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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 279 – Su Zhiyu is Making a Move 2

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Chapter 279: Su Zhiyu is Making a Move 2

Excitement surged in her heart. She knew that as long as she had the chance to showcase herself, Jun Mohuang would definitely not be her opponent!

Now that she had successfully gained a place in his heart, she was going to sow discord between them.

Su Zhiyu continued in her pretentious way.

“Young Master must still be angry with Miss Jun. Miss Jun is too willful and domineering. She even dared to hit the daughter of the City Of Beastmen. Women should be gentle and sensible.”

“Although Miss Jun is a little willful and domineering, it has to do with Young Master doting on her too much. Sometimes, women should not be pampered too much, or she would be too arrogant.”

“For such a domineering woman like Miss Jun, you’d better neglect her for a while and let her know her mistake. In the future, she won’t dare to make such a mistake. Why don’t you join Yu’er’s team for this period of time? When Miss Jun knows her mistake, she’ll take the initiative to apologize.”

“Furthermore, if Young Master continues to be with Miss Jun during this time, his reputation will be affected by her even if he goes to the City of Beastmen. I’ve thought about it for you and Miss Jun. It’s better to separate.”

Su Zhiyu continued to say a series of things as if she was thinking for the two of them.

They were all implying that Jun Mohuang was ignorant.

Di Lingtian followed Jun Mohuang to the City of Beastmen. It would be embarra.s.sing if he couldn’t enter.

As long as he left Jun Mohuang and joined her, she would have the confidence to win him over during this time!

Su Zhiyu was immersed in her beautiful fantasy and completely did not sense that Di Lingtian’s expression had become gloomy again.

This woman was really daring to slander Huang’er and sow discord between him and her.

Di Lingtian raised his hand and slapped Su Zhiyu’s chest.

Su Zhiyu’s beautiful fantasy was suddenly interrupted. She spat out a mouthful of blood and flew a few meters away, directly breaking a tree.

If it wasn’t for this tree, she would have been beaten into the river.

“Young Master… You…”

Su Zhiyu felt a tearing pain in her heart. She did not know why he suddenly injured her when he was still fine just now.

“Who do you think you are to slander Huang’er! Get lost!”

Di Lingtian sneered and no longer concealed the disgust in his eyes. He couldn’t even be bothered to look her in the eye.

Su Zhiyu’s eyes were full of hurt and disappointment. She did not understand what she had done wrong!

Di Lingtian swung his palm again and Su Zhiyu fell into the river with a loud splash.

“Boss, what’s going on? What’s going on?”

Upon hearing the commotion, Feng Yunqi hurriedly ran over to ask.

“A vixen failed to seduce someone and fell into the water.”

Jun Mohuang’s voice was light, indicating that she was in a good mood.

She snorted. This white lotus had the guts to sow discord. Serves her right for landing in this state!

“What a sl*tty vixen!”

The river was very wide. Feng Yunqi looked into the distance and saw that the person struggling on the water was Su Zhiyu.

She immediately knew what had happened.

Seeing that there were enough fish, Jun Mohuang kept her fork and stopped tuning. She prepared to return to the fire to process the ingredients.


Di Lingtian chased after her.

The three of them ignored Su Zhiyu, who had fallen into the river.

Half an hour later, the sky turned completely dark.

The firewood crackled under the fire.


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