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Chapter 130 Yin Grade Cla.s.s Two

The military saber was easily stabbed into the Black Magic Crawler king’s body, and energy instantly surged into Ou Yangming’s body. He had added 2 Points of Devouring attributes after careful consideration. Although there was not much difference between 1 Point and 2 Points, Ou Yangming knew that the latter’s conversion rate was much higher than the former.

When he absorbed from the same flesh and blood, having 2 Points of the attribute would be more beneficial than having just 1 Point. The effect might not be doubled, but it should not be treated lightly.

Ou Yangming would not have considered so much if he was absorbing from a normal Black Magic Crawler. On the other hand, there was much more possibility in a crawler king, which was even skilled in mental power. Given the circ.u.mstances, Ou Yangming was not going to waste the opportunity. The powerful Black Magic Crawler did not disappoint him indeed because the energy that flowed through his military saber was familiar. It was an intense pleasant sensation similar to when he absorbed the half-spirit beast’s flesh and blood in the past.

If Ou Yangming did not know that the creature in front of him was a Black Magic Crawler king, he would suspect it had been secretly a half-spirit beast.

The surging energy nourished every corner of his body, and the extreme pleasure made him feel like he was walking on clouds.

Amidst the pleasure, Ou Yangming could feel that his Qi and blood were instantly replenished, and his essential Qi flowed in an unstoppable manner toward a greater height. Before long, a series of cracks were heard coming from his bones, and he had a sinister look on his face. When Ou Yangming suddenly roared, his aura became more extensive.

Yin Grade Cla.s.s Two!

After absorbing the huge Black Magic Crawler king’s flesh and blood, the mighty stimulation drove his essential Qi to a higher level. It was extremely rare that it happened, but it paled into insignificance in comparison with Ou Yangming’s gain in mental power. The crawler king’s flesh and blood contained unimaginably vast energy, which not only could be transformed into Qi, blood, and essential Qi, but could also improve one’s mental power. Ou Yangming could sense that his mental power had greatly advanced again.

When he opened his eyes and used his mind, everything around him slowed down.

The instant Ou Yangming played a thought on his mind, he entered the thoroughly meticulous state. Moreover, he entered the state so ordinarily it was as if he was eating or drinking; it was not difficult at all. It felt as though everything should be that simple.

In actual fact, Ou Yangming had gotten into the thoroughly meticulous state because he was forced by the enormous threat where he narrowly escaped death. Even though Ou Yangming had barely grasped the ability, unless he pursued it for a long time or an unforeseen danger caused a drastic change in his emotions, he might not necessarily enter the state.

Despite that, after absorbing the crawler king’s flesh and blood, which improved his mental power, the thoroughly meticulous state seemed to have been integrated into Ou Yangming’s instinct. He was able to grasp the more powerful ability without effort.

Ou Yangming inhaled deeply and rubbed his hands to use appraisal art on himself.

[Race: Human)

(Equivalent Rank: Ordinary Human, Yin Grade, Cla.s.s Two)

[Power: 7]

[Agility: 7]

[Physique: 7]

[Mental Power: 40]

[Skills: Military fist art, military blade technique, Military Fire Smithing Art, appraisal art, Precious Stone Embedding Art] (State: Integration of Heaven and man, thoroughly meticulous]

Ou Yangming was greatly surprised after performing appraisal art because he found that his mental power had increased to 40 Points. As compared to his improvements in the past, he had truly advanced by leaps and bounds this time.

He turned to look at the big yellow dog after exhaling, but his face changed right away.

After swallowing the Black Magic Crawler king’s inner core, the big yellow dog did not move around as Ou Yangming did; it lay on the ground to sleep soundly instead. Judging from the way it was sleeping, it did not look like it would wake up soon.

Ou Yangming’s face twitched, and he could not help but cry bitterly about the situation.

He could obviously sense that the moment was rather important for the big yellow dog, so he should not disturb it, but Old Craftsman’s life was a pressing issue too.

Ou Yangming stomped his foot after some thought, then he fixed his gaze on the stones around him.

As his Military Fire burned, a stone quickly melted and the liquid that dripped down was slowly flattened and extended through his control. At last, a stretcher was formed.

This was probably the toughest stretcher in history.

Ou Yangming carefully placed the big yellow dog onto the stretcher. Perhaps the dog had slowly become used to his smell, it only twitched its body a little and stuck out its tongue subconsciously without responding anymore after that.

“Up!” Ou Yangming shouted.

He lifted the stretcher just like that, then quickly walked deeper into the cave.

While the big yellow dog had swallowed the precious stone that previously guided them, after walking in the cave for such a long time, Ou Yangming roughly knew the direction.

Not knowing if it was because they had killed all the Black Magic Crawlers that obstructed them, they were no longer hindered along the way. Besides, Ou Yangming’s mental power became more stimulated as he went deeper into the cave. He even sensed after walking for two hours that a mysterious power ahead was vaguely calling out to him.

Needless to say, he had only sensed it because of his powerful mental power.

Ou Yangming sped up as he was surprised and delighted. Nonetheless, he had lost the sharp sense of smell because his companion was unconscious, hence he gathered his energy and dared not slack at all.

Finally, Ou Yangming was greeted with light after journeying in a hurry for more than three hours.

He seemed to have reached the end of the pa.s.sage, but a dazzling light was seen at the end.

Ou Yangming did not know what exactly was waiting ahead, but he did not have a choice. He entered the light in a flash.

He took in the view around him after leaping up lightly. This place was actually a small ravine where Ou Yangming could only see as far as a few kilometers even when he overlooked from mid-air. That said, he was shocked to find that the area beyond the visible range was enveloped in a white fog that he could not see past. Similarly, the area above him was covered in fog too.

Ou Yangming wondered at that moment, ‘Where exactly did the light come from?’

He looked around the place but still could not find the light source. It was as though the intense light in this place was a natural phenomenon.

All in all, everything in the place was illogical, but when he experienced them carefully, it felt like they were how they were supposed to be.

Ou Yangming put down the stretcher and inhaled deeply, then his face took on a strange expression. The air here doesn’t seem right.’

He could not find a way to describe it, but the air was indeed slightly different. The air felt warm when he breathed in, and it was as if it could reach his limbs and bones, which made him feel relaxed.

Ou Yangming hesitated for a while before he finally squatted.

He performed the martial-art squat, which was the most basic posture in martial arts cultivation. Once he did the squat that he was exceptionally familiar with, he finally understood what exactly was different about the air.

As Ou Yangming sensed the surging essential Qi that was about to overflow, he was surprised but glad.

It turned out that there was a martial arts shrine in the ravine.

Each time Ou Yangming breathed, he could absorb certain energy from this place to be transformed into essential Qi along with his Qi and blood. After cultivating for only a short while, Ou Yangming could not help but feel like he wanted to cultivate until the end of time. Nevertheless, Ou Yangming worried about Old Craftsman’s safety the most at the moment.

He could not continue to cultivate even after ensuring that the place was safe. With that, Ou Yangming lifted the stretcher again and walked toward the center with the big yellow dog.

A cottage was situated there, and the closer he was to it, the more he felt an unordinary aura.

However, the cottage was quite small so he could not enter it with the stretcher.

Ou Yangming put down the stretcher helplessly after a moment of hesitation. There shouldn’t be any danger in this place.’

He glanced apologetically at the sleeping yellow dog, then entered the cottage by himself.

Next, he saw an elder sitting with his legs crossed inside the cottage.

Ou Yangming was taken aback, and he stared at the elder for a long time before confirming that the elder had already been dead for quite some time. Nonetheless, the corpse was still in good condition as it had not decomposed at all.

When Ou Yangming took a step forward to bow at the corpse, he thought, ‘My ultimate goal of this journey is probably related to this corpse.’ Nothing changed around him, thus Ou Yangming slowly inched closer to study the seemingly alive corpse, and he finally found something strange.

The dead elder held a jade box in his hands and was lowering his head as though he was looking at it.

Ou Yangming gritted his teeth and bowed at the corpse again. “Senior, I was entrusted by the Ni family descendants to search for the Land of Inheritance. Please excuse me for the intrusion.” Following that, he retrieved the jade box.

If his goal was only to find the Land of Inheritance, he had probably achieved it already.

That being said, the inheritance was only a burden to him because it was the Life-prolonging Golden Pill that he truly cared about.

Therefore, Ou Yangming was determined to have control over every possible change.


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