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You’re In Love With An Idiot《你却爱着一个傻逼》Que Ai Zhao Yi Ge Shao       

Chapter 107: Just as long as they are alive!

After Jian Sui Ying arrived at the hospital, he was calm.

After Jian Sui Lin was pushed into the operating room, he and Li Yu stood outside the operating room, relatively silent. He was full of ideas about how to call his father and how to deal with anything that might happen to Jian Sui Lin.

The worst result was that he will never see his brother again in his life who made him grind his teeth.

But even if he hated Little Lin Zi, he couldn’t accept that there he was going to die, let alone his brother.

As long as you can save his life. Jian Sui Ying only hopes to save his life at least.

Li Yu has not yet fully recovered from the shock.

Jian Sui Lin was serious about killing him. If Jian Sui Ying did not rush out, he would never turn the steering wheel. Now it would be him who is pushed into the operating room.

How deep is Jian Sui Lin’s attachment to Jian Sui Ying? He knows it thoroughly, and he also knows that his brothers and relatives are always brothers. Even if Jian Sui Ying avoids Jian Sui Lin like a snake and a scorpion, he will not let him go down in a crisis.

He went to save him for Jian Sui Ying, but he hoped that Jian Sui Lin would never come out of the operating room. A man who defiles his beloved and wants to kill him cannot expect him to live.

But at the same time, he was afraid that if Jian Sui Lin really disappeared, Jian Sui Ying would not be able to let go of his grudge for a lifetime.

It never occurred to him that the three of them would be in today’s predicament, and that sense of sadness and powerlessness would fill every cell of his body. He can’t see his future with Jian Sui Ying. He is afraid to go further and further with Jian Sui Ying. He doesn’t know when this kind of relationship will turn into a new one.

Just as he was delighted to be a little closer to Jian Sui Ying, this happened again, and he was almost desperate.

Looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y Jian Sui Ying smoking anxiously one after another, his sweat-stained hair sticking to his forehead, the whole person was obviously depressed, and his heart ached even more.

He was not surprised by Jian Sui Lin’s extreme behavior.

He knows better than anyone how painful it is to ask for a miracle. The despair that watches his loved ones go further and further can make people completely crazy.

People like Jian Sui Ying are too hard to extricate yourself from them. If he was replaced by today’s Jian Sui Lin, he is afraid he will be like him so.

While they were at a loss, two nurses came up and asked them to dress the wound.

Jian Sui Ying was in a state of meditation. He did not listen to people or move. The little nurse finally had no way to push him away.

Li Yu’s palm burned badly and was taken to sterilize it first.

There were so many things in his heart that he didn’t feel any pain at all. When he overreacted, he found that his palms swelled into two big pieces and he hardly listened to them.

When he has dealt with his wounds and returned to the operating room.

Both parents of Jian Sui Lin have arrived.

Zhao Yan cried so hard that she could no longer make a sound. Jian Dong Yuan sat on the bench, wiping away his tears and looking over ten years older.

Jian Sui Ying stood silently against the wall, bowing his head, unable to see his expression, but still trembling slightly with his smoking hand.

Li Yu struggled for a while, but still walked over.

When Zhao Yan saw him, she came over and pulled him in tears. “Li Yu, Li Yu, tell your aunt that you are telling her the truth. What’s the matter, huh? What’s going on? “

Zhao Yan has always been kind to him. At this moment, Li Yu can’t deal with a sad mother with indifference. He can only comfort her by patting her arm. “Aunt, come here.”

Jian Sui Ying looked up at him and Li Yu gave him a complicated look.

He had no idea how to explain it to Zhao Yan.

She didn’t know the intricacies of grievances and resentments between them. How will he tell her that her son was going to hit him in a car, but in order to avoid Jian Sui Ying, he hit himself to a tree.

As they walked around the corner, Zhao Yan grabbed his sleeve as if climbing a straw to save her life. She cried, “Li Yu, you are telling the truth, you are telling the truth. He’s fine. He just got out of the hospital. How could he have a car accident and hit a tree?”

Li Yu whispered: “Auntie, don’t think too much. I was there with Brother Jian, but it has nothing to do with Brother Jian.”

Zhao Yan looked at him with a tearful face and said, “Why did Sui Lin hit a tree? Why?”

Li Yu looked down. “Auntie, I can tell you, but you can’t tell anyone else, or it’s not good for Sui Lin.”

“You say.”

“Sui Lin, he… He was trying to hit Brother Jian.” This is the best reason Li Yu can think of. Such an explanation can make things more peaceful.

Zhao Yan stared in horror.

“But maybe he regretted it temporarily, so he hit the steering wheel, but the brakes were too late…”

Zhao Yan’s legs were so soft that she almost fell to her knees. Fortunately, Li Yu helped her in time.

Zhao Yan said sadly, “My son…” Then she couldn’t go on. She now regrets that she planted the seeds of hatred in Jian Sui Lin’s heart when he was a child.

It never occurred to her that Jian Sui Lin could do such a harmful thing to him. She could not help blaming his brother for turning his eyes into enemies. She had no idea whether she should hate Jian Sui Ying or herself.

The operation lasted six hours.

Jian Sui Lin is still in a coma, but fortunately his brain is not seriously damaged. He has broken several ribs, broken leg bones and varying degrees of skin and flesh injuries. The most serious is visceral bleeding, but timely medical treatment, the operation results are good, not only survived, but did not cause irreparable damage.

This has been a very good result.

Zhao Yan knew about Jian Sui Lin and finally felt a little relieved. She was so tired that she fainted.

Jian Dong Yuan also stayed in hospital that night because of high blood pressure collapse.

Jian Sui Ying was busy sleeping all night after he had finished the hospital and had to deal with the police investigation. Li Yu bought him a meal and came back to find him directly asleep in his chair.

Li Yu put the food aside and sat quietly beside him, gently putting his head on his shoulder.

Both of them were b.l.o.o.d.y and disfigured, and they knew at first glance that they had gone through very bad things, so Li Yu cherished every minute of being so close to Jian Sui Ying.

He gazed hollow at the pale yellow walls of the hospital, weighed heavily on his shoulders, and breathed evenly in his ears, calming his mind strangely.

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