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Nora had brought Xiu to her own family hotel which made Xiu even more perplexed. The interior carved beams, exquisite frescoes, and expensive retro wall lamps of the hallway along with the panoramic view of the city at night through the floor-to-ceiling windows were always a highlight of this hotel for Xiu.

As they neared a banquet hall and Xiu noticed where they were headed, she stopped walking and said, “You brought me to a wedding?” Nora smiled sheepishly. “You know I don’t like weddings.”

Nora held her arm and puckered her lips, “I didn’t want to come alone and you’re my only best friend.”

Xiu gaped at her for a second before saying, “I literally am feeling like a scapegoat right now. Just because you didn’t want to suffer through this alone, you pulled me along to ruin my night. I could have gone on a date with my boyfriend.”

“Woah! Stop right there girly! How can you even say that? I know date would have been a lot more fun but still, you can’t shun your best friend just like this,” said Nora as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Besides, I don’t know anyone inside.”

“Then what the h.e.l.l are you doing here?” Xiu yelled at her in disbelief.

“It’s my friend’s sister’s wedding. I couldn’t say no.” Nora answered innocently blinking at her. When Xiu didn’t budge, she used her trump card by saying, “There will be free drinks.” Xiu’s resolve wavered a bit as she heard that. Nora could see that it was working so she struck when the iron was still hot by saying, “And tonight I won’t even stop you from drinking. You can have your heart’s fill.”

Xiu looked at Nora’s sincere expressions and said, “Sheesh. Sold!” 

Nora fist b.u.mped in the air to show how happy she was after succeeding in her mission.

While Xiu’s attention was on Nora, a figure walked past her but halted after a couple of steps. He glanced up instinctively at the scent of perfume. He watched Xiu talking animatedly to Nora without even blinking, a wrinkle of confusion was etched between his brows as he observed the side of Xiu’s face.

Feeling a scorching gaze at the side of her face, Xiu tilted her face slightly and her eyes widened slightly to see the person standing not too far from her. Zhou Jinhai’s eyes couldn’t hide the disappointment that he felt when he noticed Xiu’s face clearly. His heart felt heavy and he was feeling hollow inside.

Xiu, on the other hand, didn’t have the reaction that she could have expected from herself. It was a crazy thought but the look in Zhou Jinhai’s eyes made her think for a second that he was looking for someone else in her and this thought in itself was funny and heartwrenching.

But she wasn’t wrong. Zhou Jinhai had indeed stopped because of that scent of perfume which he always a.s.sociated with Chen Xiu. For a second, his heart had an illusion that it was Chen Xiu but the reminder that she was dead, broke his fantasy. A dainty arm wrapped around his own as he heard, “Jinhai, what happened?”

Xiu also noticed the woman beside him. She was pet.i.te and wore a rose-colored mermaid-bottom maxi dress. It complimented her beautiful fair skin and clear eyes. Watching them stand side by side, Xiu had to admit once again that they looked perfect together. Just like his mother used to say.

Xiu barely noticed his presence but it was a miracle that he couldn’t help noticing her. Xiu’s eyes on him were like any other stranger. In fact, when she noticed his female partner, Liu Nuan beside him, she even managed to smile. It wasn’t a mocking or sad smile. It was a very lazy, languid and indifferent smile that very well suited her persona.

When Xiu turned back to Nora, Zhou Jinhai gave her another fleeting glance before walking towards the banquet hall with his female partner in tow.

As Xiu and Nora also entered the hall, a phrase ran through Xiu’s mind, ‘And suddenly, we were strangers again.’ Oddly, it really suited her situation. If anything, it was liberating to know that she wasn’t gonna break down before him again. Or for him.

“Nora, you made it,” an excited exclaim jolted Xiu awake and she looked at the girl in peach-colored bridesmaid dress hugging Nora as if her life depended on it. 

When the girl pulled away, only then Xiu managed to see her face and called out, “Bo Jiu?”

The girl in peach-colored bridesmaid dress tilted her head and her eyes widened, “Senior Xiu, what are you doing here?”

Nora pulled Xiu to her side and said, “That’s my best friend, I told you about.” Then she turned to Xiu and added, “And Xiu, this is Bo Jiu. My friend whose sister is getting married.”

Xiu still couldn’t wrap this around her mind. Her junior at work was her best friend’s friend and she didn’t have a clue about that. She excused herself to find something to drink. And just as she was about to take a sip of the wine, she heard a deep voice from behind, “Ms. Bai, are you a ghost? Why are you haunting me everywhere?”

Xiu turned around slowly and looked at Dylan as if she was looking at a dead man and said, “Believe it or not, I’m gonna break this gla.s.s on your head if you tried to make this night any worse for me than it already is.”

Dylan was taken aback to hear her response, “What got on your nerve? Because it’s certainly not me since I just showed up. So, who else made you angry besides me?”

Xiu sighed out, “Not a fan of weddings and got to see some faces I wasn’t planning on seeing in this lifetime.”

Dylan nodded as he said, “I’m sure one of those faces is mine.” Xiu gave her silent affirmation and he went on, “But if you don’t like weddings what are you doing here?”

Xiu pointed at the gla.s.s of wine in her hand and said, “Free drinks.” 

Dylan was left speechless at her reply. Because he certainly never expected her answer to be this.


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