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“What? Its a Spirit Lord armor!” Chen Wentian said defensively as both Zhou Ziyun and Wu Qianyu looked at him judgmentally. Ungrateful women! Don’t they know how many people would sell their organs for an immortal treasure?

Lin Qingcheng eventually came back, having put on her original yellow robe. Chen Wentian could tell she still wore the Golden Serpent Robe underneath so he felt happy as there would be more opportunities in the future to see her in that armor. After handing out the treasures, it was time for the actual business of the day.

“Qianyu, Qingcheng, you both are doing pretty well with cultivation. I have a task for you. The valley and the surrounding mountains are still wild and unknown. I need you both to head out and explore the entire territory of the sect. Qingcheng, have Qianyu to help you if you find anything too dangerous. Qianyu, with your experience from herb farming, you can search for good areas for cultivating herbs within surrounding area. Come back with detailed maps of the territory. Both of you, be careful, and have fun!”
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“Yes Master!” They bowed and headed out of the hall.

He turned to the odd one out. “Ziyun, you’ll have to accompany me to attend some annoying matters.” He said as he swept her up in his arms and flew into the air.

The organization of immortals had sent him a message that there would be an ascending ceremony for a brand new immortal today and that it was customary for local immortals to attend. The guy was named He Xinghan. He was the son of some big shot immortal within the local provinces so he was very wealthy and even hosted the party himself. Chen Wentian didn’t want to go but it would be bad form and it would p.i.s.s off his neighbors.

Chen Wentian and Zhou Ziyun arrived the private floating island a bit late and the party was already in full swing. Zhou Ziyun was amazed as she had never seen so many immortals before. Chen Wentian laughed as he took her hand and led her to the food, eager to score some free expensive dishes. They grabbed four plates of blue marble lobster and found a private table, ignoring everybody else.

Chen Wentian enjoyed the impromptu date as he cut up the lobsters and fed it to Zhou Ziyun. She enjoyed the attention from her master as she ate and took in the sights. There were many immortals floating around, some wore flashy armor and carried impressive looking weapons. Others wore more normal but still expensive and high cla.s.s attire. They all had unique auras around them which seemed to clash together as they chatted with each other. Chen Wentian would point out specific immortals that he met before and whisper some secret about them to her that would make her giggle. When it was her turn to feed him she purposefully leaned over from time to time so he could see down her dress at her notable cleavage. He didn’t want to be labeled a pervert in front of his peers or he would have already kissed her.

Their intimate moment was rudely interrupted by the loud voice of an announcer that spread throughout the party. “Fellow immortals and distinguished guests, I would like to introduce the brand new member of the immortal realm! One of the youngest immortals of the last thousand years, at the age of forty eight! Please welcome to the stage, Immortal Lion of Fortune He Xinghan!”

There was some applause as a handsome man walked up to the stage. He had perfectly combed black hair and his face only showed a hint of age. Chen Wentian scoffed, what a pretentious t.i.tle, did he choose it himself or maybe his father did. Though, the guy’s talent was indeed pretty impressive. Forty eight could be counted as among the super elite. If he could continue his trajectory in the immortal realms, he had a good chance of becoming a supreme power.

He Xinghan started a long winded speed about his struggles in finding the path to immortality and about his future dreams. Chen Wentian ignored the blabber but paid attention to his body language and noticed that he didn’t seemed to be too pleased about the lukewarm attention he was getting from the crowd. Chen Wentian felt a hint of warning as he could sense where this annoying situation was headed.

Like the sun rising in the east, it inevitably happened. When He Xinghan started talking about establis.h.i.+ng his sect, Chen Wentian heard his name being brought up. “… and we also have here today Immortal Blue Dragon Chen Wentian! Who I heard recently ascended and created a sect as well! Sir Chen Wentian?” He Xinghan said, getting off the stage and heading to where he was sitting.

The crowded parted as He Xinghan quickly reached him. Chen Wentian stood up as did Zhou Ziyun.

“Ah, Sir Chen Wentian, please accept a bow from this junior!” He Xinghan said as he gave an elegant bow. The crowd surrounded them out of curiosity.

Chen Wentian also returned the bow courteously. “Well met, Sir He Xinghan. Your talent is tremendous and I’m sure your Dao is profound. I have no doubt your sect will be filled with talents.” Chen Wentian recited some nonsense as he hoped the idiot would leave.

Of course He Xinghan didn’t leave. Instead he said, “I am extremely humbled by the kind words. Though, I heard you’re is an even more amazing cultivator who is only twenty five years old. I was in closed door cultivation for ten years, finally achieving immorality at such an age, but it seems I was beaten.”

“As cultivators we should refine our inner selves and not be distracted by the outside world.” Chen Wentian’s acidic reply seemed to cut through his nice guy act.

He Xinghan’s smile disappeared, “I heard you’ve made a new sect, called Ten Thousand Flower Valley? I hope you’ve found many talented disciples already. Oh, who is young lady, she can’t be your disciple… is she your escort?”

Looks like the gloves had come off. “Of course she’s my disciple. I thought your father would have taught you better manners.” Chen Wentian spat back.

“Disciple? Her talent is so trashy! Is she even deserving of receiving an immortal’s guidance? Hahaha! Even though you yourself is quite talented, if you want to compete with me, you’d better find some better disciples before the sect compet.i.tion. Its only a year from now, I’ll be waiting to see how your ‘disciples’ perform.” He laughed.

“You better find some good disciples too, or else you’ll suffer an even worse humiliation at my hands.” Chen Wentian shot back.

“I’m glad you mentioned that. Bing’er, Tian’er, come here.” He Xinghan called. Two bewitching women snaked their way to his sides. They seductively clung to him and rubbed their ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s against his arms. “My most talented disciples, already at the 2nd Level of Mind Focusing Realm at age twenty. I won’t waste words here, this is my auspicious day. We shall see at the sect compet.i.tion!” He laughed proudly and left.

There were murmurs of approval towards He Xinghan as his disciples were indeed quite attractive and talented. The crowd scattered after that and the party resumed. Chen Wentian wasn’t well known except for his age so the other immortals didn’t pay him any more attention. He saw Zhou Ziyun had an angry look in her eyes. “Relax, Ziyun, its not a big deal.”

“Master, I’m sorry, If Qingcheng or Qianyu were here, that a.s.shole wouldn’t have anything to say to you.”

Chen Wentian poked her cheek, “Hey, you’re my disciple too! Trust your master.”

Feeling a bit vindictive, he robbed an entire table of blue marble lobsters before flying away with his lovely disciple in his arms.


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