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Read Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 553 – Killing All 1

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Chapter 553: Killing All 1

Within a few seconds, she received over a hundred messages.

Looking at the long list of names on the bracelet, Jun Mohuang nodded. Very good. Although it was only 20,000 Spiritual Value Points in total, it was still worth it.

In any case, she had switched to cheating mode during the modification process. It only required a little bit of spiritual power and was very simple.

The next morning, Jun Mohuang stayed up late to refine the weapons of Ying Chen and the other two. She personally handed them over to the three of them and returned to the dormitory to catch up on her sleep before continuing to refine weapons.

She had already finished refining all the weapons that the students in the trading system wanted to purchase.

Now, Jun Mohuang was refining the weapons that the students had specifically requested for her to refine.

Of course, the amount of Spiritual Value Points earned from these weapons could not be counted in the compet.i.tion with Su Zhiyu.

However, Jun Mohuang didn’t care. She had obtained a huge reward of Spiritual Value Points from the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions. She was certain to win. Therefore, she dared to do things even when they didn’t count towards the result.

Ying Chen and the other two were very satisfied with their weapons.

He immediately went to the Flame Blood Cave to hunt the Flame Blood Bats and obtain the Flame Blood Pearl.

Su Zhiyu could no longer remember how she had returned to the Zhiyun Pavilion. All she remembered was that she had been forced to apologize to Jun Mohuang in front of everyone tonight, and she had been humiliated and ridiculed.

In the main hall of the trading center, the students who were speaking up for Jun Mohuang had looked at her mockingly and deliberately made things difficult for her. They were like sharp needles stabbing into her heart.

Those students, three seniors, and Jun Mohuang were nothing. She, Su Zhiyu, was a future spiritual apothecary with an incomparably n.o.ble status.

What right did these people have to insult her!

She would never forget this humiliation.

All of this was naturally Jun Mohuang’s fault!

Of course, the most important thing was that Jun Mohuang had actually won against a Tier Nine Spiritual Realm expert and a First Stage Spirit Casting Realm cultivator. She had received a huge reward from the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.

As a result, even if she were to refine all the elixirs that all the students in the trading system requested, it would be impossible for her to win against Jun Mohuang.

She had already embarra.s.sed herself the first time. Of course, she could not bear it again!

As soon as Su Zhiyu returned to the Zhiyun Pavilion, she immediately went to find Su Zhiyun.

She wanted her to think of a way to cancel the huge amount of Spiritual Value Points that Jun Mohuang had obtained.

Su Zhiyun was in seclusion, and Su Zhiyu only saw her the next morning.

“Cancel? That’s easy for you to say. Do you think I own the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, and that I can cancel Spiritual Value Points at will?”

Su Zhiyun’s dark violet eyes narrowed slightly when she heard Su Zhiyu’s request, and then she stared at Su Zhiyu and laughed coldly.

Of course, she already knew what happened last night from Zhi Tong.

In her opinion, if Su Zhiyu hadn’t been so confused and blabbered that Jun Mohuang had cheated, this wouldn’t have happened.

Su Zhiyu was asking for a slap. Now that her face was swollen, who could he blamed?

“Second Sister, Jun Mohuang clearly took advantage of the Black Iron Bracelet and did not let it sense her strength. That large amount of Spiritual Value Points reward was not properly earned at all. It is reasonable for you to tell the Headmaster to take back the Spiritual Value Points.”

Su Zhiyu couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver when she saw Su Zhiyun’s dark purple eyes that were as cold as ice.

This sister of hers had a cold and eccentric personality since she was young, and Su Zhiyu always felt a bit uncomfortable when she was with her.

Su Zhiyun walked away. “I’m not interested. If you want to do it, do it yourself.”

“Second Sister, if we don’t do this, I’ll definitely lose my bet with Jun Mohuang! I…”

Su Zhiyu panicked and hurriedly stopped Su Zhiyun.


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