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The arrival of the Abandoned FiendG.o.d heralded a significant s.h.i.+ft in terms of the direction of the battle.

He was as powerful as the Ancient Ghostly Emperor; when he emerged from the gate of blood, he was so powerful that the gate of blood almost broke apart—this was a gate that had absorbed a vast amount of blood qi and souls from Saints, but it was now on the verge of collapse because of the arrival of the Abandoned FiendG.o.d. This showed how terrifying the Abandoned FiendG.o.d was, and it was as though a large rock had been thrown into a pond filled with blood that caused the blood in the river to overflow.

The Abandoned FiendG.o.d’s gaze swept across the entire battlefield; he didn’t join the battle of the six divine generals and the other Martial Emperors against the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the other fiendG.o.ds from an alternate timeline, since it was not intense enough to pique his interest.

He looked up to the void above the firmament and ultimately decided to join the battle of the Divine Light Emperor and the Ancient Ghostly Emperor.

The ultimate outcome hinged on this battle.

After another king of the sovereigns joined the battle, the Divine Light Emperor clearly felt the pressure since he could have continued holding the Ancient Ghostly Emperor at bay, maintaining a position where they were evenly tied. This display of power from the peak Martial Emperor of that era had been enough to stun the Ancient Ghostly Emperor and the other fiendG.o.ds from an alternate timeline. However, after the Abandoned FiendG.o.d joined the battle, the Divine Light Emperor was at an unfair disadvantage.

“I’m surprised that the both of you would join forces given how powerful and lofty each of you are,” the Divine Light Emperor said as his wings formed from his [Sword of Divine Light] flapped behind him.

There was no trace of fear on his face and his power of light surged like an ocean. He might have been up against two kings of the sovereigns, but he did not show any sign of retreating. He stood like a monolith in an ocean with strong undertows, facing off against two peerless foes.

“This is a battle of Dao systems and destiny, not a battle to determine who would be the strongest, so there’s no need to care about scruples,” the Ancient Ghostly Emperor said coldly and nonchalantly, his voice drifting in and out.

“The end justifies the means,” the Abandoned FiendG.o.d said simply.

These two kings of the sovereigns looked very calm; neither of them thought that it was beneath their status to join forces to kill the Divine Light Emperor, since this was not a battle for honor and personal gain, but a battle of ideals and Dao systems. It was a battle that transcended one’s honor and they only cared about the final outcome. The process didn’t matter to them.

The Divine Light Emperor did not continue to argue with them because he knew that there was no point in doing so.

The battle in the starry skies became even more terrifying.

The Divine Light Emperor barely managed to hang on.

He unleashed his true earth-shattering combat power and the strength he displayed was extremely terrifying. He still managed to endure, even against the attacks of two kings of the sovereigns; the power that he displayed smashed all historical records and would never be replicated again in future times. Even the Abandoned FiendG.o.d and the Ancient Ghostly Emperor were extremely shocked by his display of power.

The battle between the six divine generals and the others against the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the four other fiendG.o.ds was slowly and gradually starting to s.h.i.+ft—the fiendG.o.ds had gained the upper hand especially after they absorbed the blood qi and yuan essence of several slain Emperor-level experts. They used this as nourishment; the injuries sustained from their battle with the Divine Light Emperor gradually healed. their strength continually soared and they gained the upper hand.

The spirit monkey battle pet Sun Wukong was forced to jump into the fray, to protect the six divine generals and the others.

This meant that the Sky Emperor managed to slip away from his battle with Sun Wukong.

He seemed to have been completely overcome with bloodl.u.s.t, and immediately charged toward the troops that had arrived from the various other forces to lend aid. Then, he went on a merciless killing rampage, ruthlessly killing everything he saw and poured their blood, flesh, bones, and spirit into the four blood formations.

It was obvious that the Sky Emperor was not satisfied with the arrival of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor and the Abandoned FiendG.o.d, but he wanted to use the gate of blood to summon even more fiendG.o.ds and sovereigns from the alternate timelines.

His crazed actions were completely baffling.

“If he wanted to take revenge on the Divine Light Emperor or wanted to kill him, the number of fiendG.o.ds who have invaded this world would be more than enough to accomplish his goal. What exactly is the Sky Emperor after? Has he become completely mad and is now h.e.l.l-bent on destroying everything in this timeline and this era, dragging the entire world down along with him? No, this shouldn’t be it. The Sky Emperor is not such a crazed and unreasonable man. He is definitely up to something,” Ye Qingyu mulled to himself as he watched the battles unfold.

The Divine Light Emperor was bathed in blood high up in the firmament.

The top warrior of that era’s martial way civilization was finally injured.

His gigantic white wings formed from his sword of light were broken and torn, while his blood had splashed across the skies.

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor and the Abandoned FiendG.o.d were not much better off; injuries had also formed on their bodies. It had been ages since they were hurt after they had attained such a high cultivation and strength. In fact, they had forgotten what being injured felt like, but they felt an immense pressure from battling the Divine Light Emperor and didn’t dare hold anything back. They fought with all their might, but they were still unable to kill the Divine Light Emperor within a short span of time.

“As expected, there is a transcendent opportunity that is probably in your possession, but we can’t afford to let you achieve your goals. If you manage to transcend, you would wreck our plans,” the Ancient Ghostly Emperor said. He admired the Divine Light Emperor’s strength, his junior on the martial way, but he did not let his admiration get in the way of his ultimate goal. He had to kill the Divine Light Emperor; otherwise, all their plans would be for naught.

“This is not the right time yet, so we must not let the flower bloom, nor allow fruits to grow on this tree,” the Abandoned FiendG.o.d said coldly and attacked even more frantically after being bathed in blood.

The Divine Light Emperor did not say anything.

After he surpa.s.sed the Martial Emperor cultivation, he had already vaguely detected the presence of these sovereigns from an alternate timeline. He had made a few calculations and discovered several things that were beyond this timeline, and also came to know about several secrets. This was why he gradually lost interest in expeditions and killing others, and also disregarded the power and authority he held in this world.

He had been expecting this battle but the only thing that caught him off-guard was the Sky Emperor’s betrayal and downfall to insanity.

If it hadn’t been for the Sky Emperor, for his betrayal, this battle would have taken place at a later date.

No one was able to accurately predict the future; the Divine Light Emperor was also unable to do so.

The battle in the firmament intensified and these three kings of the sovereigns also began to sustain injuries. G.o.ds would also bleed and this was especially so since they hadn’t truly transcended. However, they were so powerful that even if they were injured, it was unlikely that those injuries would be life-threatening, and neither would they truly affect their foundation. They were only a whisker away from true transcendence, extremely close to living for eternity, so it was almost impossible to injure them. They could be killed but the process would take ages; life would need to be drained out of them bit by bit, so it was impossible to kill them instantly.


The gate of blood trembled violently once again.

A terrifying aura that was extremely powerful exploded out from the gate of blood.

The aura from the gate of blood was extremely frightening this time, even above the auras released by the Abandoned FiendG.o.d and the Ancient Ghostly Emperor.

A golden foot slowly stepped out from the gate of blood.

The earth shook and mountains trembled.

It was as though this golden foot had the power to crush the entire world under its feet with each step. The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the other fiendG.o.ds from alternate timelines turned pale; terror was written all over their faces. It was obvious that they recognized the owner of the golden foot and were both terrified and fearful of him.

“Is… is he really about to descend upon this world?”

“My G.o.d, am I dreaming? How could it be? Does it mean that this person is also after the opportunity from this era and timeline? How could this be?” the Dark Purple Sovereign exclaimed in shock.

The gigantic octopus and the White-Boned Sovereign quickly retreated, as though they didn’t dare to be near that golden foot. They were well aware of how terrifying the owner of the golden foot was.

The Sky Emperor’s face was filled with fervor and madness.

He laughed loudly and said, “Haha, this is great. Let’s wipe everything out and start afresh.”

Soon, a golden phantom figure was projected out from the gate of blood. The golden foot stepped across the gate of blood’s threshold and took a heavy step outside. However, it seemed to have difficulty crossing over, so his golden blood shadow was projected from the gate of blood first.

It was hard to describe the appearance of this golden phantom figure because it was so blurry, but it was extremely powerful. The aura from his blood projection alone was even more terrifying than the Ancient Ghost Emperor’s aura.

It opened its eyes.

Its eyes were like divine swords that cut through all power of laws, destroyed all Dao principles, and crushed all order as they hurtled toward the Divine Light Emperor.

That was a lethal attack.

Even the powerful Divine Light Emperor felt the shadow of death loom over as the attack hurtled toward him.

However, before the Divine Light Emperor could react, another figure appeared from the gate of blood and two chains of order appeared from the gate, one golden and the other silver. They appeared later but arrived faster than the golden phantom shadow’s attacks. Then, these chains of order immediately slashed the two eye beams from the golden phantom figure, turning them into pieces midair.

It was another formidable figure.

That was a person whose power was definitely on par with the golden phantom figure.

“The power of the rusty sword and demon saber… Sword-Saber Divine Emperor, how dare you stop me?” the golden phantom figure asked as he suddenly turned around, looking back at the gate of blood. His voice was wizened and ancient, distant and enraged.

The golden and silver chains of order circulated in the firmament, then transformed into a phantom figure. He had long black hair and was dressed in black robes, his figure tall and slender. He looked like he was from the Human Race; his aura was extremely majestic and powerful, upright and righteous. He was starkly different, compared to the fiendG.o.ds from alternate timelines who had emerged from the gate of blood; his blunt saber and rusty sword could be seen poking out from his back. His saber will and sword qi swirled around him simultaneously, suppressing the golden phantom figure. He was evidently a peerless and unparalleled martial warrior, who had also been projected from the gate of blood.

“Every flower would have its time to bloom. Flowers from the outside world may not suppress the magnificence of the current era… If this opportunity doesn’t belong to your time, you mustn’t force it,” the black-robed and black-haired projection spoke. His voice was clear and resonant; his aura was so powerful that it brooked no resistance. He was evidently on the Divine Light Emperor’s side and made it very clear that he would not allow anyone to kill the Divine Light Emperor.

“Who would be able to defeat the sword and saber from the black-robed master? A single thought from him is able to entrap in ice for millions of years… You’re known to be matchless in the art of the sword and saber. Ding Hao, this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to stop me. Do you really think that I wouldn’t be able to defeat you?” the golden phantom figure said angrily and resentfully. He clearly recognized this black-robed figure and addressed him by name.
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