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Chapter 591, Fast change of scene 

An hour later. 

In the stone room of the Underground Moon Immortal Palace.

Everyone was gathered together with a cheerful look on their face and their spirit seemed very good. Evidently their injuries had fully healed, and, like Ye Qingyu, they have benefited greatly here. The condition of their bodies were much better than when they had just arrived at the Underground Moon Immortal Palace. 

They had been hiding in the Underground Moon Immortal Palace for one whole month, completely unaware of the current situation outside.

Although they would be safe here, everyone knew that they should not wait anymore.  

“I wonder how the outside situation is now. The Heaven Desire Demon Sect has evil intentions against our Hundred Spirits Sect. We have been cultivating and recuperating for one month already, while Master is outside and without help. How could they fight against the Heaven Desire Demon Sect!” The little junior sister of the Hundred Spirits Sect Liu Ruxin said, a worried frown crossing her delicate and beautiful face.

Shen Menghua was also inwardly worried and anxious about the safety of the Hundred Spirits Sect. 

But she also knew that she cannot ask Ye Qingyu again to do anything for them, so she silently stood aside and did not say a word, pondering about something.  

Nan Tieyi also felt the same way. “Yes, before coming to the Underground Moon Immortal Palace the situation was already chaotic. In the confrontation between the Human Race and the Demon Spider Race, just how many changes have occurred in this one month?”

They all nodded and agreed, only Old Fish was fully concentrated on grilling fish and the silly dog Little Nine was drooling over it.

Ye Qingyu was worried about Heaven Wasteland Domain.

He was very clear that, even if the major forces of Clear River Domain were unable to obtain the domain coordinates of Heaven Wasteland Domain from him and Yu Xiaoxing, the domain gate of Heaven Wasteland Domain had already been opened and the domain coordinates was shown on the boundary sky wall. The coordinates of Heaven Wasteland Domain will be exposed sooner or later! 

The forces of Clear River Domain may also possibly use some other means to find the entrance to Heaven Wasteland Domain!

He was incredibly anxious.  

Ye Qingyu swept his eyes across the crowd and after a brief thought, said solemnly, “Staying here is not a good way to solve the current problem, we should go out to explore and see.” 

Hu Bugui was the first one to agree.  

The bandit leader stretched and moved about his arms and legs, jumping up and down. “I agree, I am going to suffocate soon, if I do not go out to stretch my muscles, my bones will rust!”

The crowd broke into laughter. 

Ye Qingyu continued, “But if we go out now, there will be a risk. If the people had not retreated we would have to flee again, and adding to this we have a large number of people with us now, it will be inconvenient to travel, so I think this time only a few people should go out to take a look first.” 

“Indeed.” Liu Shaji nodded. 

After one month of resting, Liu Shaji had resumed his elegant young master demeanor, and a faint liveliness was radiating from his every movement. 

“Then the candidate to go out,” Shen Menghua’s eyes lit up, but then she stopped halfway between her sentence.  

“I’ll go,” Ye Qingyu said with a smile.  

“Count me in!” Hu Bugui said eagerly. 

“I’ll go too!” Liu Shaji smiled. 

“And me,”  Nan Tieyi said unhesitantly. 

Old Fish twisted his head around to look at everyone and grinned, “I am too old, I won’t go, hehe.”

When they heard the first word from Old Fish, they thought he was going to tell them that he will bravely go out, but when he finished his sentence they were all speechless.

Ye Qingyu ignored Old Fish, looked at Hu Bugui, Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi, slightly pondering. 

“Think quickly, I can’t wait anymore, I tell you if you don’t let me out today. I’m done!” Hu Bugui could not hold back his temper, and impatiently interrupted. 

“Then you go, my ears can finally have some peace and quiet.” Old Fish scratched his ear and said irritably. 

Ye Qingyu understood Old Fish’s meaning. 

Then I and Old Hu will go out to take a look, I will bring Little Nine and Old Hu will bring his treasures, so we can protect ourselves if we run into anyone. As for Brother Shaji and Tieyi, please patiently wait for our news here.” 

Hu Bugui triumphantly laughed when he heard this.  

“Hahaha, this is more like it! I can finally go out to exercise my muscles! Then he clapped his hands upon the shoulders of Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi. “Don’t worry you two, you two can go next time, hehe.” 

Liu Shaji calmly patted Hu Bugui back on the hand, nodding. “No worries, we will stay here to wait for your news. If someone accidentally broke in here, it won’t be a problem for Tieyi and I to defend this place, you just need to worry about the outside.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded, “Good! I will leave this place to you.”

Shen Menghua stepped forward, bowing her head deeply to Ye Qingyu. “I also hope that Brother Ye can find out about the current status of the Hundred Spirits Sect. If you have any spare energy, I hope Brother Ye can help us out. Menghua will be very grateful.” 

Ye Qingyu slightly smiled, “It’s a very slight effort, so why say thanks? I have already promised to help the Hundred Spirits Sect. I naturally will not go back on my words.” 

Shen Menghua did not know how to express her gratefulness into words. She understood that Ye Qingyu was not someone that cares about mere formality and etiquette, nodded to Ye Qingyu and stepped back to stand next to her s.h.i.+shu and two junior sisters. 

Yu Xiaoxing cast a glance over at the direction of Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin, a slight inexplicable smiling expression flickered within her sharp eyes, and quietly stood to one side.  

Ye Qingyu looked over at Yu Xiaoxing, nodded, and said a few words to her before he turned back to face everyone. “Then we will go now.” 

With Liu Shaji, Nan Tieyi and Old Fish watching over the Underground Moon Immortal Palace, there was sure to be nothing happening. Ye Qingyu had nothing to worry about, so after a little preparation, set off with Hu Bugui. 


The Greater One mountains. 

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ 

Two beams of brilliance. 


The next moment, the two beams of light like bombs dropped to the ground, whipping up dust and sand.

A moment later, the light dispersed as two figures, one fat and one thin, emerged.  

The thin man was constantly fanning away the dust. “Bah, why is there so much dust, what is that strange smell, it’s suffocating!” 

When the fat man landed, he immediately looked around, too busy to heed the thin man’s complaints.

These two figures were the two people that had returned to the ground from the Underground Moon Immortal Palace, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

The nimble fat man was the changed appearance of Ye Qingyu, and the thin person was the great thief Hu Bugui.

Before leaving the Underground Moon Immortal Palace, Hu Bui insisted the elegant Ye Qingyu to disguise as a fat man, while he change into a thin, bamboo pole-like appearance. 

Ye Qingyu did not care about appearances, so followed Hu Bugui’s suggestion and paid not the slightest attention to Hu Bugui’s mischievous idea.

The two men scanned the surroundings.  

The low, dark sky was covered in thick and dense demonic qi. The sky was gloomy, without the slightest glimmer of light, pale, blood-red mist filled the lifeless primeval forest, and there was a rotten odour within the vile pungent blood stench.

The once beautiful and enchanting fairyland-like Greater One mountain regions had been completely turned into an Asurlike death land, even the air was disgusting and nauseating. 

The surroundings were an utter silence. 

Without the slightest living force.  

“How would it become like this, have we gone to the wrong place?” A look of disbelief crossed Hu Bugui’s face. 

“Look over there!” Ye Qingyu’s pointed his fingers to the east. 

“This…” Hu Bugui looked over in the direction that Ye Qingyu pointed, his heart palpitating. He could only see a blood-red colour across the sky, like blood had dyed the sky red.

He carefully sensed the surroundings and suddenly trembled with shock.

Not far away in the eastern direction, there was a lake concealed within the blood mist, which was where the stench was coming from. 

“Go over and see.” Ye Qingyu’s overweight body moved eastward, deftly.  

“There is no life here, flowers and trees are dead, all living things are gone.” Hu Bugui quickly caught up with Ye Qingyu’s pace. 

“This has become a dead place. It is no longer tranquil and peaceful, and no longer the enchanting and beautiful landscape before.” Ye Qingyu sighed. 

A moment later, the two men had already arrived at the lakeside that was shrouded in red mist.

The striking red lake was evaporating into faint red mist, and the thick stench of blood floated up from the lake.

There were thousands of corpses piled across the thousand-meter-long bloodstained lake, of both the Human Race and Demon Race, and both complete and incomplete. 

The whole blood lake was like Asura h.e.l.l, emitting an oppressive, b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere. 

The remnants of qi in the air formed bursts of irregular waves, striking in all directions with an evil and fierce spirit.  

Ye Qingyu stared at the h.e.l.l-like scene for a while, before he exclaimed in a tone of shock and disbelief. “I remember here was just low-lying ground covered with a variety of spiritual gra.s.s and flowers, and auspicious creatures were everywhere. Now it has become a pool of blood, the war between the two races is already so tragic! This low-lying land must accommodate at least dozens of experts’ corpse to form this blood lake of thousands of meters long!” 

The shock on Hu Bugui’s face had not diminished at all.  

He spotted a corpse in the blood lake and suddenly exclaimed, “Heavens, that is the Master of the Vast Heaven Sect. Decades ago he killed a Demon Spider prince with the supreme techniques of his Broken Cloud sword. And from then on he became well known, to think he would have also perished here.” 

Ye Qingyu looked over to where Hu Bugui’s line of sight was on, only to see that at the edge of the blood lake was an upper body torn from the waist that was pouring out blood. 

It was a middle-aged man with a face that looked only forty or fifty years old, with a dignified appearance.

Even when fallen, he still maintained a solemn and tragic look.

The scarlet blood soaked his torn clothes, and the clothes on his severed waist was fluttering in the wind.

The mangled organs and intestines were ripped from his severed waist and scattered over the blood lake.

His hands clenched a dark and gloomy sword, the broken sword was covered with cracks.

A grey crystal stone inlaid on the hilt was covered with cracks. It had lost its original l.u.s.ter, and could be turned into ashes at any time.  

“His enemies are there.” Ye Qingyu pointed to a corpse not far away. 

Hu Bugui followed the direction that Ye Qingyu pointed to, where a giant demon wolf expert was floating on the blood lake. 

A fractured blade was stabbed right between the eyebrows, the eyeb.a.l.l.s had burst out from the hideous beast face, leaving a terrified and shocked expression on its face. 

Its giant claw was tightly grasping the lower body of a human, and the style of clothes of the severed corpse indeed belonged to the master of the Vast Heaven Sect just now!  

“Sigh, even if one’s name is known across the world, one still cannot escape this battle. This may be the fate of martial experts,” Hu Bugui said in a melancholy tone. 

He tapped the ground with his foot, turning into a stream of light and darted over to the demon wolf expert’s body. His palm transformed into a blade to sever the wolf’s giant claw and to bring the lower body of the Vast Heaven Sect master back to the lake side.

“It may be the only thing we can do for him now,” Hu Bugui said solemnly. 

Once he finished speaking he thrust out his fist, creating a deep pit on the lakeside, and solemnly laid the two severed bodies in neatly, and then, with Ye Qingyu, buried the Master of the Vast Heaven Sect in soil. 

Having done all this, the two men bowed deeply to the simple and crude grave by the blood lake. 

Ye Qingyu patted Hu Bugui on the shoulder, “Old Hu, let’s go forward ahead and see.” 


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