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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 139 – Fight to Jump Into The Sea

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Read WebNovel Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 139 – Fight to Jump Into The Sea

Chapter 139: Fight to Jump Into The Sea

Jun Mohuang wheeled Jun Jianlin and followed behind them.

Feng Yunqi looked anxious and was about to run in circles around Jun Mohuang.

He couldn’t understand what she was thinking.

Jun Jianlin was calm and collected. He did not know what Jun Mohuang was thinking.

But he knew that she had many ideas. In any case, they wouldn’t be the ones losing out in the end.

“Jun Mohuang, why are you so thick-skinned? I already said I wouldn’t let you board the royal s.h.i.+p. Why are you still following me!”

Walking up to the golden s.h.i.+p, Feng Yunying noticed Jun Mohuang following behind her and glared at her unhappily.

“You’re saying that this s.h.i.+p belongs to the royal family?”

Jun Mohuang suddenly smiled, her black eyes clear and her eyes bright.

It made one involuntarily follow her train of thought.

“Of course!”

Feng Yunying almost suspected that this actually wasn’t a royal s.h.i.+p. But she hurriedly calmed herself down and answered loudly.

The royal family of Huan Yun had the best boat builders in the country. Every year, the royal family’s boat was the largest and most luxurious.

In order to show their respect for the royal family, the major families would not decorate their boats any more beautifully than the royal family did.

Hence, when Feng Yunyi and Feng Yunying arrived at the harbor and saw this golden, unique-looking s.h.i.+p, they were certain that it belonged to the royal family.

“Interesting. I wonder when my s.h.i.+p became a possession of your royal family.”

Jun Mohuang smiled seductively.

But her words were full of sarcasm.

“Hahahahaha, Jun Mohuang, if this boat belongs to you, I’ll jump off from here.”

Su Zhijing laughed as if she had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“If this s.h.i.+p is yours, I’ll jump into the sea with Sixth Sister and Third Miss Su!”

Among the Jun Family, Jun Moxue and Jun Moya were the first to speak, attracting the attention of many people.

“Count me in.”


Although the others did not say anything, their faces and eyes were full of mockery after hearing Jun Mohuang’s words.

Jun Mohuang must have gone crazy to think that the royal s.h.i.+p belonged to her.

Did this trash think that the s.h.i.+p was hers just because she said so?!

The flag of the s.h.i.+p had yet to be unrolled, but just based on its gorgeous decorations and impressive appearance, it couldn’t be hers.

Feng Yunyi turned his face away. He felt ashamed at this scene.

He really couldn’t figure out why he had chosen her as his fiancee in the past. This was a stain in his life that couldn’t be erased.

Feng Yunqi clenched his fists angrily and looked around. He must remember these people who laughed at Boss and teach them a lesson later!

“Since everyone is so pa.s.sionate about jumping into the sea, of course I can’t deprive you of that.”

Jun Mohuang wasn’t embarra.s.sed at all.

She smiled slowly and accurately flicked the small stone in her hand onto the flag.

The flag that was originally rolled up was suddenly unfurled. The black word “Jun” was fluttering in the wind, blinding everyone’s eyes.

The originally boisterous crowd suddenly fell silent.

Before the crowd’s mocking expression could subside, thick shock emerged on their faces again.

The combination of the two expressions made them look rather funny.

“Everyone, go ahead and jump.”

Jun Mohuang smiled evilly as she savored their shock.


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