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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 417 – A Crisis Caused by a Chicken Drumstick

Imperial Phoenix Rules is a web novel produced by Mo Qianlan.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 417: A Crisis Caused by a Chicken Drumstick

“Stay at the door.”

Di Lingtian instructed Chi Chi before turning into a shadow and hiding in the other balcony.

His Huang’er was simple-minded and thought that she was just thanking him for his help over a meal with Zi Shuilan, so she thought that it was nothing.

But that male fox Zi Shuilan obviously had other motives. Di Lingtian had no choice but to personally monitor them to prevent him from doing anything bad.

In the third room of the MoonStar Pavilion, Jun Mohuang was picking at the food in her bowl.

“Mohuang, why are you so gloomy? Do you think the food here isn’t good? If it’s not, let’s go to another restaurant.”

Looking at her actions, Zi Shuilan felt a little nervous. After all, this was the first time he and Jun Mohuang had a meal together.


It wasn’t a matter of whether the food was to her liking or not. It was just that she was unhappy at the thought of how she had given Nan Gongjue 90,000 Spirit Stones at the Beast Fighting Arena.

What was wrong with the Crown Prince of Chi Yuan? He was betting on her!

“Then try this roasted chicken drumstick. Although the materials are simple, the chicken leg in MoonStar Pavilion is the best in the City of Beastmen.”

Zi Shuilan picked up a drumstick and placed it in her bowl.

Jun Mohuang was about to refuse. After all, given her relations.h.i.+p with Zi Shuilan, it was not appropriate for her to be accepting his food.

However, before she could refuse, the drumstick changed direction when it was 20 centimeters away from her bowl.

The drumstick flew out of the room like an arrow.

Chi Chi was guarding the door when he saw something flying past his body. He grabbed it instinctively.

Upon closer look, it was actually a chicken drumstick. He couldn’t help but laugh and shed two tears of grat.i.tude.

Boohoo… His Lord was too good to him. He didn’t forget to give him some good food.

Chi Chi held the drumstick and happily nibbled it.

Yes, it tasted very good.

“Huang’er doesn’t like chicken drumsticks. You don’t know her eating habits. Don’t randomly pick some for her.”

Di Lingtian flashed out and elegantly sat on the chair beside Jun Mohuang. He also pulled her into his arms.

He smiled provocatively at Zi Shuilan. “And your chopsticks have your saliva on them. That chicken drumstick is already dirty.”

Di Lingtian tasted the saltiness of these dishes and took Jun Mohuang’s bowl over. He picked up a few of her favorite dishes in a row.

At the door, Chi Chi, who was happily gnawing on a chicken drumstick, suddenly threw the chicken drumstick in his hands out when he heard the voices inside.

He ran a few meters away and started vomiting.

This drumstick… actually… actually had Zi Shuilan’s saliva…

At the thought of this, Chi Chi’s nausea intensified and he vomited even more.

Just as he was vomiting, he heard Zi Shuilan’s voice from the private room. “I’m using the shared chopsticks. That chicken drumstick doesn’t have my saliva at all.”

Chi Chi:…

What kind of luck did he have today!

His Lord was jealous of Zi Shuilan, but he had to bear the brunt of their enmity…

Chi Chi, who was vomiting on the flower bed, immediately shed bitter tears.

He would never eat chicken drumsticks again!

“There’s saliva on your chopsticks too. The food you picked for Huang’er is dirty too.”

In the private room, Zi Shuilan frowned as she watched Di Lingtian pick food for Jun Mohuang.

He did not use the shared chopsticks.

Di Lingtian said, “You might not know, but Huang’er has already swallowed a lot of saliva from me. She doesn’t care.”


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