of the Snow country’s elite, and within the different areas of the city there were the reinforcement of formations. Although it could not be said to be as protected as a wall made of metal and surrounded by a moat of boiling water*, it was at least highly defended. It had always been forbidden for martial experts to fly above Deer city.

But at this time, both parties that were in the midst of battle in the air, not only flew above Deer city but also fought and struck out. The ripples from the battle nearly enveloped the entire Deer city. In some places within the city, cracks had began to appear and buildings started to collapse.

What kind of person, would be so uncaring about the consequences?

The reason that the Ye mansion was shuddering and the buildings were beginning to fracture, was due to the energy waves from the two fighting within the air. Thankfully they only exchanged blows for a short instant, or else there would be injuries and death that would be hard to control within the mansion.

At this time, everyone within Deer city looked above in the skies in shock and fear.

In the mansions of some n.o.ble families, the structures already began to emit different colours of light/ Like a forcefield covering these different mansions it prevented the terrifying energy ripples from spreading past this barrier – this was a sign that their rune formations had activated.

In the direction of the White Deer academy, there were dazzling multi coloured light beams, everyone one of them tens of metre wide. At the same time, from different directions around the academy, these beams soared from the different structures as if they were madly dancing dragons in the air. Entwining together, it combined together hundreds of metre high into a light s.h.i.+eld, protecting the entire White Deer academy within.

Sacred formation protection!

This was the strongest formation that the White Deer academy possessed. From the beginning of the academy, this was created by the Gongfeng* organisation of the royal family. In these sixty years since it was placed, it had undergone countless renovations and changes. It had gone through four or five generations of formation geniuses that the academy had cultivated themselves, reinforcements and improvements constantly being made. This was a formation that was the consolidated efforts of countless people. It was said that it could withstand directly the full power strike of someone of the Bitter Sea stage and above.

“Don’t run everywhere. Gather together within the courtyard, don’t panic!”

Ye Qingyu used the bra.s.s heroic badge to activate the formation protection of the Ye mansion – of course , this only reinforced the structure of the buildings. It did not have a similar effect as the n.o.ble families, with energy forcefields formation surrounding them.

After arranging everything, Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, jumping directly on the highest roof of the entire mansion.

After seeing the reactions of the White Deer academy, Ye Qingyu realised that the situation was even more serious than he had imagined.

After jumping higher, he discovered that in the Northern military barracks, there were rays after rays of yuan qi light soaring in the sky. Similar to fire beacons lingering in the air, the scarlet red covered the entire military barracks. Evidently the experts within the army had also released their own power and the formation of the army had began to activate.

The factions within the city, was as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Just what has happened?”

Ye Qingyu was completely confused.

Vaguely, he suddenly thought back to the words of w.a.n.g Yan. That there would be big things that were going to happen within the city….could it be that this was what she meant? The two parties that were fighting, just who were they? Even the different factions within the city only defended, why did they not come out and stop this battle?


Within the air, a ray of sword light shone.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes burned with a radiance in this moment, his entire consciousness submerged into this sword light.

A hard to describe sword.

A sword that could seize Heaven and Earth.

A sword that exceeded the thoughts of countless people of the martial path.

He could only see the roiling black clouds, as if they were paper thin, be destroyed by this terrifying sword strike that could cut apart Heaven and Earth. It sliced apart these clouds directly through the middle, then like a whale absorbing water, the black clouds completely dispersed.

At this moment, countless people had a sensation ——

As if the sky itself was sliced apart by this sword strike.

The cloud layers disappeared.

The snow had all fallen.

The originally inky black sky, suddenly became clear. They were a dazzling blue from the entire sky, not even a shred of a cloud left to be seen. The golden colour of the sun shone from the flat line in the west, raising the temperature of the coldness of these past days in Deer city. It was as if spring had returned.

The battle temporarily ended.

“w.a.n.g Jianru, you’ve really managed to master the [Splitting heaven sword will]” A incomparably shocked voice sounded out from a black ray of light, reverberating through the city. “Haha, but this time you can’t manage to kill me. I will return, I won’t just give up. The girl of darkness has already appeared in Deer city, her blood has been awakened. No one can block us, what does it matter if we slaughter the entire Deer city? Hahaha!”

Before he had finished.

The black ray of light disappeared in the South west direction.

But this arrogant and domineering voice, as if it was the clap of thunder, reverberated throughout the skies, not fading for a long time.

The terrifying ripples left by this battle stilled fluctuated within the skies. As if it was a heavy ancient mountain, it pressed down, stifling the hearts of everyone. Even if it was a normal person who did not practice the martial way, they felt their breathing becoming difficult. A suffocating sensation that caused the hearts to fill with fear.

Ye Qingyu still looked up at the skies.

Not only Ye Qingyu. In this instant, countless martial experts were still staring into the sky.

Because with the skies, there was one person with long hair and caressing a sword floating in the air.

A woman.

A woman wearing a mask.

Her black coloured long hair flowed with the wind. Her silver mask was like flowing quicksilver on her face. She had a palace white long dress. Lowering her head, her left hand dainty like jade, she lightly held the long sword in her hand that was s.h.i.+ning with light. As if she was thinking of something, or as if she was remembering something.  As if she was a mysterious lone fairy.

The wind blew past.

The dress moved but the person did not. An indescribable elegance.

This female immortal, was one of the parties of that great battle. She was the person that ultimately sliced apart the roiling black clouds.

His mind flickered with the images of that battle that shook the heavens. Ye Qingyu’s heart was filled with shock but also a hard to suppress excitement. There was a inexpressible stimulation given to Ye Qingyu by this fight, as if it was a battle between deities and devils. He swore silently, that there would be a day, that he would also reach such a level.

The next instant——

The s.p.a.ce in the skies seemed to distort slightly, then everything returned to normal.

The female immortal, w.a.n.g Jianru’s figure disappeared, nowhere to be seen.

The battle that had shaken the entire Deer city, that had made every faction feel as if they were facing a great enemy, ended just like that.

Ye Qingyu looked around everywhere before jumping back down. He could see that the radiance from all directions had disappeared, the different formations having stop functioning. Looking in the Northern military leader, he could see that the beacon like lights were dispersing, the army formation also stopping….

The atmosphere of hostility gradually faded.

From the surface ,it was as if everything within White Deer city had became peaceful again.

But Ye Qingyu was clear in his heart, that the waves caused by this battle had just begun.

The white dressed w.a.n.g Jianru, just who was she?

And the person who had lost, that black ray of light, just who was he?

Before leaving, the black ray of light had revealed too much information. This was a heavy information that was enough to shake the entire Deer mountain range

Questions after question was asked in Ye Qingyu’s heart. Jumping down from the roof, he returned to the mansion.

“Little Yu….” Qin Lan and the others looked at Ye Qingyu nervously.

Ye Qingyu gave them a smile. “It’s nothing, its only a struggle between the great people, it has nothing to do with us. Everyone has no need to worry, just go back to what you were doing. Today I have to celebrate Aunt Lan’s birthday, everyone quickly go prepare. Even if the sky falls down, there will be people taller than us to support it. There are over a hundred n.o.ble families within the cities with an army numbering over the thousands. If someone dares to cause trouble within the city, they will definitely be slaughtered by the army.

The servants quickly dispersed, rus.h.i.+ng to prepare the birthday feast.

After speaking with Qin Lan and Little Gra.s.s, Ye Qingyu returned to his own little courtyard and began training.

The nameless breathing technique, was Ye Qingyu’s homework that could not be budged.

Nouris.h.i.+ng his own body, absorbing yuan qi of Heaven and Earth, nurturing the three Spirit springs within his desert world was the most foundation method of the martial way.

Practicing techniques but not training your foundation was something extremely ill advised. In the end, all would become futile.

No matter how great the battle technique, it needed the foundation of a strong inner yuan.

Without a strong inner yuan, even if a divine battle technique was in front of you, it was only the reflection of the moon on water.

Ye Qingyu once again entered into a familiar state.

And at this time, the silly dog Big Head had awakened. Wriggling from Ye Qingyu’s embrace and seeing that Ye Qingyu was training, he did not disturb him. He began inspecting the little courtyard, sniffing and smelling every little thing. Who knows what he was looking for, he seemed curious about everything……

*term for talented people that organisations liked to keep around

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