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Read Inevitable Road To Divinity 472 Xue Ren Vs Mr. City Leader

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Read WebNovel Inevitable Road To Divinity 472 Xue Ren Vs Mr. City Leader

Xue Ren surely isn’t common individual.

He popped out of nowhere and took the leader with himself to the other side of the city! He had done it so nicely and quickly that no one truly could find them based on the trails. That’s why, the duo was both looking at each other while trying to probe out each other’s strength.

The leader wasn’t that weak himself.

“This city is going to be mine.”

“I see. So, you are the one behind the siblings recent power up.”


Of course, if the leader was much stronger than Xue Ren, then he would probe more into his background. However, he is one of the city leaders and his power is far less than Milliane. Asking such question while not being able to properly gauge Xue Ren’s strength is simply too stupid.

Anyway, it’s not like Xue Ren can afford to keep this staring contest for too long.

He, ind the end, is one of three invaders.

The numbers are their main disadvantage! 

“Did you call the nearest city for help?”


The leader naturally didn’t answer, but Xue Ren could see the small smile! The eyes of his also flashed with ‘relief’, so Xue Ren could guess one or two things. Quickly exploding with fire, the s.e.x G.o.d clad himself in his divine fire coat.

Well, it’s far from ‘Divine’ but that’s the work for Kuzan.

Right now, Xue Ren is going to utilize one of its main abilities that can change the tides of the battle!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

And as Xue Ren exploded with fire, so the leader.

His body erupted with hundred vermillion bird’s screams beginning the battle! Non stop tapping the ground, he had quickly closed up the distance pus.h.i.+ng his palm forward.

In front of this palm, the Vermillion Bird’s Fireball was gathered. Thousands fire specks was floating around it like vermillion bird’s tails!

However, Xue Ren didn’t care about its appearance.

He, likewise pushed his fist forward, going for the fireball itself! As his fist sunk into the hot ball of energy, Xue Ren could feel a bit of pain going throughout his whole hand.

Nevertheless, it’s only the beginning of the battle.

The leader was also checking up on Xue Ren’s bloodline. He noticed that even though Xue Ren’s power rank was less than his, the purity of bloodline was definitely on another level. The cries also seemed much more louder and alive.


Of course, there would be the cries of Xue Ren’s vermillion bird!

Swallowed by the fire of enemy of his, Xue Ren quickly absorbed a little of his fire with his divine fire coat. As few vermillion bird’s feathers appeared around his sleeve, Xue Ren utilized the very same technique.


In the midst of the fire, Xue Ren’s fire danced rapidly. Its cries were far louder than Mr. Leader displaying its power clearly! 

As another explosion rang out, Xue Ren sent the leader few steps back! His body desperately tried to hold onto the ground, leaving the deep trail on his way back!

Nonetheless, the difference suddenly became clear…

While the leader attacked, Xue Ren strongly took the attack and counter-attacked seconds later! His body didn’t go back, but went forward instead! Yet the leader had much more disappointing results.

‘What is this body? It’s as though he has some steel inside.’

Xue Ren has blood art inside, Mr. Leader. Though the blood art is much weaker than the bloodline itself, it still gives another defense and once Xue Ren gets his vampire divinity stronger, he can push it much further.

Then, it would be as though his bloodline powers multiplied by two!

Then, there is his daughter who tries to teach him how to use her demonic version bloodline externally! The potential is huge, but time is still needed!

Nevertheless, Xue Ren’s body had also purer bloodline, so the leader could only grumble inwardly while facing Xue Ren.

And the person in the question is not listening to these complains!


Jumping up, Xue Ren began releasing more fire. The vermillion bird’s fire kept coming off from his body as he utilized the common techniques. The beautiful trails of this very fire flew back and forth as the leader was the same.

But this time, Xue Ren was doing something different.

Since he could keep up with the opponent of his easily and withstand the fire with his own body, Xue Ren decided to focus more on the divine fire coat.

His every move was gathering the fire around.

At the very beginning, it was quite hard. 

It was because the divine fire coat absorbs the fire as if living being. It awakens and simply eats. That’s why, Xue Ren who was moving fast actually had to close the distance and press his body hard against the opponent in order to eat.

‘Another thing to train later on.’

That’s why, for now, Xue Ren was aiming for wide and strong swings that always ended up with him gathering some fire.

“Seriously! Who the f.u.c.k are you?!”

It also caused a lot of damage as the body of s.e.x G.o.d is tough no matter what form!

Very soon, Xue Ren had a lot of vermillion feathers patterns on his arms and around his legs. He was mostly using this to attack after all.

“I thought I would need more to fight you… I guess it’s fine for you to know it.”

And as Xue Ren said these words, the battle halted for a little.

The leader was sure that Xue Ren is going to expose his household as he was… winning! But what came out was something so stupid he felt like cursing for getting dragged into it!

“I am the invader~~”

He said it while whistling as if trying to let out the cry of the vermillion bird’s from his own lips!

“You f.u.c.ker!”

“I f.u.c.k, that’s for sure.”

The duo quickly returned to the battle! But with Xue Ren’s absorbed fire, it also quickly ended!

The s.e.x G.o.d threw himself at the man! And it wasn’t s.e.xual attack of course! It’s the body slam that ended up with Xue Ren sticking closely to the man! He got the tight hold of him and with the fire coat erupting with flames!


Xue Ren’s gathered fire exploded along with his ending up the battle in his favor!


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