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In a Different World with a Smartphone is a web novel completed by Fuyuhara Patora.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain

Chapter 110: Talent Scout and Bento

[Hou, it started taking shape of its own]

[That’s right, that’s right]

When I mutter my impression as I see the several shops built along the highway, Naito-ossan who is standing next to me happily nods. This person in charge of the management here, Naito Masatoyo, is one of the former Takeda Four Heavenly Kings. Doesn’t he look like a lantern in daylight by standing here? Despite that, he looks just like a tired salaryman.

Even if there are still only coffee shops, bicycle shops, weapon shops, armor shops, and tool shops, it already cannot be seen as anything but a shopping street.

The citizens of our nation built their houses in a place diverging from the highway. Come to think of it, I thought houses and shops would resemble those made in Ishen style, but it wasn’t like that. The houses were made with bricks like those in Belfast and other various western countries.

[That’s because if you emphasize foreign culture too much, the other side will wary too much]

Is what Natio-ossan said.

Since it also came to the point where travellers are now coming and going, isn’t that an acceptable start? Inside weapon shops, things like unusual swords (up to things like ‘shuriken’) are put up. Coffee shops include food from Ishen and other delicacies like roll cakes, ice cream, pudding and french fries.

A while ago, a rich man has decided to buy a bicycle. It does look thriving, isn’t it?

At this rate we could make a decent living. Well, since there are only a few citizens, we could manage even if the income is low.

《Heika. This is Yas.h.i.+ma Itarou from the western checkpoint. A merchant saying that he is Heika’s acquaintance came to visit》

Huh? A telepathy just came in. Since it is from the west side, is he a merchant from Belfast? Using the western checkpoint familiar as intermediary, it became possible to contact me. It is also quite convenient.

《Who is it? What’s the name of this merchant?》

《He called himself ‘the fas.h.i.+on merchant Zanakku’》

Zanakku-san? He did a good job making it here from Leaflet.

《I understand。I will be there shortly》

When I opened [Gate], and instantly appeared at Belfast-side’s checkpoint, I saw an unfamiliar and excessively decorated wagon with Zanakku-san dressed in unfamiliar clothes, standing beside it.

[Yaa, long time no see. Ooops, was it bad to speak to the king that way?]

[I don’t care about those things. Welcome to Brunhild Dukedom]

This is the person who treated me kindly when I first came to this world. That didn’t change even after I became a king. I shook hands with Zanakku-san, and spoke with him.

[And, what important matter brought you to this country? Do you have some business in the Empire?]

[There is that too. However, my first goal is to start a business in this country as well. I would like to build a branch office here. [Fas.h.i.+on King Zanakku – Brunhild Branch], how does it sound?]

Hahaa. I see. That’s very brave, alright. Despite not knowing whether people will still gather here.

[No no! It is a country that you established. There is no way people won’t gather. And, I will be the first one when that happens. It also advantageous to hold on to a good spot in advance.]

Is that your plan? Though it doesn’t seem like a boutique would flourish currently, I would be troubled if there is none at all. Also, due to the rush in construction and farming that is happening right now, clothes will get dirty and be damaged quickly as well, I think.

When we went into the [Gate] and returned to the center of the highway, I introduced Zanakku-san to Naito-ossan. In addition to dispatching workers, I have them discuss the allocation for the plot of land, construction expenses, and other various things. Since I am an amateur regarding these, I left it to them.

Nevertheless, a branch office? Zanakku-san is a skilled person as well to be able to extend his reach from Leaflet to here. Well, it is probably because he has good connections with me though.

Speaking of Leaflet, are Doran-san and Mika-san doing well?…Oh?

Wait a minute. I just noticed, but this country still doesn’t have an Inn! Surely, I thought this place only as a transit point, but a place where travelers and peddlers can stay might be necessary. Isn’t that right?

Mmm~…… an Inn? it would be nice if it can become a place for eating and at the same time, a place for gathering news. A professional hand is required for that…. I won’t lose anything by asking, right?

===========================Scene Change==========================

[And, that’s why, I was wondering if you could open a [Silver moon] branch in our country]

[…That still came out suddenly, Oi]

Doran-san sighed while folding his arms. It is reasonable. Even I know that it was way too abrupt.

[We will handle the construction of the inn, but I want to entrust its management to Doran-san’s group by hiring someone like a shop manager]

[Is that what you mean by branch…?]

Doran-san inclines his head. Well let’s not discuss the small details.

[And, you say you want to invite Mika to be in charge of that branch office?]

[Isn’t that fine, I want to go! It sounds interesting!]

In the dining hall of [Silver Moon], Mika-san interrupted Doran-san who sat across from me from the side. It seems like Mika-san is eager.

[Umm~… but, you see, if Mika is gone the situation in our house would become severe as well]

[A~ah, I wonder if that is true? Won’t it be fine if I ask Tanya-san to help? She is still giving enough help even now]

[Ba~, you, that person is…!]

Doran-san suddenly got panicked. Tanya-san is that one, right? If I am not mistaken, she is the widow living in the north side of the town. I have met her several times. What? Does she have such relation with Doran-san?

[On the contrary, wouldn’t it be better if I am not here~. Well, leaving that aside, for a king-sama of the whole country to personally come here to ask, there is no way to refuse, right?]

[…! Ah~ I got it! Just go! Don’t come back crying later!]

Mika-san said ‘Hooray’ after getting the desperate Doran-san’s consent and made a small triumphant pose!

In this case, I would like to make a bath-house in the inn as well, but there is also a little problem about drawing the water from the hidden hot spring in Belfast. As expected, our reputation will not be good if we take resources from other countries.

Since there is a water ca.n.a.l in Brunhild, will it be fine if I use it as a source of hot water? Though it won’t have the efficiency of a hot spring, but it will be more than enough as a public bath. Also, I can merge [Refresh] and [Recovery] into it.

I take Mika-san and go back to Naito-ossan’s place in Brunhild for now.

[Oya, isn’t this Mika-san? Is [Silver Moon] coming here by any chance?]

Though Zanakku-san was having a deep talk with Naito-san, he looked here and smiled.

[Since I decided to make an inn supervised by the state, I have managed to headhunt a shop manager]

[Oya, that’s enviable. If you going to make employee’s uniform, please come to my store]

[Nice doing business with you]

Maybe because she thought Zanakku-san was joking, Mika-san just laughed. I think it was most likely not a joke …… Those were the eyes of merchant.

I also have Naito-ossan talk with Mika-san and consider the Inn’s location. With It being tentatively managed by the state, shall I have them make it on a larger scale? A s.p.a.ce for the bathhouse is necessary as well. After I told them that rooms were prepared for them to come to the castle later, I parted with Mika-san and the others.

As I was strolling on the highway towards the castle, two children, a pair of brother and sister siblings came running on small bicycles from the opposite side.

[A~ Heika! Good day~!]

[Good day~! Heika~!]

[Hi, good day]

While greeting them, the children ran past me without stopping. How lively~! I am very happy they are pleased with the bicycles. You wouldn’t believe that those innocent kids are from a ninja clan.

After seeing the children’s silhouettes become smaller, I start walking again. This time a familiar girl comes running from the front while carrying something in her hand.


[Huh, Rue. Is something wrong?]

Rue who came running while panting, offered me what she was carrying. A two layered box and flask, is it?

[It is a bentou. I brought it because you didn’t return at noon for lunch……]

[Ah… now that you mention it, I didn’t]

I received the bentou and after we moved away from the highway and went under the shade of a tree, I brought out chairs and a table from [Storage]. When I spread out the bentou that i received, there were fried rice with meat and vegetables, Nikujaga cooked with kinpiragobou, fish stew with fried egg, and a lot of side dishes aligned side by side. Though their shape was somewhat collapsed.

[Hmm? this wasn’t made by Claire-san, right?]

[Ah~ yes. This….. I made it. Because I was told that Touya-sama likes Ishen cooking, I asked Clair-san as well as Tsubaki-san to teach me…… It is somewhat out of shape since it was my first time…..]

[Is that so…]

Making so much for the first time, isn’t it more than enough? With chopsticks at hand, I tried to taste the Nikujaga. Yes, it is as delicious as usual.

[It is delicious. I can’t believe it is your first time]

[Really?! Thank G.o.d!]

Rue, almost bursting in joy, expressed her happiness. She is exaggerating. This girl has quite a lot of emotional expressions. Though I think that makes her cute as well. Nonetheless, because both Yumina and Rue usually give a dignified princess feeling, it feels more suitable for their age when I see such part of them like this. I think it is charming.

[……Is there something wrong?]

[n-no. I was thinking you are cute]


Oops, my real thoughts came out. I made sure to continue eating the bentou and not to look at Rue whose face turned bright red very fast. I am kinda embarra.s.sed. But it is really delicious. Like this Nikujaga, I quite like it.

[a-ano, Touya-sama, a-a food you hate, is there any?]

[No, I think? There is nothing in particular. Ah well, anything extreme spicy is not good though]

Elsie’s extreme spicy chicken was heartless……. That is something only the person who made it can eat.

[Then, is there anything you like?]

[Umm, j.a.panese… Ishen food, maybe? I like anything that matches with boiled rice……. Oh, I like the wonderful taste of this Nikujaga. It is the best]

[Ah~ thank you very much……]

When I praised her cooking, Rue’s face that settled down turned red again. How hectic.

[I was interested in cooking since a long time ago. However I wasn’t allowed to cook in the castle…… Since the day I met Touya-sama, everyday has been fun]

That’s right, she is a princess after all. There is no way they would let her cook. But, it is really a waste to ignore such talent!

I finished eating the lunch box, put back the chairs and table in [Storage], and together we began walking back to the castle.

Rue intermittently kept looking here while walking next to me. She tried reaching her hand to mine and then withdrew it back again and again, so I reached out mine and grasped her small hand.

Though she was surprised, she grasped back tightly.


We return to the castle holding hands while Rue is smiling shyly. We probably look like a brother and a sister if anyone sees us from that side. Well, there is no need to hurry. Sooner or later, the time will come when we will look like lovers or maybe a married couple.

Since all of us will be living in this county for a long time.


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