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And the resulting chain reaction from thisS caused his fist strength and momentum to be completely severed, the White Lotus Sword rain battering his body.

To this day, Ye Qingyu had only fused with three drops of the chaotic thunder liquid. Although the thunder liquid was cultivated by the Lightning and Thunder Emperor in the past, contained the power of chaos, but based on the number it was slightly too little. Under the bombardment of the White Lotus Immortal Sword’s killing strikes, he could only support for about three or four breaths of time, before finally completely collapsing.

The endless dazzling fatal sword qi was constantly pounding on Ye Qingyu’s body.

His figure was instantly submerged and seemed to be strangled into ashes. 

The battle was coming to a close.

“He is also regarded as a genius, but unfortunately had to go against my Greater One Sect. Under the White Lotus Immortal Sword, he cannot escape from the fate of annihilation.” 

Chen Shaohua’s sword paused slightly as he said aloud.

The fact that he could withstand for such a long time under the White Lotus Immortal Sword, and was still so young, made him have a little admiration for the successor of Thunder and Lightning Sect. 

There were several loud sighs around the lake.

A new talent was born, but unfortunately the person that he first challenged was too strong, and he was finally ended.

If the descendant of the Thunder and Lightning Sect was not so impatient to challenge Chen Shaohua, but slowly honed his skills for a few years, he would have radiated a more dazzling brilliance. 

Unfortunately it was too late. 

The crowd began to disperse.

At this moment—— 

 “Is this the power of the White Lotus Immortal Sword? That’s too disappointing.”

A slightly hoa.r.s.e but very firm voice sounded out from the scattering silver brilliance.

Then Ye Qingyu’s blurred body, in the eyes of all, gradually became visible.

By the lake, the disappointed sisters of the Hundred Spirits Sect instantly become alive and could barely contain their happiness.

He did not die. 

He was alive. 

Under the endless fatal blows of the White Lotus sword qi, he had miraculously survived.

There were numerous white marks across his body and some parts of his skin were broken, but there was only less than half a finger deep scars, and it had not even wounded his bones. 

At this moment, Xiao Yunlong’s face had turned ashy, thoroughly petrified, and the evil expression on his face had frozen, a laughing and crying expression, like an ugly clown.  

Those pretentious and arrogant geniuses who had intended to leave suddenly stopped and looked back to the lake with an expression of astonishment and shock, not less than that of Xiao Yunlong. And what made everyone more flabbergasted was that his clothes, the silver trousers and the pair of white boots, surprisingly were not the slightest bit damaged, still fully covering his body. 

There was no cry of surprise. 

Because everyone was utterly stunned by such an unbelievable result, that their mind had gone blank, and their line of thought was a bit disconnected.

A deathly silence. 

Even the experts of the older generation that came because of the news also revealed a look of disbelief.

Almost in the minds of all, there was only the word ‘impossible’. 

In this world, besides the martial arts emperor, it was impossible for someone to defend against the White Lotus Immortal Sword with their physical body and not die. After all, it was a divine weapon. 

In the midst of all the consternation, the first one to react was Chen Shaohua. 

Seeing his opponent forcibly resisted his [White Lotus Sword Attack] and remain uninjured, he immediately realized that he was in trouble.

As expected. 

Ye Qingyu’s lips curved into a proud smile, his scars began healing at a speed visible to the naked eye and in a flash there was not the slightest trace remaining. Standing on the bottom of the dried up lake, he slightly squat down and suddenly exerted force onto the ground. There was a loud bang, an explosion of air current, as though a hole had been blasted on the lake bottom, but his body was catapulted up like a fire meteor.

His imposing manner at this moment was difficult to describe.

His speed at this moment also could not be captured at all.

As though a humanoid divine weapon, Ye Qingyu’s body was directly tearing the air, instantly coming to before Chen Shaohua.

It was a fist as before. 

He threw out a punch. 

The clenched fist transformed into a dragon claw, the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] being silently activated, and shrouded by the strong light of the purple lightning. No one noticed such a change.

The light within a radius of dozens of meters was distorted by this single punch.

Chen Shaohua, even though he was a talented genius, under such a punch, also could not react in time.


He wanted to condense his sword aura. 

But before his words had finished, before he had completed his sword hand seal, the fist had already reached in front of him.

The White Lotus Immortal Sword was just in time as he subconsciously s.h.i.+elded his chest. 

And then he was… defeated!  

“Uh… Pfff!” 

Chen Shaohua vomited out blood.

An abundant and formidable force spread out through the White Lotus Immortal Sword body. 

Chen Shaohua could only feel that his body had been shattered by the power of a demon G.o.d, there was no room to fight back. He opened his mouth and gushed out arrows of blood, the tendon in his hand was fractured, the hand that was clasping the sword was almost shaken to blood and flesh, and he could no longer hold onto the White Lotus Immortal Sword, letting it shoot up into the sky…

Chen Shaohua’s body, like a line-broken kite, dropped from the void. 

By the lake, a dragon-like figure soared, catching the falling and vomiting blood Chen Shaohua.

Ye Qingyu’s body, with that strike, bounced up again, reaching out his hand and grasped the White Lotus Immortal Sword. Then with a thud, like a rock, he landed on the lakeside. 


The surrounding crowd scattered in the first moments. 

The vicious qi and invincible spirit all over Ye Qingyu had not dispersed, and if too close, would sense his explosive fighting spirit and crazy power.

At this time, the gazes that looked at Ye Qingyu were completely different from those at the beginning of the Enlightenment Tea Party.

No one dared to look at him with disdain. 

No one dared to think of him as a n.o.body. 

This one battle had completely proved everything. 

Strength was always the only criterion in the world.

The crowd slowly dispersed. 

Under the support of a few Greater One Sect experts, [Sword Leaves No Person] Chen Shaohua appeared on the opposite side, pale and extremely weak. 

During a short duration of silence, he looked at Ye Qingyu with a complex gaze.

His first defeat in decades was unexpectedly against a n.o.body.

This made the arrogant him unable to accept the truth.

But it was the truth. 

After a period of silence, Chen Shaohua gritted his teeth, “Return the sword to me.”


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