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Read In Cultivation Realm With Anime System 48 Josha Against The Marine 1

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“ACE, AM HERE TO SAVE YOU, WR ARE HE TO SAVE YOU ” Luffy was yelling as he was looking toward ace who was on the execution platform.

“cla.s.sical Luffy ” josha smiled as he saw that, crocodile just tried to kill white beard and Luffy stopped him.

“Time for some action ” josha was focusing on the three admirals, those can give him some challenge.

josha moved with high speed and appeared where Luffy was standing everyone was looking at him and some recognised him as he was a famous bounty hunter in the first half of the grand line.

sen Goku held his microphone mochi as he saw the man wearing black clothes.

“Bounty hunter josha, what is your purpose of coming here ” if josha is here to hunt some pirates that would be like having an extra helper.

“Hmm, you can say am here to kick of some arrogant marines, ” josha said with calm tone but everyone heard him, marines were very angry.

“you dammas, are you sure you want to stand against the marine ford. the ultimate justice “sen Goku replied angerly

“hah, justice, you just arrested a pirate that never robbed or killed innocent then made a dirty trap just to kill an old man, using lowly tricks and call it justice ”

“you are just servants for those celestial dragons and help them to do the evil in this world ”

” you call yourself heroes but you allow those shichibukais to do their pirate works and hurt innocent people ”

“justice “josha said as he spat on the ground, he isn’t a hero or a justice warrior, but he hated those who Brag about how righteous they are.

his words struck the marines morals and shocked everyone in the battlefield even the people who were watching the stream.

[ding bounty hunter reputation +10000

+10,000,000 sp]

“talking time is over, ” josha said as he unleashed his battle intent and jumped to the ice

he started walking then running slowly toward a bunch of hundreds of marine soldier some of them were rear and vice admirals which meant they aren’t weak.

josha start punishing and kick the marines on his way, whoever crosses with josha would be ended flying.

attacks and sword came from every direction but none would touch even his hair, with each dodge one kick and a marine soldier down, the rest backed in fear.

“is he even a human”

“we can’t even touch him, yet his attacks never missed once ”


whitebeard pirates morals got higher as they saw josha fighting the marine.

“what moves, he is even better than my gyojin karate ” jinbe saw josha moves and got inspired.

Luffy didn’t bother as he was rushing to save his brother.

[ding, bounty hunter reputation +5000

+ 6.000.000 sp]

the marines in front of josha start stepping back in fear.

Josha was in deep thought, it seems he would gain more if he did something takes the lights.

As josha was in deep thoughts he didn’t notice a giant shadow of a blond woman foot up him.

*ice crack*

the men who were about to fight josha saw this and rejoiced.

“rear admiral killed that monster ”

“as expected from the giant squad ”

“that what you get from challenging the justice”

they were happy but after looking to her their faces turned to horror.

“he guys, what’s wrong” seeing their looks she felt frowned, weren’t they happy, why they changed their looks after looking to her face, is she ugly.

“what a nice view ” josha was commenting while he was stating on her shoulder, seeing this woman, he came to an idea to steal the lights and rise his reputation points.

hearing this the giantess heart sunk, as she didn’t saw him move at all, she tried to hit her shoulder fast but josha is no longer there and appeared two hundred meters away.

“usually I would be nice to women but since you tried to step on me which is the same to step on my pride, you can only blame yourself” josha was walking slowly toward her and with every step, she would take a step back.

“you can repent in your next life, ” josha said with a smile as lightning was running on his body then he vanished.

*silent *

“so fast.. where is he, and why the battle sounds stops ” she didn’t saw josha moves and didn’t know what he did, she turned her head to see josha holding her clothes including underwear.

“..” white beard

“..” navy

“..” pirates

“..”the world watching

“..” admirals

“ACE.. huh why did everyone stop” Luffy still running but he got curious after seeing the faces of everyone.

“you…” she used her hands to cover her parts while tears out of her eyes.

“you are a big girl. don’t cry you are a worrior….s.h.i.t .here is your clothes ” josha couldn’t be bad to the degree that makes girls cry.

“you will pay for this “she held her clothes and run away.

[ding bounty hunter reputation points +50.000

+550.000.000 sp]

the rest of the giants squad members surrounded josha, he did this to the only female in the squad and she may leave the navy after that may ruin their chances. how can they forgive him?.

” you people really think the strength came from size ” josha asked with a calm tone

“yes we do” they replied with an angry voice.

“fair enough ” josha made a hand sign as his eyes turned to mangekyou, blue energy surrounded him and start morphing to a 30-metre giant golem «perfect susano» which was the double of giant

“what you have to brag about it now ” josha smiled as he was looking down


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