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Chapter 1301: Shock all sides


“How is that possible?”



Countless people, in this moment, as if they saw a ghost, were unable to contain the shock in their hearts, and cried out in surprise one after another.

Such a scene was too shocking. The dozens of Quasi-emperors, who were high and mighty martial arts existences, in front of Ye Qingyu, were unable to withstand a single blow. Ye Qingyu had only released his aura, but the so-called Quasi-emperor alliance was already falling apart.

Watching the Quasi-emperors sinking to their knees, one after another, all eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to burst.

“You… you… you…” The Four Stars Holy Girl had lost the previous ruthlessness and calm, struggling to look up at where Ye Qingyu was. “You’re already…” She was already a top expert among the Quasi-emperors, and had almost stepped onto the eighth step of the Quasi-emperor realm. She thought that she could firmly suppress Ye Qingyu, and even if she were unable to, she had other methods to deal with him. However, she didn’t think that Ye Qingyu, by only slightly releasing his aura, was able to turn all her self-confidence and preparation into a cloud of smoke.

What cultivation realm has Ye Qingyu reached?

The ninth step of the Quasi-emperor realm?

The peak of Quasi-emperor?

Or… Martial Emperor?

Stormy waves were lifted in the heart of the Four Stars Holy Girl.

Having the same reaction and expression as her were the other great Quasi-emperors.

Feeling the vast power rus.h.i.+ng forth from Ye Qingyu’s body, even if they were to activate their Quasi-emperor qi to its peak, they would still absolutely look like little boats in a stormy sea… no, stems of gra.s.s, unable to control themselves and overpowered by a force beyond the scope of their understanding. That sense of powerlessness was like the feeling of not being able to control your body when you’re just born.

Heavens, how did this happen?

What power is this?

Ye Qingyu is that strong?

They couldn’t understand why something like this would happen.

Ximen Yeshui finally couldn’t help bursting into laughter, while slapping his legs. “Hahaha, so funny, a group of clowns suddenly found… found that they are besieging a tiger… that feeling…”

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon and other officials of the Heaven Wasteland Building, at this moment, were completely dumbfounded.

Although they believed that as long as Ye Qingyu appears, he can certainly reverse the situation, can save the crisis, but they didn’t think the method that Ye Qingyu would use to reverse the situation to be so simple, so relaxed and so casual… Seeing the high and mighty Quasi-emperors all kneeling on the ground, like dogs that have had their spine broken, that feeling was really too satisfying, even more so than eating ice-cold watermelon in the shade on the hottest day.

At the same time, they also couldn’t help a huge question coming to mind.

Lord Ye Qingyu, what cultivation realm was he at now?

The peak of the Quasi-emperor?



There were two words that came to their minds, but they were afraid to say them out loud.

Because those words were too terrifying and too shocking.

But, the next moment, Ximen Yeshui said it straight out——

“Haha, Quasi-emperors? Are Quasi-emperors terrifying? Can Quasi-emperors destroy everything? You really are too naive, like frogs at the bottom of a well. The reason for the emergence of this golden era is because my Brother Ye Qingyu has opened up the pa.s.s of heaven and earth, killed all the enemies of darkness, so that the laws of heaven and earth and the tide of power of the Vast Thousand Domains can surge to their highest peak. You are just a group of pathetic worms who enjoy other people’s success. Even if you had become Quasi-emperors, you are still like jumping clowns, can’t wait to jump out and try to overthrow the order that wasn’t easy to calm? To tell you the truth, there is not only one Martial Emperor in my Heaven Wasteland Empire. A present age Martial Emperor also follows my Brother Ye Qingyu… Haha, you ugly ants want to destroy the Heaven Wasteland Empire? What a joke. A tiny insect is trying to shake a mighty tree,” Ximen Yeshui scolded to his heart’s content.

He really couldn’t stand watching this group of frog-like clowns.

He did scold to his heart’s content, but everyone around him, hearing what he had said, were so shocked that they saw stars dance before their eyes and were about to faint.

Because the information revealed was too astonis.h.i.+ng.

There is more than one Martial Emperor in the Heaven Wasteland Empire?

A present age Martial Emperor is following Ye Qingyu?

What sort of level had Ye Qingyu’s strength reached? Above the Martial Emperor?

This… have we misheard it?

Someone subconsciously rubbed his eyes and rubbed his ears.

What Ximen Yeshui said can be said to be the most unbelievable thing that the many experts present had heard in their lives. If it were at any other previous occasion, no matter who it was that said such words, they would have been treated as a madman. But at this moment, seeing several Quasi-emperors being suppressed by Ye Qingyu’s imposing manner like ants, they kind of believed in what Ximen Yeshui said.

If he had not reached the Martial Emperor realm then how could he have suppress so many Quasi-emperors with imposing manner alone?

Heavens, is that the true strength of the strongest person in the world?

It was funny how there were so many people before, including the experts who appeared at the Heaven Wasteland Building today, who thought that they can challenge Ye Qingyu, can step on Ye Qingyu, but now it seemed that these people were really like clowns. Fortunately, Ye Qingyu did not think it was worth pursuing further. Otherwise these people’s graves would have been covered in one-foot-tall gra.s.s already.

The people who had yet to stand up to blatantly go against Heaven Wasteland Domain and Ye Qingyu were secretly glad, looking at the Quasi-emperors kneeling on the ground with undisguised pity.

These Quasi-emperors are really unlucky.

“The world needs to be purified, needs to be cleaned, starting with you.” Ye Qingyu lowered his head, his expression biting cold, as if he were a high and mighty G.o.d issuing a sentence.

Before today, Ye Qingyu had also thought again and again on how to change the Vast Thousand Domains. After all, this was a vibrant world full of vitality, unlike the Dark Realm, where no one dares to speak out. The Vast Thousand Domains was the world that had been protected in a greenhouse after Ye Chongsheng had created the Dark Realm. It was no exaggeration to say that, although the average level of martial arts in the major domains of the Vast Thousand Domains was much worse than that of the Dark Realm, it was only this bright world, which had different levels of martial arts, that contains infinite possibilities. Therefore, Ye Qingyu did not want to treat the Vast Thousand Domains the same as he did with the Dark Realm. He did not want to enforce a major change, because he felt that perhaps there was a reason why Ye Chongsheng established the Dark Realm outside the Vast Thousand Domains, and thereby leaving the major domains of the Vast Thousand Domains alone. Thus it was best not to interfere too much in the development process of the Vast Thousand Domains.

But now, after learning about the actions of the Four Stars Holy Girl and others, Ye Qingyu had changed his mind.

The development process of the Vast Thousand Domains really cannot be interfered with, but that does not prevent Ye Qingyu from cleaning up some evil forces in the world. The existence of these cancers will hinder the development of the Vast Thousand Domains.

“No, Lord Ye Qingyu, spare us..” The Quasi-emperor shrouded in deep green, who was the first to jump out previously, roared, “Please listen to my explanation…”

“We were tricked by that woman of the Four Stars Sect.”

“We were forced, we had no other choice…”

Several other Quasi-emperors of the alliance also began to beg for mercy. They could sense the killing intent within Ye Qingyu’s words, but they did not want to die. It was not easy to catch up with such a golden era or to become a Quasi-emperor, and in the future there was even hope of becoming a Martial Emperor.

If they were able to survive this time, they swore that they would absolutely never dare to touch Heaven Wasteland Domain and Ye Qingyu again.

“We are willing to pledge our allegiance to Lord Ye Qingyu.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” The Quasi-emperor shrouded in purple aura cried repeatedly, “I am willing to join Heaven Wasteland Domain, fight for Heaven Wasteland Domain. I am willing to go through water and tread on fire on Lord Ye Qingyu’s command…”

This was absolutely a shameful performance.

“My subordinates, I don’t need trash like you with a soft backbone.”

Ye Qingyu shook his head and refused directly.

His aura was slightly released, and in the midst of booming noises, the Quasi-emperors who were begging for mercy, suddenly exploded into clumps of blood that dyed the ground red. All flesh, blood, and essence were turned into clouds of blood mist, floated up, and fell in the hands of Ye Qingyu, before being refined into a bright-red blood pill and stored away.

Everyone around, upon seeing this scene, was simply scared out of their wits.

Eight Quasi-emperors, such a powerful force, had already chose to surrender, were willing to be slaves, but were rejected by Ye Qingyu and relentlessly killed. Many people vaguely thought of the names that Ye Qingyu had back then, such as [Ice sword killing G.o.d] and Madman Ye. Even after so many years, Madman Ye’s murderous nature still had not changed.

“No, I don’t believe it, how can you do this, ah ah ah…” The Holy Girl’s eyes were red as blood, crazy roaring and desperately struggling, “Die, die…” There was a strange aura all around her as she desperately activated some kind of secret technique. A stream of blood light spewed out from her mouth, shooting towards Ye Qingyu, and surprisingly broke through the suppression of Ye Qingyu’s aura.

That blood light was a red shuttle.

This shuttle not only contained the blood and essence of the Four Stars Holy Girl, but also a hidden evil force, incomparable terrifying. The power was even several times more terrifying than the imposing manner of the several Quasi-emperors combined.

“This is what you are relying on?” Ye Qingyu faintly shook his head, reached his hand out like he was picking a leaf from a tree, and directly caught the red shuttle in his hands. He pinched his fingers together, and then the terrifying imposing manner and murderous spirit all vanished like smoke.

As expected it was the means of the Sky Emperor.

Ye Qingyu was able to distinguish the underworld force within, and could tell that it was consistent with the Sky Emperor’s underworld technique.

Perhaps, the reason why the Holy Girl can be revived and the event today, which targeted against the Heaven Wasteland Empire, were greatly related to the Sky Emperor. The haunting ghost really is unwilling to leave.

Watching Ye Qingyu effortlessly dissolve her final killing move, the Four Stars Holy Girl took on a look of despair.
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