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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 152 – Another Son

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Read WebNovel Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 152 – Another Son

Chapter 152: Another Son

Only the bare fruit stalk was left, proving that the branch was indeed filled with spiritual fruits once.

A single Man-Level Jade Spirit Core could replenish 100 drops of spiritual liquid. There were at least a thousand Jade Spirit Cores in the periphery, which was hundreds of thousands of drops of spiritual liquid.

Jun Mohuang wanted to use the spiritual liquid to raise demons and for sale. She also wanted to ensure that her cultivation level would not regress because of the large-scale production of the spiritual liquid.

Even if there was just a drop of spiritual liquid in front of her now, she wouldn’t let it go.

Jun Mohuang maintained her hand poses and used Teleportation and s.p.a.ce-Shifting. Five minutes later, all the Jade Spirit Cores in the periphery were collected.

Feng Yunqi was already shocked speechless by this scene. He thought of how weak he was compared to pluck the cores one by one, compared to Jun Mohuang’s efficient methods.

Well, the boss was indeed the boss.

“It’s about time. Let’s go pick some Earth-Level Jade Spirit Cores.”

Jun Mohuang clapped her hands, satisfied that much of Huangyu s.p.a.ce was filled.

Fortunately, Green Spirit Island was not big. Otherwise, she would be exhausted from using her magical skills to pick the Jade Spirit Cores frequently.

The spiritual tree with the Earth-Level Jade Spirit Cores was larger and almost two meters tall.

The Earth-Level Jade Spirit Core was about the same size as the Human-Level Jade Spirit Core, but the former was more crystalline and translucent.

There were fewer Man-Level Jade Spirit Cores around too, with only about 200 in total.

Jun Mohuang picked all the cores in less than a minute.

The three of them continued forward. After pa.s.sing through a dense forest without any Jade Spirit Cores, they suddenly saw light.

At the center of this small island was a calm sea. There were 10 towering trees in the sea.

Each Green Spirit Tree was about 10 storeys tall and stood upright in the sea.

There were 50 glowing fruits hanging under the thick tree crown. Each fruit was the size of a watermelon.

A Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Core was vastly different from a Heaven-Level and Earth-Level one. Even the tree it grew on was distinct from the rest.

The closest Heaven-Level spiritual tree was more than 50 meters away from her. It was far beyond the range of her magical skills.

“Wait here.”

Jun Mohuang got Feng Yunqi to wait by the sh.o.r.e. She gathered her spiritual energy and landed lightly on the sea.

With a light tap of her toes, she rose into the air once again.

Her movements were light and swift like a dragonfly, and her toes gently touched the water surface, leaving ripples.

Soon, Jun Mohuang arrived at the first spiritual tree.

The closest Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Core sparkled and emitted a pure aura, tempting her to pick it.

She was about to pick it when she felt a strong gust of wind behind her.

A small yellow furball suddenly emerged from the dense branches and ruthlessly smashed Jun Mohuang from behind.

Jun Mohuang sensed it and dodged its attack.

“You bad people. Every time the fruit ripens, you’ll steal the fruits from Little Tu. Bad people, bad people!”

Seeing that its attack had missed, the yellow furball widened its eyes and smashed its body towards her angrily.

“Gold-Swallowing Beast, could this little yellow thing be your son again?”

Jun Mohuang easily dodged its attack again and looked at the little furball in front of her in surprise.

Besides the color, the yellow furball in front of her looked exactly the same as Xiao Jin. She had to believe it.

Even though Huan Yun had records of Green Spirit Island and people who had been there before, no one had said that there was anything alive on Green Spirit Island.


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