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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 383 – Power Is Truth

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Chapter 383: Power Is Truth

He stroked her soft hair. His words were reeking of blood and violence, but his tone was extremely gentle.

After killing all the beasts in those families, Jun Mohuang would no longer have any compet.i.tors. Hence, she would naturally be the first in the Meet.

Jun Mohuang was convinced by his simple and rogue approach.

Logically speaking, if all the beasts in the family died, she would indeed be first.


“If you do this, Yue Jinrong and everyone else will not acknowledge me as the first.”

“What’s there to be afraid if they don’t admit it? When the sharp blade is on their necks and their heads are about to roll off, they’ll have to admit that you’re first.”

Di Lingtian stroked her soft hair. His bloodshot eyes were filled with killing intent and affection.

“When we return to Huan Yun, we’ll do the same to Feng Kui and the other family Heads. By then, no one will dare to not admit that you’re first.”

“…You’re going on about it again!”

Jun Mohuang smiled speechlessly. From the first time they met, she knew that Di Lingtian was definitely not a good person.

Initially, she thought of ways to get a spot in the entrance examination of the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions. Di Lingtian had given her this suggestion, but she did not accept it.

Di Lingtian sighed. “Huang’er, you must know that in this world, power is the truth.”

His Huang’er was so kind that she even had to follow the rules when dealing with these people. She would suffer in the future.

“In any case, don’t mess around this time.”

Jun Mohuang naturally understood this principle. According to Di Lingtian’s way of doing things, it was very convenient. He could obtain what he wanted in an instant.

However, she would be obtaining all of this with Di Lingtian’s powerful abilities and not with her own abilities or hard work. This made her feel very uneasy.

She liked to solve her own problems and did not like others to interfere and help her.

It was not safe to depend on anyone or anything. She had to depend on herself.


Di Lingtian smiled and his eyes sparkled.

He had already decided that if she did not find a solution by dawn, he would solve this matter according to his method.

“Huang’er, where’s my double reward?”

After saying this, Di Lingtian leaned over and asked for the double reward she promised in the day.

Jun Mohuang lifted her head and kissed him twice.

Di Lingtian was not satisfied with such a light kiss. He held the back of her head and forced her teeth open…

Outside the house, the moon was shining brightly.

A gorgeous purple robe flashed near the small courtyard Jun Mohuang was in.

Zi Shuilan was enveloped in a misty purple mist and easily jumped onto the outer wall.

He saw the lights in the courtyard and a gentle look flashed in his purple eyes.

Mohuang, I’m here.

Zi Shuilan placed his palm in front of his chest and a purple smoke emerged. It intertwined in the air and turned into a stream that headed into the house.

In the bedroom, Di Lingtian and Jun Mohuang were intimate. A purple smoke screen quietly spread outside the room and enveloped them.

The next day.

After the fermentation of the day and night, the entire City of Beastmen knew that Jun Mohuang had taken out 100,000 Spirit Stones to bet.

Although almost everyone in the City of Beastmen had gone yesterday, the Beast Fighting Arena was too big.

At that time, only the major families of the three countries knew that Jun Mohuang had taken out a huge sum of Spirit Stones to place her bet. Most of the residents of the City of Beastmen did not know.


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