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Immortal is a web novel produced by Guan Qi (观棋).
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Chapter 4: The Realm of Xiantian

Three sons flew up to the terraces?

Old man Zhong’s heart skipped a beat.  A sinking feeling came over him.

“It can’t be. They are just waiting to stand on the terraces, before asking for the Pojin Pellet from their masters.  They will surely ask for it.”  Old man Zhong kept comforting himself.

But those three sons, after they arrived at the terraces, just stood behind each of their masters without a word.  Their masters also coldly watched down below and awaited the other members to fly back up.

Indeed, on the upper terraces, after all the masters had returned with their own disciples, including Zhong Shijiu, they all stepped on their flying swords and flew away.

The last hope of old man Zhong shattered when he saw the departure of Zhong Shijiu.

Despicable, despicable?  Unfilial sons, unfilial sons,[1] he cried deep in his heart.  But, with his shrewd mind, he restrained himself and slowly closed his sad eyes.

Zhong Di and Zhong Xuan were no different, standing behind their masters waiting for the other disciples to come back with their masters before leaving.  In the meantime, they didn’t even glance over at old man Zhong’s direction.

The eldest son also sensed the surprising turn of events.  His heart was full of surprises.  How could this be?  How could this be?

Watching their father who had closed his eyes, Zhong Tian couldn’t stand it any more.

“Zhong Di, Zhong Xuan, what you two are doing?” Zhong Tian roared angrily.

With Zhong Tian’s shouting, almost everyone turned to look at him.  The members of the Immortal Schools just frowned and didn’t pay any attention.  The others didn’t care too much either.

Zhong Di and Zhong Xuan glanced at Zhong Tian with disdain in their eyes.

“When you were beggars, who took you in?  Who gave you nice clothes and wealth?  Who?  It’s our father.  Is this how you pay him back?”  Zhong Tian shouted angrily.

Old man Zhong felt much better as he watched his eldest son..

“You worthless fools, have your hearts been eaten by dogs?  Training to become immortal, even if you became immortal, you will just be a demon.”  Zhong Tian furiously yelled.

At this moment, Zhong Di said something to his master.

His master stared, performed a quick hand seal, and fired.

“Boom ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

A large hole, a three meters deep hole, appeared in front of Zhong Tian.  Apparently, Zhong Di’s master just wanted Zhong Tian to quiet down and had no intention to kill him.  Otherwise, Zhong Tian would be dead already.

Seeing this, everyone knew that Zhong Di must have said something tactful to his master.

Zhong Tian’s blood was boiling at this moment.  His father raised him since he was little.  His father gave him his life.  Therefore, Zhong Tian had swore that he would take good care of his father.  But, at this moment, his own brothers had done such brutish acts.  He could not stand it.  How could he heed the warning of Zhong Di’s master?

Our father just wanted a Pojin Pellet, was it that difficult?  Or was it because in your eyes, father and I were just worthless insects?

Seeing the sorrow on his father’s face, Zhong Tian unconsciously picked up a large boulder from the ground and, aimed at where Zhong Di was standing, fiercely threw it out.

“Hu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The boulder flew through the sky instantly rushed towards the terrace where Zhong Di was at.  Even though Zhong Tian’s ranking was not high, he was born with supernatural strength on both of his arms.  His t.i.tanic power could already match the strength of some of those Xiantian people.

The boulder quickly crashed towards the terrace.

Almost everyone was dumbfounded.  Was this person asking to be killed?  How dare he try to crush the members of the Immortal School?

“Are you asking for death ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”  Zhong Di’s master roared furiously.

Zhong Di’s master just turned his hand and a silver sword flew out towards the boulder.

“Boom ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The boulder bursted into pieces and the flying sword continued flying towards Zhong Tian with incredible speed.

Old man Zhong was startled to see this and waved his dragon cane trying to stop the flying sword.  But the sword was moving too fast and in an instant had already flown in front of Zhong Tian who had a fearless face.

“Weng ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”[2]

A large golden ball suddenly appeared in front of Zhong Tian.  With a golden flash, the flying sword was knocked backwards.

At the same time, from the upper terrace, a bald monk flew down right in front of Zhong Tian.  He reached out his hand for the big golden ball, the ball transformed into a Buddhist prayer bead and fell into his hand.

The monk looked at Zhong Tian happily.

“Innate supernatural strength?” the monk looked at Zhong Tian surprisingly.

Zhong Tian was taken back when he heard the monk.  Next to him, old man Zhong, with a slight frown, also slowly put down the dragon cane which he had raised up.

“Are you willing to become a disciple of mine?”  the monk suddenly laughed.

Everyone down below was amazed when they heard the monk.  This rude person turned out to have profited from a disaster?

The master who shot the flying sword frowned after seeing the monk go down and refrained from shooting more flying swords.  After all, the monk belonged to the upper terrace, one of the greater Immortal Schools.

Zhong Tian stared at the monk blankly.  It was old man Zhong who was more leveled headed and lightly pushed Zhong Tian.  The jolt woke up Zhong Tian right away.

“Disciple Zhong Tian paying respect to his Master.”  Zhong Tian immediately knelt down and kowtowed three times.

“Un, get up.  Come with me to our mountain.”  The monk said with a laugh.

But Zhong Tian didn’t rise, he continued to kneel on the ground and said to the monk,  “Master, I have a request.”

“Oh?” the monk was somewhat surprised but still looked at Zhong Tian very patiently.

“This disciple earnestly requests that his master bestow me a Pojin Pellet.”  Zhong Tian said kneeling down.

The monk was taken back after hearing what Zhong Tian had said.  But old man Zhong exhaled a long breath, it seemed that the feeling of dejection he had before had been suddenly relieved.  At the same time, he was also anxiously looking at the monk.

The monk looked at Zhong Tian unexpectedly, then looked at old man Zhong meaningfully.  He quickly figured out what was going on and, with smile in his eyes, he just nodded.

“Pojin Pellet is of such a low level, I don’t even have it.  But since my disciple asked for it, your master certainly should find one for you.”  the monk said laughingly.

“Thank you, master.”  Zhong Tian kept kowtowing excitedly.

“Un, get up now.  Let’s not crack your head open now.”  said the monk.

“Yes.”  Zhong Tian stood up right away.  He took a look at his father, then looked at his master again.  There was excitement in his eyes.

At this moment, the monk just turned his hand and took out a golden, longan sized pellet.

Old man Zhong could smell an unusually marvelous fragrance.  Just one whiff seemed to relax all the pores over one’s body.

“Brothers and sisters, who has the Pojin Pellet?  I will exchange it for this Huaying Pellet (化樱丹),”  the monk announced loudly.

Almost everyone was staring at the monk’s hand after hearing what the monk said.  Huaying Pellet, that’s a Huaying Pellet?  A Pojin Pellet was of dubious worth, but now, one Pojing Pellet could be exchanged for a Huaying Pellet?

Almost all the members of the Immortal Schools were searching in their pockets.  But, there were no Pojin Pellets.  Only one, one disciple of a lesser Immortal School, found one purple Pojin Pellet while searching his bag.  Right, that was it.

This person excitingly rode on his flying sword and flew down to the valley.

“Great master, I have one here.” the person excitedly called out.

“Here you go.” the monk cast out the Huaying Pellet and with a turn of his hand, the Pojin Pellet fell into his hand.

“Thank you very much, great master.” the person happily took in the Huaying Pellet and flew back amid the envious looks of almost everyone.

“Here,” the monk handed the pellet to Zhong Tian.

“Thanks, master,” Zhong Tian said with great emotion.  He turned around and gave the Pojin Pellet to old man Zhong.

At this moment, everyone down below was looking at that Pojin Pellet enviously.  If I had one, wouldn’t I have reached Xiantian right now?

All the envious, jealous gazes watched the Pojin Pellet change hands.

Old man Zhong was full of agitation as he saw the Pojin Pellet Zhong Tian handed over to him.  So many years, he had looked forward to it for so many years.

Carefully, he took the Pojin Pellet and looked around him.  Seeing so many gazing eyes around him, old man Zhong, stuck his dragon cane into the ground, opened his mouth and swallowed the pellet without hesitation.  Then he sat down to meditate.

Old man Zhong didn’t hesitate because he instantly realized what was at stake here.  If he didn’t swallow it, after all the members of the Immortal Schools left, the pellet would have been taken away before he could walk out of the valley.

Xiantian, ah, the realm of Xiantian.  Who wouldn’t be jealous.  Almost everyone was enviously sighing after watching old man Zhong begin to break through the moment he sat down.

Zhong Tian patiently waited when he saw his father had begun to meditate.  The monk didn’t drag him away either.  Rather, he waited with Zhong Tian.  There was a smile on the monk’s face as he witnessed Zhong Tian’s loyalty.  A disciple like him wouldn’t scheme against his master later on.

Old man Zhong felt that the pellet had instantly turned into a great energy into his body after he swallowed it.  The energy quickly entered Dantian.[3]  Inside his Dantian, there was a small spiral, a swirl of Zhen Qi[4], it was here that Zhen Qi was stored.

Old man Zhong’s Zheng Qi had a golden color since he had been practicing.  When the Pojin Pellet entered his body, it rushed into the swirl and seemed to rapidly squeeze it.

Old man Zhong controlled the insane movements of the spinning Zhen Qi.  The swirl seemed to become smaller and smaller after each cycle.  Zhen Qi continuously circulated his Qi throughout his body.  One round after another, until it was its 72nd round.

“Meng ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

With a final tightening, the golden swirl changed, totally changed.  The whole swirl was one tenth of the original size.  But, at this moment, it was a tiny purplish golden swirl now.  The golden Zhen Qi, after the swirling, also quickly turned into purplish golden Zhen Zi circulating inside the meridians[5] of his body.

At the same time, outside old man Zhong’s body, dense purple smoke began to rise up, making old man Zhong, who was sitting there, faintly discernible.

To everyone’s surprise, old man Zhong’s white hair, eyebrows, and beard were gradually turning to black.  His face, at the same time as his breakthrough moment, also turned much younger, like his 40s or 50s.  Old man Zhong now looked like a 40, 50 year old.  It was amazing how much younger he looked.

Xiantian, this was Xiantian.

All the surrounding mortal people showed extremely envious looks.  Every pair of jealous eyes fixed on old man Zhong’s breakthrough.

As for the members of the Immortal Schools, they were all showing looks of disdain.

In the sky, there were many Immortal Schools members, leaving with their new disciples, flying towards their own school.  Old man Zhong’s breakthrough was unexpected, but they didn’t pay much attention.  Xiantian?  And it was reached by using a Pojin Pellet.  It was very likely that he would remain at the same level from now on, so there’s nothing to keep looking.

Most of the Immortal Schools on the upper terraces had left.  There were only two left, one was Zhong Tian’s master’s school and the other was of the beautiful woman with purple clothing.  Her icy cold eyes surveyed around.  There’s no one she liked at this tournament, therefore, she did not take in a disciple.  She was just surprised about the small disturbance, glanced at the old man Zhong, and jumped up into the sky and disappeared.

His Zhen Qi circled another 32 rounds and completely changed into purple gold color.  Old man Zhong only stopped meditating at this point.  Xiantian level, the real Xiantian level.  He felt in his body at this moment an unstoppable, continuous surging energy.

When he opened his eyes, they were dazzling.

Seeing a worried Zhong Tian next to him, old man Zhong quietly exhaled a breath and smiled.

“Father, have you succeeded?” Zhong Tian hurriedly asked.

“With your blessing,” old man Zhong stood up and said.

“You had saved my life, so this is what it should be.  It’s just that I will be going into the Immortal School afterwards and can not take care father anymore,”  Zhong Tian sighed.

Old man Zhong also sighed watching this son and nodded.  “Just train with no worries from now on.  Go on.”

Seeing that old man Zhong didn’t ask for more favors, the monk who stood next to them nodded his head.

“Come child,” said the monk.

“Yes, master.” said Zhong Tian.

“Father, I’ll be going now,”  Zhong Tian said to old man Zhong.

While old man Zhong nodded his head, the monk turned his hand with a wave and a white cloud suddenly appeared.  It took Zhong Tian flying onto the upper terrace and, with the other monks, they flew out of Dragon Gate Gorge together.

Old man Zhong’s pupils contracted at this moment and looked amazingly at the white cloud that carried Zhong Tian.

“My son, you have found a good master,”  old man Zhong said while nodding his head.

[1]:  For those of you unfamiliar with Chinese customs, one of the most important relationships (based off Confucius) is that of parent and child, known as ‘filial piety,’ in short the child should respect and support the parents (it’s a bit more complex than that).  It is a very disgraceful act and looked down upon if  you are judged as unfilial children.  For more info =>

[2]:  Sound effect for a collision, I think of it as the sound of metal vibrating when struck.

[3]: The term “丹田,” dan tian in pinyin, is a term for the focal point of qi or the “energy center.”  In Chinese martial arts it’s believed that your qi is stored in this location (roughly 2 inches underneath the belly b.u.t.ton)

[4]:  The term “真气,” zhen qi in pinyin, means literally “true” or “” qi.  Qi is a concept from traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.  It is believed that qi flows in a person’s body and could be manipulated, in medicine to help a patient and in martial arts to empower a person to perform superhuman feats of strength.

[5]:  Meridian is the English translation of 经脉, ‘jing mo’ in pinyin, which is the points at which qi flows in a body.  This includes the qi points that acupuncture needles are used on.  If anybody wants a diagram =>


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