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Chapter 338 – The Era of the Sect Returning

The origin of the treacherous little sword was a mystery. Ever since five years ago, it was a mystery, but from the beginning till now, it has a close relations.h.i.+p with the Ye family. Regarding the person or the force behind it, as Ye Qingyu’s biggest enemy, was not overemphasizing in the slightest.

In such a moment, Ye Qingyu suddenly had an impulse to open the coffin.

His parents have been buried for five years, yet this treacherous little silver sword still wants to attack the stone coffins. Is it because that in the stone coffins was a secret hiding within? Or was it that his parents had not died at all?

Ye Qingyu felt a sudden rush of excitement.

But when his hand almost touched the stone coffin, he hesitated.

Since his mother had repeatedly told himself in the letter that he must place the stone coffins into Deer River and not open the coffin, then there must be a reason. Perhaps five years ago, she already knew what would happen today. If this was part of the plan, and he hastily opened the coffin, would it spoil the plan?

Ye Qingyu’s mind was filled with tangled thoughts, rambling around.

He finally drew a deep breath, lightly touched the stone coffin, and sent a faint wave of yuan qi to investigate. He immediately determined that in the stone coffin, there was indeed a corpse, which had not decayed, and at the right side of the stone coffin vaguely emitted the smell of the treacherous little sword… Nothing was wrong.


Ye Qingyu silently stood in the void for a long moment, and then finally, slowly sank the two stone coffins into Deer River.

He ultimately did not open the stone coffins to investigate.

The stone coffins slowly sank into Deer River and with the surging force and gus.h.i.+ng of river water, it was unknown where it would eventually be swept. The stone coffins were eventually swallowed by the muddy water and struck by chunks of ice. There was a thunderous water noise as sediments were washed down from the source of the river, and with the amount of water vapour in the air, the entire river channel was cloaked in a misty shroud.

Ye Qingyu again stood above the river for another long while, before returning to the riverside.

Next, Ye Qingyu, with the reminder of the person in charge, completed the ceremony, and thanked all the guests. After half an hour, he returned to Ye Mansion following the road that they came from.

Following the moving of the grave, it was already midday when they returned.

When his parents were buried in the cemetery, Ye Qingyu always felt like they were by his own side. Whenever he thought of them, he could go see them. He could always kneel in front of the grave to speak to them, as though his parents were just asleep under the ground and that they could hear him. But the stone coffins had sunk into the river, meaning that he would never see them again. For Ye Qingyu, this was tantamount to another heart-wrenching parting.

While cultivating in the back garden, Ye Qingyu felt restless. He felt empty, like he had lost something.

For the entire afternoon, Ye Qingyu sat in the pavilion of the garden.

At night, the Ye mansion held another banquet.

This was to acknowledge and express his thanks to the various powers of the city that helped them during the day. Although Ye Qingyu did not plan to fight for power for the Ye household, but he could not always live in isolation. If the Ye household wants to grow and continue to exist in Deer City, he needs to build friendly relations. The last time, no one could step through the door of the Ye mansion, but this time the big and small forces in the city finally had their wishes fulfilled.

After three rounds of wine, the evening lights were all brightly lit.

The guests left.

In the main hall, Ye Qingyu was chatting with Qin Lan, Little Gra.s.s, Tang San and other people, roughly explaining some of the future direction of the Ye residence, advising Little Gra.s.s in her martial arts training, and left her a set of martial exercises. He also told Tang San to pay attention to some matters when he is with the Dugu group. An hour of time had past.

Having arranged all the matters of the household, Ye Qingyu left Ye mansion under the moonlight.

He would be traveling overnight to the Qing Luan Province, and meet up with the [Bright Sword s.h.i.+p].

When he opened the door of the Ye mansion, the moonlight was just perfect.

It was almost the early summer, so the temperature was not as cold as in winter.

The breeze gently blew, the willow branches slightly swayed.

Ye Qingyu walked a few steps, when he suddenly sensed something. He twisted around to see that at the swaying shadow of the willow tree was a slim figure in white, standing quietly and looking at him.

“Senior sister Bai?” Ye Qingyu asked, slightly surprised.

Under the willow tree, the gentle and soft swaying shadows, dressed in a white combat outfit Bai Yuqing slowly walked out, an indifferent smile on her face as she said, “Just pa.s.sing by, Senior brother Ye is leaving?”

Ye Qingyu did not have much antipathy towards this n.o.ble girl. He nodded, saying, “Yes, I need to report at the Snow capital, it is time to leave.”

“Oh, then take care.” Bai Yuqing nodded.

Under the moon, with her head kept low, the outline of her beautiful face was more defined, and there was nothing strange in her voice.

Ye Qingyu felt that this G.o.ddess of White Deer Academy seemed a bit strange tonight, but he still gave a cupped fist salute and said, “Thank you, senior sister Bai.” After that, he did not know what to say.

The two people were really unfamiliar with each other. Even before, at White Deer Academy, they had not directly interacted with each other and there was no topic that they could talk about.

A moment of silence.

Bai Yuqing smiled. “Then, I’m going.”

With that, she turned away.

She really was just pa.s.sing by.

Ye Qingyu also did not think too much. Under the dim light of night, he waved goodbye.

It wasn’t until Ye Qingyu’s figure disappeared around the corner in the distance that Bai Yuqing glanced back, staring at the place he disappeared silently in a daze.

As the most glorious female student of White Deer Academy, receiving praises and admiration from all sides, she really had listened to too much, and also experienced too much. Almost all of the students of White Deer Academy viewed her as a high and mighty and cold G.o.ddess that overlooked the world of mortals. While she, as though she really was a G.o.ddess, looked at the majority of her peers with an indifferent and rejecting manner.

But don’t forget that, no matter how cold she was, she was essentially only a 16-year-old girl.

16-year-old girls yearn for love. Who doesn’t want a beautiful fantasy?

They had countless dreams about how one day they could meet their true love appearing on a rainbow cloud.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t met him yet.

Until the appearance of Ye Qingyu.

It can be said that Ye Qingyu, who had soared to the sky, no matter from which respect, all met the requirements that she had for her Prince Charming. But the problem was that, at the beginning, Bai Yuqing did not pay the slightest attention to Ye Qingyu, and although they were the students of the same Academy, they never had any interactions.

She never really knew him.

After some thought, Bai Yuqing felt a hint of regret, and a little ashamed. It should be said that as a senior sister, four years ago she came to a judgment that the arrogant and somewhat egotistical Ye Qingyu would not become a skilled master…

“To Snow capital?” On Bai Yuqing’s face, a strange expression emerged. “Then I’ll see you at Snow capital.”

After that, she finally turned away and left.

But Bai Yuqing did not see that, around the corner of the distant street, Ye Qingyu had not left, his footsteps came to a stop, as he saw another woman.

Another woman, appeared right in front of Ye Qingyu.

“Big brother Xiaoyu, can you forgive me?”
In the shadows of a tree in the corner, Jiang Xiaohan had tears streaming down her cheeks, and a look of guilt, looking at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

Towards the girl in front of him, he also was not clear about what kind of feelings he had for her.

The scene of them playing together as kids would still emerge on his mind from time to time. To Ye Qingyu, that time, with his parents by his side, was the happiest time in his childhood. This period of time would flicker in Ye Qingyu’s mind, and the most important thing was that, during that period of time, there were many memories of Jiang Xiaohan.

It was impossible to say that he had no resentment or hatred for Jiang Xiaohan’s actions.

Ye Qingyu was not a saint.

Especially when it was in the compet.i.tion against the Azure Phoenix Academy in the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. The worst was what Jiang Xiaohan said in the Heavens Pavillion. Her provocation had incited countless people’s poisonous thoughts. It had made Liu Yuancheng and Chen Moyun chase after him ——perhaps without Jiang Xiaohan’s provocation, a despicable person like Chen Moyun would still act. But Ye Qingyu reckoned that the death of the sentries could definitely be attributed in part to Jiang Xiaohan.

During his visit to Deer City this time, Ye Qingyu did not give Jiang Xiaohan a hard time, because when his parents were alive, they treated the little girl as their daughter, looked after her, and doted on her. She was also once a source of happiness to his parents.

But to forgive her?

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Junior sister Jiang, everything has pa.s.sed, I also have nothing to say, I can just advise you one sentence: one will be punished for their many misdeeds. I also hope you would listen, and in the future restrain yourself, so as not to, because of fame and wealth, drown your own heart. As for the relations.h.i.+p between us… there is nothing to say. It’s better we didn’t meet.”

Once he finished speaking, Ye Qingyu twisted around, turned into a stream of light and disappeared in the sky.

Jiang Xiaohan stood in her original place, tears running down her face, looking aggrieved.

“I am already very sincere to beg for your forgiveness. I’ve thrown away all my self-esteem to beg for your forgiveness. Why, why are you still so heartless?”

She lowered her head and muttered.

“Silly girl, I already told you to not find the heartless man, do not weep for him.” A black mist-like figure appeared out from the shadows of the willow tree, the appearance was unclear and the voice was a chilling cold that sent a s.h.i.+ver down the spine. “Can you give up now? Still hesitating? Come with me, the world is huge, he’s just a little third rated military Marquis.”

“I…” Jiang Xiaohan was hesitant.

“Why are you hesitating? Now the heavens and earth have changed, the weather is upside down, the spell of good fortune of the Snow Country has run out, the sect era will resume. Our [Pa.s.sionate Dao] was one of the ruler cla.s.s sects in the age of sects. You have a special body. Under our sect, you will sooner or later stand at the peak of the martial path. At that time, when you hold everything in your hands, a little kid at the Bitter Sea stage, you can do what you wish to him.”

On Jiang Xiaohan’s face, there was a struggling expression.


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