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Translated by: TheFireTrucker

Fifteen days pa.s.sed quickly, and once again, Zhong Shan stood in the Kaiyang Hall with his machete strapped to his back.

Twenty five third generation disciples also stood in the great hall.

Three of them were disciples recruited only a year ago, whilst the remaining twenty two are all veteran third generation disciples. They have all reached the sixth level of Xiantian or higher and are all highly adept with their genuine energy.

Zhong Shan stood slightly to the back, with Nanbatian, whilst Nanbatian introduced the crowd of people. As for Tianling-er, she indeed hadn’t shown up.

Within the Kaiyang Hall, there were the three Masters’ seats, situated at the forefront. One at the north side, one at the east side and one at the west side.

Soon, a group of people flew in from outside and landed at the entrance of the great hall and subsequently stood behind the three seats.

To the west, there were five women. To the east there were six men and to the north there were only four people.

Nanbatian whispered, “They are all second generation disciples, and each has reached the Gold Core Stage. I think once our meeting is adjourned, they’ll be having their own meeting.”

“Okay.” Replied Zhong Shan with a slight nod of his head.

“The ones in the west are from Xuezhu Peak, those towards the east are from Yanshan Peak and the ones to the north are from Kaiyang Peak.” Explained Nanbatian.

“Da shixiong.” At that moment, all of the second generation disciples inside very politely greeted towards the entrance of the hall.

Zhong Shan glanced to that direction and saw a man dressed in black. His eyebrows were akin to swords, thin straight and sharp, angled down towards his nose. He was very handsome and in between his eyebrows was a crimson spot. Suddenly the air was filled with an aura of confidence and virtue. The man clad in black, had a sheathed double-edged straight sword hanging from his waist and slowly walked to the north side. Standing behind the master’s seat.

“Da shixiong, Tiansha.” Nanbatian informed Zhong Shan quietly.

“I see.” Nodded Zhong Shan, watching his imposing manner, Zhong Shan’s chest tightened. A killing intent. He felt a killing intent without apparent reason, it also wasn’t directed at any particular person, but was instead something that blossomed on its own, almost as if it was triggered by the man’s mannerisms and abilities.

Da shixiong’s arrival attracted everyone’s attention.

Once da shixiong stood in position, he looked over to the Xuezhu Peak’s direction as if checking to see who was or wasn’t there. Seeing a group of girls in a polite bow, da shixiong furrowed his brows and looked away, obviously, not finding the one he wanted.

“Da shixiong, you came.” From outside the great hall, Tianling-er’s voice suddenly rang forth, cleanly cutting through the din of the crowd’s voices.

As soon as she entered the great hall, Tianling-er ran straight to da shixiong.

“Ling-er?” Da shixiong watched Tianling-er with a confused expression.

“I’ve already reached the ninth level of Xiantian, soon I’ll be able to reach the Gold Core Stage. After that I won’t need to call you ‘da shixiong’ anymore.” Said Tianling-er gleefully, as if chatting casually with da shixiong made her incredibly happy.

“Congratulations.” offered da shixiong Tiansha, politely.

“Yup!” Tianling-er nodded excitedly, apparently over the moon with receiving da shixiong’s congratulations.

“Ling-er, where are you going to stand?” Said the voice of Tianxingzi suddenly from outside the great hall.

Facing towards the entrance of the great hall, Tianling-er stuck out her tongue as she pouted and then ran over to Zhong Shan and Nanbatian.

Outside the great hall, the Grandmaster Tianxingzi, Yanshan Peak’s Headmaster Xuanxinzi, Xuezhu Peak’s Headmaster Gushuangzi, walked in leisurely.

Once the three entered, they walked to to Masters’ seats. Sitting down, they faced the twenty six Kaiyang School’s third generation disciples’ most excellent disciples.

“Except for you three from half a month ago, everyone else knows the purpose of this meeting. Train outside.” Tianxingzi said.

“Yes master.” replied everyone. Even Zhong Shan and the others who received the invitation half a month ago replied.

“Now, are there anyone unwilling to train?” asked Tianxingzi.

The great hall was filled with silence, as n.o.body replied. Obviously, everyone wanted to go out to train, even the two others with Zhong Shan, had no qualms with it.

“Good. This training will not only give you more experience and temper your knowledge, but there is another purpose.” said Tianxingzi.

Finishing speaking, he turned his hand over and in Tianxingzi’s palm, a hologram suddenly appeared, it was an apparition created with a technique.

This illusory figure was a handsome man wearing white. He had a pale face, seemingly somewhat weak. In his hand was a purple fan, apparently very handsome.

“Remember this person. This is also news that I received recently. He is named Hao San and is also training in the Xiantian Stage. He has one or two bodyguards, but if possible, bring this person here dead or alive. If dead you must bring his body here. The one who retrieves this man will be awarded a tier four magical items and a tier four Pill.” said Tianxingzi.

Tier four? Zhong Shan was stunned. Tier four is an incredible number. The magical items that the Grandmaster uses were about tier four, tier five.

“Yes master.” Exclaimed everyone.

“Regardless of whether or not you are able to find this person, after exactly one year, everyone must return here.” Tianxingzi explained.

“Yes.” Replied everyone immediately.

“Alright, you can go make your preparations. You can leave as soon as you finish preparing.” said Tianxingzi.

“Yes!” came everyone’s reply.

Subsequently everyone left in their own directions.

Zhong Shan walked to the exit when he suddenly heard Tianxingzi’s voice. “Zhong Shan, Ling-er, Batian, wait for me at Zhong Shan’s Ting Shui Xie.”

Zhong Shan stalled for a second, as did the other two, but none of them turned around as they made their way down the mountain. They headed towards the Ting Shui Xie.

Inside the great hall, the Grandmaster and Headmasters might have something more to talk about with the second generation disciples.

~~~Ting Shui Xie~~~

“Who do you think that Hao San guy is? Why does father want him dead?” Tianling-er said as she sat at the stone table with two hands cradling her chin and elbows on the table whilst watching the waterfall in front of her.

“No idea, Uncle Tian wanted us to come here though. It has to be a briefing of sorts.” Nanbatian said.

Zhong Shan, took the time to prepare an exceptional amount of provisions. He also prepared some medicinal herbs from the mountains and made some simple external preparations.

One hour later, Tianxingzi flew down.

“Father, what took you so long? We were about to leave.” Pouted Tianling-er.

“Haha, impatient are we?” Tianxingzi said as he grinned at Tianling-er.

“Uncle Tian.”


“Alright, you’ll be leaving soon so there were some things I needed to explain to you. Batian, this is a very good training process, you should use it to fully understand the world and its people. The magical protection item that I gave you must not be used unless you absolutely need to.” Tianxingzi said seriously.

“Yes sir.” said Nanbatian.

“Alright, you’ll be travelling alone so you will be relying on yourself for the entire time. You must learn independence.” said Tianxingzi.

“Alright.” Nanbatian felt like Tianxingzi was slightly exaggerating, he wasn’t a child anymore, nonetheless, Nanbatian still nodded very politely.

“Alright, go on now.” Said Tianxingzi.

“Okay, then shijie Ling-er, Zhong Shan, I’m off.” said Nanbatian.

“Be careful.” said Zhong Shan with a nod.

“Go ahead.” said Tianling-er, likewise nodding.

With that, Nanbatian left.

“Ling-er, this time when you go out, I have only one request. Stay by Zhong Shan’s side, and do everything he says.” Said Tianxingzi seriously.

“Father, Zhong Shan hasn’t reached my level yet.” complained Tianling-er with a pout. She had an expression of discontent.

“At the Kaiyang School, everything is as you want, however, when you go out, you must listen to Zhong Shan. Let me be frank, if Zhong Shan returns and says that you didn’t listen to him, then for fifty years, you’re not allowed to visit your mother’s grave.” Tianxingzi said with authority in his voice.

“Dad, you wouldn’t!” Said Tianling-er, immediately worried. Tianling-er wouldn’t have cared, had it been any other punishment but being forbidden to visit her mother’s grave?

“As long as you agree to my condition, you’ll be allowed to leave, otherwise, you can stay here at Kaiyang School and train until you reach the Gold Core Stage.” ordered Tianxingzi.

Upset, she looked to Tianxingzi and then at Zhong Shan. Tianling-er’s expression displayed her unwillingness but then she thought about Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan was her friend, wouldn’t he just end up doing what she wanted anyway?

“Alright.” Tianling-er said.

“Alright.” nodded Tianxingzi. He then looked at Zhong Shan.

“I leave Ling-er to you.” he said.

“Don’t worry, Grandmaster. A year later, I will return a perfectly safe and unharmed Ling-er to you Grandmaster, I swear.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Good.” nodded Tianxingzi contentedly.

Then, Tianxingzi waved his hand and retrieved a Kong Ling Gem.

Pa.s.sing the Kong Ling Gem to Zhong Shan, he said, “Think of this Kong Ling Gem as remuneration for taking care of Ling-er. As long as you find a Sumeru Stone and put it inside of the Gem, it will transform into a Ma.s.s Storage Device.”

“Thank you Grandmaster.” Said Zhong Shan whilst accepting the item.

A Ma.s.s Storage Device. Zhong Shan heard Tianling-er also mention it not long ago. First of all, it is a magical item which is why it needs a Kong Ling Gem, next can only turn into a storage device when a Sumeru Stone is placed within it, the more Sumeru Stones inside the larger the storage s.p.a.ce.

However, Zhong Shan didn’t plan to turn this Kong Ling Gem into a storage device, he wanted to give it to his shadow and make it the shadow’s magical item.

“In that case, be safe you two.” said Tianxingzi.

“Yes, Grandmaster.” nodded Zhong Shan.

“Okay, Okay. Dad, go already, stop dilly dallying.” Urged Tianling-er, obviously wanting to leave immediately.

“Alright, then I’ll be off.” laughed Tianxingzi, as he stepped out onto a white cloud and flew away.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Said Tianling-er immediately.

“Have you finished your preparations?” asked Zhong Shan.

“Well.” Tianling-er flicked her wrist and a beautiful red bracelet revealed itself. Evidently, all of her belongings were already stored inside of it.

“Okay, that’s good, although, before we leave, we need to make a signal.” Zhong Shan said furrowing his brows.

“Signal? What signal?” Asked Tianling-er, immediately curious.


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